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Skincare Steps That You Should Do to Get Flawless and Healthy Looking Skin

Some people said, “skin is the investment for your old day”. And healthy and flawless skin is a girl’s dream. By having flawless skin, you don’t need to use a lot of base makeup products and your makeup will be looking good too. Because flawless and healthy skin is the best canvas for makeup. So what can make your skin flawless and healthy?

Of course skincare! By using skincare, you can get flawless and healthy looking skin. But many girls don’t know what skincare they should have and the steps of using skincare. Because if you choose the wrong type of skincare or wrong about the steps, your skin will be breakout or acne will appear.

Otherwise, if you know the skincare for your skin type or know about the steps of skincare, your skin will be flawless and healthy. Even you have bad skin or breakout skin, by using skincare it will medicate your skin. So what skincare products you should have? And how are the steps using skincare? Let us talk about it!


Skincare Product You Should Have

For skincare, you should choose skincare based on your skin type. For you who have many scars, you can choose skincare which can brighten your skin. If you have dry skin, you can choose skincare which can moisture your skin. But if you have acne-prone skin, you can choose skincare with acne solution in the ingredients. What skincare you should have?


1. Cleanser

The first product you should have is a cleanser. This is a must have product skincare because it can clean your skin from dust, dirt, or makeup. You should choose a cleanser based on your skin type. For you who have dry skin, you can choose a low Ph cleanser. If you have oily skin, you can choose a cleanser that can hold the oil on your skin.


2. Toner

Toner has a function to prep your skin. It will help another skincare to absorb better and also toner has a function to make sure your skin is clean. Toner has two types, which are exfoliating toner and hydrating toner.

Exfoliating toner has the function to remove a dead cell from your skin, bring back the ph skin to normal, and cleanse leftover makeup. Meanwhile, hydrating toner has the function to moisture your skin and resolve to your dry skin. For exfoliating toner, you can use once a week, and hydrating toner you can use every day.


3. Essence

Besides toner, essence has the same function too which is to prep your skin to make another skincare seep better. The difference is essence has a little bit thick consistency than toner. And essence has another function that can make your serum, face oil, or moisturizer works well.


4. Serum

The serum has thick consistency than essence. It will help to moisturize your skin, brighten your skin, remove dark spots, and prevent wrinkles on your skin.  Because serum has a lot of function, you should choose it based on your skin problem.

To moisturize your skin, you can use a serum that has Hyaluronic Acid ingredients. For those who want to brighten or remove dark spots, you can use a serum that has Niacinamide or Centella Asiatica ingredients. And the last to prevent wrinkles, you can use a serum that has retinol or ceramides ingredients.


5. Moisturizer

As the name, the moisturizer has a function to moisturize and hydrate your skin. That doesn’t mean this product is not suitable for you who have oily skin. Even you have oily skin, you still need moisturizer. Because if you make your skin dry, it will make your skin have wrinkles faster.

You should choose a moisturizer based on your skin type. By choosing the right moisturizer, it will make your skin flawless and healthy. Using a moisturizer also can help your makeup stick well on your skin, and can prevent your makeup from being cakey.


6. Sunscreen

This is a very must have a product. Because sunscreen has a function to protect your skin from UV light that can make your skin irritated or sunburn, even can make skin cancer. That’s why using sunscreen is very important.

If you are still a teenager you can choose sunscreen with 30 SPF. but if you are an adult, old, or want to do outside door activities during the day you need extra SPF, so you can choose sunscreen with 45 or 50 SPF.


7. Mask

Maybe some of you think a mask is not important. Now, you should change your mind! Because the mask is something important that will help resolve your skin problem. Using a mask once a week is highly recommended.

Mask has 7 types, which are sheet mask, peel of mask, clay mask, wash off mask, DIY mask, exfoliating mask, and the last is sleeping mask. You can choose a mask based on your skin problem. If you often use a mask in a week, the result will be seen.


That’s it about the skincare you should have, you should choose it based on your skin type and skin problem. Now, let’s talk about the steps of skincare and how to use it.


Steps of Skincare and How to Use

Some people don’t know the steps about using skincare and they tend to use it whatever they want. Without knowing if you use the wrong steps of skincare, your skincare doesn’t work well or even can make your face being breakout.


1. Cleanse Your Face

The first step is to remove makeup or dust from your face using a makeup cleanser. Even you’re not using makeup, you still need to cleanse your face using a makeup cleanser because double cleansing is really important. then wash your face using the facial wash.


2. Using Mask Can Help Your Bad Skin Condition

This step is an additional step. If you feel your skin is really bad or breakout, you can resolve it using a mask based on your skin problem. For this step, I recommend you to use a clay mask, wash off mask, DIY mask, peel off mask, or exfoliating mask. Because a sheet mask or sleeping mask can be used on the last step after using moisturizer.


3. Make Sure Your Skin is Clean Using Toner

The second step is to make sure your skin is free from makeup, dirt, or dust using toner. And toner can also prep your skin. If you feel your skin has a texture or has a comedo, you can use exfoliating toner. But if you think you just need to hydrate your skin, you can use hydrating toner.

You can pour the toner on the cotton, then apply it to your face by rubbing it from your inner face into your outer face. And leave it untill it absorb.


4. Prep Your Skin Using Essence

The third step is prepping your skin using essence. This step is to make your skin ready for the next skincare and to make the next skincare works well on your skin. Pour the essence on your palm, then rub it with both palms and tap smoothly on your face.


5. Resolve Your Skin Problem with Serum

The fourth step is serum. After using light consistency product, now we jump to the thick consistency which is serum. In this step, you can use one or more products based on your skin problem. Layering serum by consistency. So you can use the light consistency serum first then layer it with a serum that has a thicker consistency. But using one serum product is enough.


6. Lock Your Previous Skincare Using Moisturizer

For the last step, you should lock your previous skincare using moisturizer. Besides that, moisturizer can also moisture your face and help to resolve your skin problem too.

7. Sunscreen for During the Day

If you want to go during the day, you have to use sunscreen for the last step of your skincare! because it can protect your skin face from UV light and make you feel comfortable to do your activities without being scared of the sunlight.


8. Sheet Mask or Sleeping Mask if You Want

This step you can do or don’t. But I recommend you to do this step at least once a week at night. This step feels not important but actually is important! Using a sheet mask or sleeping mask, it can make your tired skin look healthy and chewy.

For a sheet mask you can apply it and adjust with your face shape, then leave it for 15-20 minutes and remove it. And for the sleeping mask, usually has a light cream texture. Using it all over your face, then leave it for a night and your skin will look more healthy in the morning.

By following the steps above, you don’t have to be confused about skincare anymore. Now, you know what skincare product you should have, the steps of skincare, and how to use it. isn’t it easy to get flawless and healthy skin?



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