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Glass Skin and Fresh Makeup Inspired for Your Winter

Glass Skin and Fresh Makeup Inspired for Your Winter

The fall season is almost done! So, who’s feeling excited about winter? Maybe some of you don’t like this season because of the cold weather. But I’m sure there are people who’ve been waiting for it! Before turning the winter, you have to prepare a lot of things like a thick outfit to keep your body warm, wear skincare that can keep your skin moist, and lastly makeup that can stay all day without cracking.

In the cold weather, your skin tends to get dry, this is why your makeup gets cracked. Therefore, you must choose the right product and technique to adjust to this cold weather. I mean, you can wear a makeup product that can be used for dry skin. If you have oily skin, you don’t have to worry because our recommended products are safe for you.

I know it’s not that easy, especially if you are still a beginner at makeup. That’s why, at this time, we want to share with you glass skin and fresh makeup inspired that is very suitable to use during winter. Believe me, you need this kind of makeup to face the cold weather in winter. Because it will stay all day without cracking. Are you feeling excited about this topic? Okay, let’s start the tutorial!

Glass Skin and Fresh Makeup Inspired for Your Winter

Skincare is The Key to Glass Skin Makeup

Wear skincare is very important if you want to have glass skin makeup. Because you need to make your skin looks healthy and elastic. Besides that, skincare also helps you to make your makeup stick well into your skin so it can prevent cracky makeup. If you have oily skin, you don’t have to be afraid of using skincare, you just have to adjust the product to your skin.

Let me help you to find your skincare! First, for people who have oily skin, you can choose a product that has a watery and light texture. This kind of product will easily absorb into the skin, so your skin will not get greasy. Meanwhile, if your skin is dry, you may use skincare that has a thick and creamy texture to give hydration to your skin.

Wear Primer Based on Your Skin Type

If you want your makeup to stay all day, you have to wear primer! Primer has the function to make your makeup stick well on your skin and also fix your skin problem. Therefore, choosing primer based on your skin type is necessary. If you are still a beginner and feel confused about which type of primer that suitable for your skin, we will give you an explanation.

Use primer that has silicone texture if your skin type is oily. It will help you to hold the oil on the skin and blur the big pores. Furthermore, cream or gel primer is for those who have dry skin, because it can hydrate and moisten your skin so your makeup will stick and stay long-last. Next, for redness skin, choose a primer that has a green correction to balance your skin tone.

Prefer Cushion for The Complexion Product

There are a lot of complexion products which are the foundation, cushions, BB cream, CC cream, and many more. For glass skin makeup, you have to choose a complexion that can give a natural and glowy effect. That’s why our choice falls into a cushion that can fulfill what you need and is perfect for glass skin makeup.

Adjust the shade of the cushion to your skin to prevent a tacky look. After that, apply the product with a wet sponge to support your glass skin makeup and make your skin look wet. Make sure you blend everything well until it merges with your skin and looks like your second skin.

Hide Your Blemishes Using Concealer

Usually, the cushion has less coverage which can’t cover your imperfection perfectly. I know, if you wear makeup you want your skin looks flawless and all the blemishes can be hidden. So, we recommend you wear concealer! The concealer has a higher coverage over foundation, so it can cover all the blemishes on your skin.

Concealers are divided into two types, there are cream concealer and liquid concealer. Because glass skin makeup is popular with a natural look, of course, you have to choose a liquid concealer. Then, apply the product only on the area that needs extra coverage like acne, dark spot, and dark circles to avoid a tacky look.

Cream Contour to Bring Back Your Face Dimension

Your face will lose its dimension after using the complexion product. So, you need to bring it back by wearing contour to make your makeup look natural and not pale. There are two types of contour which are cream contour and powder contour. Because on the glass skin makeup you should avoid using too much powder product, I think cream contour gonna be the right choice.

Choose the product that has 1-2 shades below your skin tone to prevent looking too much. After you find the perfect shade, you can continue to apply the product on the area that you want to make it look thinner. So, use it under the cheekbone, jawline, hairline, and nose to get a V-shaped face. Furthermore, blend the product slowly with a wet sponge or brush.

Look Fresh by Wearing Cream Blush

Not only have orientation on the healthy skin, but we also have an orientation on the fresh look. Of course, using blush can be the solution to achieve that look. Same as for the contour, you need to choose a product that has a cream texture. Besides supporting the glass skin look, using cream blush also help you to make your makeup look more natural.

Meanwhile, for the color of the blush, you can adjust to the vibes of winter. So, you can prefer a cool tone color such as pink or mauve to get the perfect blush look for this season. Furthermore, you can continue to apply the product on the apple of your cheeks and make it cross to your nose to give a cold and cute effect.

Loose Powder to Set Your Base Makeup

When you feel your base makeup is already enough and flawless, you can continue to set it with a loose powder. You have to set it immediately to make sure it won’t go anywhere and not crack. Why do we choose loose powder? It’s because the loose powder has a softer texture that can lock into your pores and have a natural finish.

The thing that you have to know is different skin types are also different in the way you apply the powder. If you use the wrong technique, it will make your makeup get worst and crack. Therefore, we will give you the tutorial!

People with dry skin should apply less powder and only focus on the area that is easy to get cracking. Otherwise, if your skin is oily, you have to do the baking technique that can hold the oil on your skin and your makeup won’t get greasy.

To do this technique is so easy! First, take a lot of powder with a sponge or brush, then apply it on the area that easy to gets oil and where you put the concealer. Wait a few minutes until you feel the powder already set. Furthermore, blend it with a powder brush.

Make Feathered Brows to Look Younger

Now we get into the brows! Who can’t live without drawing eyebrows? I’m sure almost all of you will raise your hand because this is a ride-or-die thing. To adjust the type of this makeup, you need to make your brows as natural as possible. Besides that, natural brows can make you look younger too. So, feathered brows look can be a great choice! Do you feel these brows look is hard? Say no anymore after knowing the tutorial!

First, brush up your hair brows with a spoolie brush. Then, set it with a brow wax or brow mascara, just choose which one that you like. Continue with drawing the eyebrows shape and fill in the blank space using an eyebrow pencil. Furthermore, wear concealer to clean the edges so your brows will look neat and clean.

Choose Natural Color for The Eyeshadow

Next, this is the very fun part but also very tricky because if you choose the wrong color and can’t blend the eyeshadow well, your whole makeup gonna get worst and look tacky. So, you have to be careful when doing this step. For this makeup, I think you don’t have to feel worried about looking too much because we’re gonna use a safe color like brown or orange.

First, take a light color and apply it all over your eyes as the transition color. Next, make your eyes deeper by using a darker color for the outer corner. Furthermore, wear glitter eyeshadow to make your eyes pop on the inner eyelid and inner corner. Do the same thing to the lower eyes to make your eye makeup looks balanced.

Make Your Eyes Sharper with Eyeliner

This step is optional, you may do it or not. Do you know what kind this step is? If the answer is using eyeliner, then you’re right! Because eyeliner can be used if you want to make your eyes look sharper and longer. Meanwhile, if you already have big eyes, I think you don’t need them anymore. So, here’s the tutorial!

The first thing that you have to do is choose the eyeliner that has a brown color with a small tip end to make it easy when drawing the line. Then, continue to draw a thin line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. Furthermore, at the end of your eyes, drag a straight line to make your eyes look longer.

Use Mascara to Get Natural Long and Thick Lashes

It’s time to finish your eye makeup wearing mascara! Because we want this makeup looks natural, you have to avoid using false lashes. But if you have short and thin lashes, it’s okay to wear false lashes but make sure it has a natural shape. Use mascara that can give a long and thick effect to your lash to make your eyes prettier.

Before applying the mascara, curl your lashes first with an eyelash curler. You may heat the curler with a hairdryer if you want the curl to stay long-last. Then, continue to apply the mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Furthermore, if you prefer using false lashes, you can use them after the mascara dries. And voila, your eye makeup is done!

Get The Glass Skin Effect Wearing Liquid Highlighter

If skincare and the complexion product are not enough to give the glass skin look, don’t worry! We still have another alternative to make this makeup success. Yes, wearing a liquid highlighter is the answer! Because by wearing a highlighter you can give a glow to your skin and also it can complete your contouring step. But you have to choose the color based on your skin tone to get a natural look.

If you have a light skin tone, prefer a champagne color highlighter. Next, use a gold color highlighter if your skin tone is dark. Then, for people who have a pink skin undertone, you must choose a rose gold color highlighter. Furthermore, apply the product on the highest point of your faces such as the cheekbone, nose, browbone, and chin.

Glossy Lips to Make Your Lips Looks Health

Another step that girls can’t live without! If your answer is lipstick, you are right! It’s because lipstick can make your pale face looks fresh and sweet in a while. But for this type of makeup, we suggest you change the lipstick with a lip tint and lip gloss for getting healthy-looking lips. Then, wear a pink or red wine color to support the vibes of winter.

First, you can cover the dark line on your lips with a lip tint. Avoid concealing your lips with concealer because it will make your lips drier. Then, if you want to make ombre lips, you can use a darker color on the inner lips and blend it until it looks like the gradation. Furthermore, to make your lips look healthy and plump, you may use lip gloss.

Lastly Lock Your Makeup Using Setting Spray

The last step of this makeup tutorial! Okay, we’re gonna finish this makeup by using a setting spray to lock your makeup so it won’t go anywhere and make your makeup long-lasting. Not only that, but this product also has the function to make your makeup looks not powdery which is perfect for getting a glass skin effect.

There are two types of setting spray that you have to adjust with your skin type. First, a matte finish setting spray is for those who have oily skin. It has the function to hold the oil on your skin that can prevent greasy makeup. Lastly is a dewy finish setting spray for people with dry skin which is perfect to hydrate and moistening your skin.

That’s all about the tutorial! What do you think? Isn’t it very easy to recreate, especially, for you who are still a beginner? I believe the answer gonna be yes. Now, say goodbye to the pale face during winter because this makeup will make you look fresh and healthy. I hope you can follow the tutorial easily and enjoy glass skin and fresh makeup inspired for your winter.


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