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Choosing The Best Matching Clothing Colors for Your Skin Tone

Choosing The Best Matching Clothing Colors for Your Skin Tone

Olidfashion.com – Every people has a different skin tone. It’s important to identify your skin tone to help you choose the right matching clothing colors. The colors in your outfit would play an important role, in whether you will look fresh, bright, or dull. Having ideal colors in your outfits could create an appealing look.

People have different types of skin tones and skin undertones. This is because making an outfit could give a different effect on others. Especially about the colors. Not all the colors would bring out your best performance. Some of them may give you a contrasting look with your skin tone. That’s why it’s important for you to know what type of skin tone is, then determine the worst and best matching clothing colors for it.

How To Identify Your Skin Tone and Skin Undertone

skin tone type

Skin tone is the color of surface skin and it’s determined by the amount of melanin on your skin (skin color pigment). While skin undertone is the subtle hue under your skin surface. When we talk about skin tone and skin undertone, we’ll find several different types of them.

For the skin tone, there are have 4 main types:

  • Light
  • Fair
  • Medium
  • Dark (deep)

At the same time, we have 3 main types of skin undertone:

  • Warm
  • Cool (cold)
  • Neutral

Asides from the types of skin tone and undertone above, you will find people also describe skin tone by mentioning it as pale, pinkish, olive skin, tan, or brown. If you want to know what type of your skin color, you can identify it in a few ways like the explanation below.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

We know that skin tone is the surface color, so it’s a bit easy to determine it. If you want to know the color of your skin, you can find it in two ways.

  • Look at your jawline. This is the part of a skin area that’s less affected by skin color change. Just check your washed face under the sunlight and see if it’s light, medium, or dark (deep).
  • Ask people’s opinions. This helps to know what your skin color is. If they see your skin tone is fair, pinkish, or pale white, your skin tone is light. If they say thet you look a bit tan, you may have a medium skin tone. When your skin looks pale in the cold season and tan in summer, you may have a deep skin tone.

How To Identify Your Skin Undertone

Skin undertone is the subtle hue under your surface skin and there 3 types of it, warm, cool, and neutral. If you want to know what your skin undertone is, you can try some tests below.

  • Vein color test. You can determine the skin undertone by seeing your wrist vein’s color. If it’s blue or purple, you have a cool skin undertone. If it’s green or olive, you have a warm undertone. Then, if your vein’s color is blue-green, you have a neutral undertone.
  • Using different jewelry. If gold jewelry flattering on your skin, you have warm skin. Otherwise, if it’s silver jewelry you have a cool skin tone. However, if both gold and silver jewelry flatter your skin, you have a neutral skin tone.
  • White paper test. With this test, you should hold a piece of white paper up to your throat and chest. If your skin looks blue and pink, it means you have cool-toned. If it’s blue and green means you have warm-toned, but if you have fluctuating skin tone it means neutral-toned.
  • How your skin reacts to the sun. If you have cool-toned, your skin would appear to blush in the sun test. Look yellowish in warm-toned, and greenish in neutral-toned.
  • Color test. If you look better wearing cool colors like blue, it means you have a cool undertone. If you suit warm colors such as yellow, it means you have a warm undertone. When both the colors suit you, that means you have a neutral undertone.

Determine The Best Matching Clothing Colors Depending on The Skin Tones

After you find out what your skin tone is, now it’s time to choose the ideal colors that match your skin and what colors to avoid. Knowing your skin tone helps to improve your appearance better.

Light and Fair Skin Tone Outfits

Light and fair skin tone is skin type I or II that have typical features of pale white skin that burns easily but tans poorly or never gets tan. If you have this type of skin tone, you will look good in bright colors clothing, darker colors, and pastels.

The Best Matching Colors

  • Earthy Tones. You that have light, fairy, or pinkish skin tone should embrace earthy tones such as camel, beige, or olive. These colors always get good features on your fair skin.

mid neutral for best matching clothing colors for light skin tone

For this, you can bring these colors into your ensemble either for working outfit ideas or your casual outfit. You can match a camel-long winter women’s coat with a white preppy one-set outfit to have cozy and fashionable workwear during cold weather. Beige is really for your sweater outfits, and then olive looks good to bring in a trendy casual style.

  • Jewel Tones. Aside from earthy and neutral tones, you that have light skin will get a flattering look in jewel tones clothing. Just try to adopt turquoise, red ruby, and emerald green clothing colors.

jewel tones for best matching clothing colors for light skin tone

You can try to bring out a turquoise coat to create a cheerful ensemble by combining it with an orange tassel dress. Make this one of your color-blocking outfit ideas. The light of turquoise would flatter your pale skin color. Choosing red ruby mini dress would make you look chic and cute. If you want to get a sexy elegant style, you may need an emerald bodycon dress.

  • Powdery Pastel Colors. Pastel colors like blush, baby blue, seafoam, and lavender would soften your picture and make your skin bold.

powdery patels for best matching clothing colors for light skin tone

Having baby blue and lavender suits would bring fashionable work outfits to the office. Seafoam mini dress style would make your fair skin look brighter and pretty enough. Besides that, combining a blush blazer with black leather outfits is great to help you get a chic trendy style.

The Worst Matching Colors

the worst matching clothing colors for light skin tone

If you have pale white skin, you better avoid very bright colors such as neon and white, also monochromatic black. These kinds of colors just would crash on your skin tone and make you look super watch out. Instead of you popping up these colors much, you should bring them in little composition like in your accessory if you still want to wear them.

Medium Skin Tone Outfits

Medium skin tone is a type of darker white skin that can tan after an initial burn. This skin tone has a little tan color rather than a light skin tone but still looks white.

The Best Clothing Colors

  • Mid-Neutral Colors. If you find the best matching color outfits for medium/tan you can wear something in neutral colors such as sand, light grey, or warm brown colors.

neutral for best matching clothing colors for medium skin tone

Best looking casual outfit with a sand oversized tee as for mini dress and trainer shoes. Want a trendy without looking dull, just choose a light grey leather jacket to astonish your white ensemble. Warm brown is the best clothing color you should have in your wardrobe, this color is a match either for casual or formal attire.

  • Warm Vibrant Colors. Having medium skin tone or tan color skin wouldn’t limit your fashion mode with colorful outfits. You can still wear vibrant colors clothing such as marigold, cranberry, army green, and orchid. These colors would make your medium skin tone look a golden glow.

warm vibrant shades for best matching clothing colors for medium skin tone

Wearing a marigold sleeveless mini dress would make you look beautiful in your tan skin and pull out it shinier. This would look good if you complete your outfit with white accessories and details such as a white handbag and trainer shoes. A purple orchid maxi dress also would make you look elegant and cute during spring. A red cranberry ensemble would be stunning for summer. Have a trendy trench coat style by having green army as basic clothing colors.

  • Neon and Light Colors. If you want to pop up your medium/tank skin tone, very bright colors such as neon and light colors are the way.

neon for best matching clothing colors for medium skin tone

Some people may have tendentious to look different in their daily style. However, not all the outstanding styles such as neon and light clothing colors would match every skin tone. Maybe I would be more recommend these colors for medium/tan skin tone. Wearing bright neon pants and a black sleeveless top would be best for your summer outfit ideas. Having a white dress also would be great to pull out your skin tone. Another way, having two neon colors combination is good to bring your skin color out.

The Worst Clothing Colors

For those who have medium/tan skin tone, you should avoid some light and faded pastels. Those colors just would make your skin look dull. If you want to have pretty pastel color outfits, better you choose the colors that are brighter or combine them with other bright outfits. You can see from the picture above when medium skin tone wears light pastels, it just makes them look darker.

Olive Skin Tone Outfits

Olive skin is a type of skin that has light brown to moderate brown. This is typically a skin tone that would burn minimally but tan easily. If you want to look beautiful, you need to find the best matching clothing colors for your skin tone.

The Best Matching Outfit Colors

  • Beachy Colors. This kind of color is a combination of pink and orange tones. You can have the best matching outfit colors for your olive skin tone with salmon, peach, or coral tones.

Stick out salmon colors in your sleeveless jumpsuit to have a sweet and cute outfit for summer. A coral blazer would be great to wear together with other beachy colors style. Having a peachy elegant maxi dress pulls out the sweetness to your olive skin.

  • Cool and Calming Colors. The matching clothing colors for skin tone and would overpower your olive skin are charcoal grey, steel blue, mauve, and cream.

The cream is one of the colors that look better in the background of tanned skin. Besides that, mauve, steel blue, and charcoal grey are also good to wear for a person that has an olive skin tone. You can bring these colors as pop up in your outfit or combine them with other colors. You just need to find the best pairing color combinations.

  • Rich Berries Colors. Other colors that would give a major impact on your olive skin are rich berry colors includes these colors are burgundy, plum, magenta, and teal.

Getting magenta in your outfit would light up your skin tone. Burgundy and plum clothing colors are great to bring a brighter look to your olive skin. Don’t miss out on teal colors that make your skin look more fabulous.

The Worst Matching Outfit Colors

When you want to match clothing colors to skin tone, you need to avoid colors that are too similar to your natural skin color. For those who have olive skin tone, better to avoid yellow, green, and orange in the outfits. These colors tend to give you a darker and duller skin look.

Dark (Deep) Skin Tone Outfits

Dark or deep skin tone is the kind of skin that has surface colors from brown to dark. This skin type usually tans easily and rarely burns when gets into the sunlight.

The Best Matching Clothing Colors

  • Primary Colors. Don’t stick out with the boring color outfits. If you have a dark (deep) skin tone, don’t be afraid to try bold and bright colors like red, yellow, and blue. These colors would be super flattering and sexy with your dark.

Having a red leather jacket and white piece outfits would be great to stand out your dark skin colors. Yellow is also the same, they would be great to match in your browny skin tone. Blue is suited to bring out a sexy look on your deep skin.

  • Soft Pastels. Having soft and light pastels such as baby pink, light yellow, and lilac would be definitely on your dark and deep skin.

Just figure out how the baby pink mini dress would pull out your dark skin more. Lilac would stand out for your dark skin and make it look better. Soft yellow pastels in your stylish women’s coat definitely make your deep skin look lighter.

  • White and Off white Colors. Who said that have dark skin can’t wear something in neutrals colors such as linen, ivory, and beige. These colors even could give a good effect on your skin color.

Same as soft pastels, white and off-white colors are also could be colored on you. You can choose beige suits for formal attire, ivory and linen ensembles are the best clothing colors to wear in the cold weather. These colors would look bright on your skin and increase your beautifulness.

The Worst Matching Clothing Colors

Like I said before, having a dark skin tone it’s not mean you should wear dark outfits too. You can still be expressing yourself with other colorful outfits, as long as you could get the best matching colors for them. Besides that, having darker colors would crash on your dark and deep skin. So, I recommend you avoid a black and dark ensemble in your wardrobe. If you want to still stick to it, better to combine it with others. Otherwise, you can spill the colors a little into your accessories.

Best Clothing Colors for Warm Skin Undertone

Those who have warm undertone skin usually own green olive veins and flattering in gold jewelry. The best matching clothing colors for this type of skin are all warm and bright colors like green, yellow, olive, burgundy, brown, or orange. Besides that, jewelry colors such as gold can’t be missing out to flatter your look.

Matching Clothing Colors for Cool Skin Undertone

Different from warm skin tone, for you who have a cool skin tone, would look better to match with darker and cool colors. The best matching clothing colors for your skin tone are emerald green, blue, navy, purple, grey, magenta, and others. The best jewelry color to stand out more in your cool colors is silver.

Best Matching Clothing Colors in Neutral Skin Undertone

If you have a neutral skin undertone, it would be easy for you to choose matching clothing colors because this type of skin is easy to match with other shades and tones. You can either wear cool and warm colors and also you can get the best look from silver or gold. Your skin tone is the best one that’s easy to marry with the vast majority of colors and hues. Both bright, dark, and earthy colors, you still look good in all of them. However, you need to remember you should be careful to combine the colors. Better you choose one pop-up color like red in your outfits than bring other flattering colors in your accessories items.

Finding your skin tone type and getting clothing colors to your skin tone is important to make you get maximum performance. This is used to increase your fashion sense and fill up your wardrobe with your actual outfit style. So, start to identify what kind of your skin tone is, then begin to learn what the best matching colors to your skin tone. It worked to make you look fashionable with the perfect overlook.


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