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13 Essential Skincare to Wear in The Cold Weather

13 Essential Skincare to Wear in The Cold Weather

Now we already turn the cold weather, and we still would face it in the next few months. Which are many things that you have to prepare like warm clothes and skincare. How was your skin in this cold weather? Isn’t it getting drier than usual? Of course, it’s because, in the cold weather, your skin would have less oil production, especially if your skin is dry.

Therefore, you need skincare that can make your skin hydrated during this cold weather. As you know, it’s very important to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Because, usually, your skin will be more sensitive in the cold weather like easy to get a breakout. I know it may confuse you, moreover, if you are still a beginner at skincare.

But you don’t have to feel worried! At this time, we want to share about 13 essential skincare that you can wear in the cold weather. I believe, this topic will be very helpful for you who want to achieve healthy and glowing skin this season. But remember, you still have to adjust it to your skin type and condition. Are you feeling excited? Me either! So, let’s move on to the topic.

13 Essential Skincare to Wear in The Cold Weather

1. Makeup Remover for Doing Double Cleansing

The first product that you must have is a makeup remover. Not only for the cold weather but this kind of product that you should have any time. Because it has the function to cleanse the makeup, dirt, and pollution on your skin. As you know, leaving your skin unclean can trigger skin breakouts, wrinkles, and many skin problems.

Makeup remover is divided into 3 types such as micellar water, cleansing balm, and cleansing oil. So, you need to choose it based on your skin type. Feeling confused about which product that suited to your skin? Let us help you, then!

First is micellar water which has a water base that is suitable for people who have normal, combination, or oily skin. Meanwhile, if your skin type is dry or sensitive, you would love to wear a cleansing balm or cleansing oil that won’t make your skin irritated.

2. Facial Wash to Cleanse The Leftover Dirt on Your Skin

The next product is a facial wash! I think all of you already know what the function of it’s. Yes, you’re right, to cleanse the leftover dirt or makeup that can’t be cleansed by the makeup remover. So, it would make sure your skin is clean before you put on the next skincare. Because with clean skin, your skincare will work very well.

Choose the product based on your skin type to prevent skin breakouts. And for this cold weather, we recommend you try the product that has a claimed low pH, because it won’t make your skin drier and is very gentle which is suitable for any skin type.

Meanwhile, for the ingredients, you can use Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree if you have oily and acne-prone skin. Then, wear Centella Asiatica or Hyaluronic Acid if your skin is dry and sensitive because it can give hydration to your skin.

3. Exfoliation to Lift Dead Skin Cells

This is the product that most people think it’s not necessary, but the actually is very important. Do you know what it is? Okay, the answer is exfoliation. A lack of people knows the function of this step, that’s why we will explain it to you. Exfoliation is one of the skincare steps that can lift dead skin cells on your skin. So, it means it can cleanse your skin into the pores.

Even though you already do double cleansing every day, doesn’t mean the dirt can be gone from your pores. Therefore, you need the help of an exfoliation product to make it cleanse. But you can’t do this step every day because it can cause your skin to drier or even irritated. We suggest you do this step only once a week.

Now we will explain the type of exfoliation. It has two types there is chemical exfoliation usually found in the form of serum or toner. And the second is physical exfoliation which is scrub. If you have dry and sensitive skin, you may use chemical exfoliation that is safe for your skin. Meanwhile, physical exfoliation can be used for people who have normal to oily skin. But remember to choose a product that has a soft and gentle texture.

4. Toner for Balancing Your Skin pH

After washing your face or doing exfoliation, I’m sure your skin pH gonna be imbalanced. If you let this thing happen for a long time, it can make break your skin barrier and your skin will easily get breakouts or wrinkles. You don’t want this worst thing to happen to your skin, right? Therefore, you need a product to bring back or balance your skin’s pH.

If you still don’t know what product that can solve this problem, the answer is toner! Toner has a watery texture and it’s one of the basic skincare you must have. Because not only for balancing your skin’s pH, but toner can be used for overcoming your skin problem. That’s why choosing this product based on skin type and skin problems is necessary.

Use a product that has Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronic Acid that’s suitable for all skin types. Because both of those ingredients will help you to fight acne, dry skin, and redness. So after using this product your skin will be calmer and soothed.

5. Make Your Skin Elastic and Hydrated with Essence

Keeping your skin hydrated in this cold weather is very important. Therefore, you need to have an essence that can give hydration to your skin. Essence usually has a similar texture to toner, but the difference is the concentrate. I know, you might think this product only can be used for people who have dry skin. But this statement is wrong!

Even though your skin is oily, you need to keep it hydrated because it can reduce the oil production on the skin. Isn’t it sound confusing? Let us explain it to you. The oil on your skin will extra production when the skin condition is dry. So, when you make your skin drier, it will excess oil production that causes oily skin. Now, you know how important to keep your skin hydrated.

And for the ingredient that’s safe to be used for oily skin or all skin types is Hyaluronic Acid. As you know, this ingredient has a light texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. That’s why it’s safe to be used for people who have oily and acne-prone skin.

6. Serum for Fixing The Skin Problem

This skincare product is already popular lately. Yes, who doesn’t know about the serum? The kind of product that will save you from any skin problems. It is because serum has highly concentrated ingredients that focus to heal your skin. Therefore, you have to adjust the serum to your skin type to feel the maximal result.

If you have oily and acne-prone skin, we recommend you use Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree ingredients that can reduce oil skin production. Then, use Centella Asiatica or Hyaluronic Acid if you have normal, dry, and sensitive skin because it will hydrate the skin. Next, wear Niacinimide or Glycolic Acid if you want to brighten or remove the dark spot. And last, retinol ingredient for those who want to prevent wrinkles.

7. Give Extra Hydration to Your Skin Using Face Oil

The next product that you must have during this cold weather is face oil. As the name of this product, it has oil-based that can hydrate your skin. Besides that, it also has the function to fix your skin barrier, taking care of your acne, removing a dark spot, and other benefits that you can feel if you use it frequently.

Not only use for skincare, but you can also use it as primer makeup or mix it with a foundation to get flawless and long-lasting makeup. Isn’t it very useful enough? So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your face oil now!

8. Keep Your Under Eyes Hydrated with Eye Cream

Usually, the area under your eyes will be more sensitive than any area. So, when your skin gets drier, of course, under your eyes will be drier than any area. Therefore, you need to keep it hydrated because it can trigger wrinkles. So, using an eye cream is the solution to this problem.

You can use an eye cream that has ceramides ingredients because it can give hydration and also prevent wrinkles. And if you can use it frequently, it will help to reduce dark circles too. So, you can get a lot of benefits with only one product. Remember to apply the product around your eyes, or you can also use it on the area that possibly gets wrinkles.

9. Moisturizer to Moist and Lock Your Previous Skincare

Now, it’s time to lock your previous skincare by using moisturizer. Moisturizer is one of the basic skincare that you should have too because it can fix your skin barrier and fix your skin problem. Therefore, if you think this product it’s not important, you are wrong! And if you have oily skin, you don’t have to feel afraid it will make your skin greasy, you just have to find the right product for you.

Feeling confused? Okay, I will help you! People with oily skin should choose a moisturizer that has a watery and light texture so it will absorb into your skin, then your skin will be free from oil. Meanwhile, if your skin is dry, you better pick a creamy and thick texture moisturizer to moisturize and hydrate your skin well, especially in this cold weather.

10. Choose Sheet Mask for The Face Mask

Still feel your skin is dry? It’s okay because in the cold weather your skin will tend to get more dry than usual. But you don’t have to feel worried! We will recommend you wear a sheet mask that has a lot of serum that can moisten your skin. This kind of mask is made in Korea and is the most popular mask in almost every country.

So, I think you better stock a lot of this kind of mask during this cold weather. Moreover, you can wear it almost every day, remembering this mask can hydrate your skin. Use this sheet mask in the morning before doing makeup or at night before going to sleep which can heal your tired skin.

11. Protect Your Skin from UV Light Wearing Sunscreen

Even in this cold weather, you will not feel the sun, doesn’t mean there’s no UV light. So, you still have to wear sunscreen. Don’t ever think to leave this step, because if you do not protect it, your skin will get worst like acne, wrinkles, skin burn, and the very worst skin cancers. You don’t want this bad thing to happen to your skin right?

Maybe, you don’t know which is the right sunscreen for your skin, and that’s why we are here to tell you! Sunscreen with SPF 35 and SPF 40 is for people who are still teenagers or have indoor activity. Then, if you are already turn the 20s or have an outdoor activity, you can prefer sunscreen with SPF 50. Don’t forget to reapply the product every 2-4 hours to make your skin always protected.

12. Sleeping Mask for Refreshing and Regenerating Skin

next is the optional step, but I think you better have it if your skin is easy to get dry or has breakout skin. This skincare is also made in Korea and has been popular like sheet masks too. Do you know what kind of this product is? If your answer is a sleeping mask, then you are right! Because a sleeping mask can give extra moisture and hydrate your skin well.

But the minus from this product is you can’t wear it in the morning, because it’s only used at night. And the result that you will feel is it can fix your tired skin so your skin will look dewy and elastic in the morning. You can wear this product after you finish your skincare routine, and you can leave it overnight.

13. Get Your Moist and Plump Lips with Lip Balm

Last is the product that will not make your skin healthy, but it has the function to make your lips look healthy. Yes, lip balm! This kind of product that very worth having during the cold weather. Because usually, your lips will get drier. Moreover, if you always use lipstick, isn’t it can ruin the looks of your makeup? Besides that, there is a product called tinted lip balm that can change the use of lipstick. So, your lips still look pretty and healthy!

I think it’s enough about this topic. What do you think, guys? Isn’t this topic very helpful for you to get to know more about skincare? I know the answer gonna be yes. Now you don’t have to feel confused about which skincare you must have for the cold weather. Go get your healthy and glowing skin! I hope this topic can inspire you and enjoy 13 essential skincare to wear in the cold weather.


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