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Glasses Makeup Look to Stay Chic and Gorgeous | How to do Makeup for Glasses Girl

Glasses Makeup Look to Stay Chic and Gorgeous | How to do Makeup for Glasses Girl

Who’s in here that wears glasses? Do you afraid of wearing makeup? I’m sure half of you will say yes because usually, people who wear glasses are afraid to wear makeup. Because it can make their faces look tacky and nerd. But you’re wrong, girls! Don’t blame the makeup, it could happen because you don’t know to put on makeup in the right way.

If you can wear makeup properly, I’m sure you will look chic and gorgeous! Don’t get jealous of people who can wear contact lenses or have normal vision. You don’t have to be anybody, because you are worth it with all your flaws. And you don’t have to force yourself to wear contact lenses that can cause your eyes irritation.

That’s why at this time, we want to share with you how to do makeup for you who wear glasses. I believe you will look fabulous with this makeup. Moreover, you can wear this makeup for special occasions! Isn’t it very useful? Okay, if you can’t wait for the tutorial, let’s get start the glasses makeup look!

Glasses Makeup Look Tutorial

1. Use Skincare First Before Put On Your Makeup

The first thing that you should wear before doing makeup is to wear skincare. The use of skincare is to make your skin hydrated and moist. With hydrated and moist skin, your makeup will stick well on your skin which can prevent cakes or crack.

Not only that, but skincare also has the function to protect your skin from chemical makeup that will cause acne or skin breakout. So, even if you wear makeup daily, your skin will always be healthy and glowing.

The thing that you should always consider is the ingredients and texture of the skincare. If you choose the wrong skincare, I’m sure your makeup will be cakey and your effort gonna be useless. Therefore, you should choose skincare based on your skin type. For you who are still confused to choose the right skincare before makeup, here is a tip for you.

If you have dry skin, you should choose a skincare product that can more hydrate your skin than usual. Meanwhile, for you who have oily skin, you can try to use fewer products. And light texture product will be a great choice for you.

2. Stay Flawless with Primer

Having flawless makeup is almost every girl’s dream. Because, if their makeup gets cracked or cakey, it will destroy their mood and make them feel insecure. So, you can use primer as the solution to this problem.

Primer has a function to prevent cracking or cakey, even if you wear your makeup for a long time it will stay flawless. Besides that, primer can also protect your skin from chemical makeup. But primer has a few types that will confuse you, so we will give you an explanation.

If you have oily skin, we do recommend primer that has a silicone texture. This kind of primer can hold the oil on your skin and can blur your big pores. But for you who have dry skin, you can try to choose a primer that has a gel or cream texture that has the function to hydrate your skin.

3. Medium Coverage Complexion to Even Your Skin Tone

Do you know why you should wear complexion? Because this product can make your skin look better, especially for imperfect skin. Complexion product has the function of even your skin tone and covering the blemishes, so your skin will look more flawless.

Because complexion product has many types, you can adjust it by your needs and your skin type. But try to choose a medium coverage complexion because it’s a safe product that feels lightweight and is very good to cover the blemishes.

For the tools, you can use between foundation brush or a beauty sponge. If you want to get more coverage, you can use a foundation brush because it will not absorb the products. But if you want to get a natural finish look, a beauty sponge will be the best choice.

4. Cover Your Acne and Dark Spots with Concealer

Who is always sleeping late at night or has sleepless time? I’m sure your skin condition is worst now. As you know, medium coverage complexion can’t cover your skin well especially dark circles, dark spots, or acne. Therefore, you need to wear a concealer.

The concealer has high coverage and a thicker texture than the foundation. That’s why is very good to cover all the sins on your skin. Because we want to use it daily, you can prefer liquid products. Besides, it gives a lightweight feel, but it can make your makeup stay natural.

5. Powder to Make Sure Your Makeup Doesn’t Move Away

If you already feel satisfied with your base makeup or your skin already looks flawless, you should set it with powder. By using powder, your makeup will not move anywhere, and not be easy to get melt even if you have been sweating.

And powder has 3 types, there are loose powder, two-way cake powder, and last powder foundation. You can adjust the use of powder based on your needs. But if you want to use this makeup for daily, loose powder or two-way cake powder will be great for you.

If you have oily skin, you can prefer loose powder and doing a backing technique that can hold the oil on your skin. But if you have many scars on your skin, you can choose a two-way cake powder that can give the coverage. And there are no rules for people with dry skin because all powder will be suited for you.

6. Contour to Give an Illusions to Your Face

As you can see from the mirror, your face has been losing the dimensions and look flat. That’s why we need contour to fix this problem. Contour can bring back your face dimensions and give illusions to your face.

You should choose primer based on your skin tone to prevent a tacky or too much look. And when you can find the right color contour, you can start to apply it to your face. Put the contour under the cheekbone if you want to have a thin cheek. On your jawline to get a V-shape face and your hairline to make your face look small. The last, apply it to your nose to give a pointy nose effect.

7. Look Fresh with Coral Blush

For you who don’t like blushy effect cheek, you can skip this step. But for you who want to look fresh and sweet, you can choose a coral blush. This kind of color will suitable to use daily because it will look natural.

If you want your blush to look more natural, you can choose a cream blush product and use it before applying powder. But we don’t recommend it for you who have oily skin because it will make your skin more oily, that’s why you can prefer powder blush.

8. Natural Brows Shape to Prevent the Nerd Look

Move on to the brows, you can choose natural brows to shape to prevent the nerd look. As you can see from the movie, nerd girls are always identic with bold and unshape brows. I know making your brows is not easy therefore we will give you some tips to do your brows.

First that you should do is brush your brows with a spoolie brush. Then you can start to draw your brows with an eyebrow pencil following your natural shape brows. After that, fill the blank space slowly to keep it natural. Furthermore, you can finish by setting your hair brows with brow mascara.

9. Choose a Safe Color for The Eyeshadow

I’m sure your eyes will be covered with the glasses, and if you choose a bright color shadow it will make you look like a clown. So, you can choose a safe color eyeshadow like nude or brown just to give the shape to your eyes.

Wear light color eyeshadow all over your eyes. Then, continue with a darker color to your crease and outer corner. Don’t forget to blend it until there’s no harsh line. Furthermore, you can give shimmer eyeshadow on your inner corner to make your eyes look awake. Do the same thing to your lower eyes.

10. Eyeliner to Make Your Eyes Sharper

The function of the eyeliner in this makeup is just to make your eyes look sharper. That’s why natural eyeliner will be our recommendation. It’s gonna be useless if you try to make cat or foxy eyeliner because it can’t be seen.

Choose black color eyeliner and start to draw the line from your inner corner until your outer corner. You can add a small wing at the end of the eyes just to give longer effect eyes. And your eyeliner is done!

11. Make Your Eyes Awake by Using Mascara

You can’t wear false lashes at this time because it will crash your glasses and give you an uncomfy feeling. I think using mascara is already enough to make your eyes look awake. Especially for you who have thin and short lashes, mascara will be very helpful for you.

You can curl your lashes first with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. And you should be careful while curling your lashes to prevent hurting your eyes. Furthermore, you can start to use mascara on your upper and lower eyes.

12. Highlighter to Make a Fake Glowing Skin

Want to have glowing skin rapidly? You will be thankful for the highlighter! Because highlighter can make your skin look glowing in a while and give dimension to your face besides contour. But remember to choose the color of the highlighter based on your skin tone to make it look natural.

If you have a light skin tone, you can choose a champagne color highlighter. Then, for you who have dark skin, try the gold color highlighter. And last for pink undertone skin, you can prefer rose color highlighter. Wear the highlighter on the highest point of your face like the cheekbone, forehead, chin, and nose.

13. Keep the Natural Look with Nude Color Lipstick

For lipstick is very optional. But if you want to look natural and younger, you can choose nude color lipstick. Besides that, it is a safe color for you who are still a beginner at makeup or if you want to use this makeup daily. But you can also do ombre lips if you feel your face looks pale.

The first thing that you can do is cover the dark line of your lips with concealer. After you blend the concealer, you can continue to apply nude lipstick all over your lips. If you feel nude lipstick is enough, then you can stop in this step. But if you want to do ombre lips, you can apply darker color lipstick like red or mauve. Don’t forget to blend until it looks soft.

14. Lastly, Wear Setting Spray to Lock Your Makeup

Last but not least that we won’t forget to lock your whole makeup using a setting spray. If you want to have long-lasting makeup without cracking or cakey, you can’t skip this step. So, you should choose the right type of setting spray to feel the function.

Here is a tip for you who want to choose the right setting spray. For you with oily skin, you can prefer setting spray with a matte finish that can hold the oil, so your makeup will not melt. Otherwise, if you have dry skin, you need a setting spray with a dewy finish to hydrate your skin and make your makeup merge with your skin.

That’s it about this glasses makeup tutorial. What do you think about this makeup? This makeup will make you look chic and gorgeous so you will be confident even if you wear glasses. Furthermore, this makeup is also very quick and easy to achieve. So, I hope this tutorial can give an inspiration to you and you can enjoy the topic about glasses makeup look to stay chic and gorgeous.


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