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Comfy and Unique Style Using Hooded Blazer For Female Outfit Idea

Comfy and Unique Style Using Hooded Blazer For Female Outfit Idea

Olidfashion.com – A blazer that wear together with a hoodie become today’s fashion trend. It has just been popular were mostly liked by both men and women as a new fashion style. This design gives you comfy and unique female outfit ideas at once. This mode appears in the late 1990s when NBA players combined dissimilar pieces such as formal style from Blazer with casual pieces like Hoodie to craft a unique and stylish look. This actually gives a new street fashion style which is assumed by male students at the time. However, this style now is more used and popular among females for their fashion outfit idea.

How to Use Hooded Blazer with Comfy and Unique Style on Female Outfits

Hoodies maybe not stand as the most fashionable outfits, but it’s really comfortable and practice to wear. Surprisingly this outfit became a staple in your wardrobe and could be worn in any different style for your daily outfit ideas. Most commonly, you use a hoodie with a blazer as your casual comfy female outfit, layering it under coats or jackets to make you warm during winter, and this also could be a unique female outfit idea if you pair it in the right way. Be sure to read this guide to help you get the best outfit ideas to look unique and stylish.

Cropped Hodie with Long Sleeve Woolen Coat

Cropped Hodie with Long Woolen Coat for winter

Here is an attractive and stylish outfit that you must try, for the top you can choose a cropped hoodie that’s layered with a women’s winter coat like a woolen long sleeve coat. For the bottom, you can wear a sweatpant that is paired with sneakers. Add an accessory such as a side pack to perfect your style. This is would be a good comfy outfit idea to wear in the fall season.

Hooded Blazer With Latex Skinny Pant

Hooded Blazer With sexy Latex Skinny Pant

Make a different style use a hooded blazer that mix with latex skinny pants. Use a gray hoodie and layer a striped blazer over it. To form your female outfit in a unique style, use black skinny pants that fit on your leg, combining it with ankle strap heels and a flap bag to give a sexy impression. Using this outfit would make you ready to go out with your friends on holiday.

Parka Jackets with Hoodie

Parka Jackets with Hoodie for winter outfit

A Parka jacket would be a great choice to draw comfy outfits for females in the winter season. Match it with an oversized hoodie thet would make you warm and comfortable in your winter outfit. Give a sweatpant on the bottom of your outfits to add unique style. Grabbing a fanny pack, sneakers, and a black hat to maximize your performance.

Hooded Blazer with Ripped Jeans

Hooded Blazer with Ripped Jeans as a unique style

If you want to look a little swag and elegant use a hooded blazer for a female outfit that you mix and match with ripped jeans. Sheathe your pastel blue hoodie with a plaid monochrome black and white blazer. Wearing blue ripped jeans that have the same color as your top outfits and a knee boot as footwear would give a unique style to your female outfit. A sling bag would be a good piece to fully dress your outfits. It seems comfy and stylish just on one outfit.

Oversized Hooded Blazers with Tigh High Boots

Oversized Hooded Blazers with Tigh High Boots

Oversized hoodie and plaid coat still become favorable to dress your outfit as a unique and comfy style in the fall season. This actually would give you a cute image of your female outfits. If you want to look more mature, you can combine it with a net stocking and tight high boot. Build up your feminine existence to your fashion style using a mini bag and hat.

Red Women Trouser Suits with Hoodie

Red Women Trouser Suits with Hoodie to comfy outfit

Red trouser suits can be an excellent idea that mixes up with a white hoodie as your Christmas outfit party. It’s a good idea to wear it to a Christmas lunch in the office or a casual party with your coworkers. This comfy suit is not only designed for men’s outfits but also would represent Christmas eve as your best female hooded blazer outfit. Paring the outfit with trainer shoes and handbag to ready enjoying the celebration.

Flannel Jackets with Hoodie

Flannel Jackets with Hoodie for stylish outfit

Styling your hoodies with flannel jackets to give you casual style in your fashion design. Another piece that you need to wear is skinny jeans and trainers shoes. This would deliver a comfortable and trendy in your female outfit.

Casual Hooded Blazer with Pencil Skirt

Hooded Blazer with Pencil Skirt as casual look

Camel long coat and hoodie can be comfortable to wear during the winter season. This helps you stay warm inside but fashionable outside. To make it unique and different in your female outfit idea, wear a pencil skirt rather than pants This would make you get a casual accent into your female outfit. Use slip-on shoes as your footwear and a sling bag would give an elegant style to your female outfit.

All in Black With Hoodie and Shearling Jackets

All in Black with Hoodie and Shearling Jackets as a unique style

A black hoodie paired with a black shearling jacket would present a cool girl combination in your unique female outfit idea. The perfect way to balance your outfit becomes a comfy and unique style is using black skinny jeans and army boots. Make sure to grab a black leather minibag and sunglasses to have a more fashionable glance.

Hooded Plaid Blazer with Leather Skirt

Hooded Plaid Blazer with Leather Skirt

Keep your outfit simple and delicate addition by combining a plaid monochrome coat with a green hoodie. Give a shoot into your outfit idea with a leather wrap skirt, army boots, and stocking to bring a chill vibe without losing your feminine style. Little more creation to make you well-dressed with a lilac flap bag will complete all.

White Dress in Hooded Blazer as Comfy Style

Dress in Hooded Blazer for your female outfit

White midi dress, hoodie, and sneakers could you crave to make your outfit fashionable. If you are boring just wear a common dress, you can give a little additional detail such as a hoodie and cover up again with denim jackets. This outfit would look adorable and comfy to use on your dates. To fully embrace your outfit’s idea make a decision with a white side bag.

Trench coat with Hoodie

Trench coat with Hoodie as unique winter outfit

A hoodie would be the best choice to neutralize the boldness of a trench coat that you wear to make your style more casual without losing the formalities. Keep it simple by wearing black leggings, mixing the outfit with strappy heels, and a clutch to astonish your style. Wear this comfy female outfit on a cold day comfortably.

Denim Jackets with Hoodie

Denim Jackets with Hoodie for comfy style

Denim Jackets and hoodies are the best combinations to style your female outfit more awesome. Matching it with legging and army boots obviously increase your masculine aura without losing your feminism. Steadily becoming more fashionable by choosing an oversized denim jacket as your hooded blazer style for female outfit ideas.

Extra Large Coat with Hoodie

Extra Large Coat with Hoodie in the winter

Try pairing an extra-large coat with a hoodie to make a statement into your comfy female outfit idea. Complete the look with culotte pants and espadrilles shoes. You can spice the appearance by choosing blue pastel and brown as basic colors into your outfit ideas. To fully embrace your comfy female outfit, give casual accessories like a white mini bag and sunglasses. You would be ready to welcome cold weather in the winter season.

Leather Coat with Hoodie

Leather Coat with Hoodie as casual outfit

Leather jackets and knitting hoodies will be contrast proportion to give comfy and unique style into your female outfit. This would interpret you as a cool girl that has a casual style. Give another highlight in your bottom wearing use blue jeans and army boots. Bring other ideas to your unique fashion style use a micro bag and beanie hat as the accessories.

Hoodie with Romper

Hoodie with Romper for unique style

Draw inspiration on your unique and comfy female outfit using a hoodie and romper. The feel of this combination is really comfy and effortless. Layering hoodie with romper also gives you a unique design for a female outfit idea that delivers a casual perception. Exaggerate the proportion of your style with micro bag and sports shoes.

Unique Hooded Blazer Style with Pastel Colored pants

Hooded Blazer with Pastel Colored pants

Try to bring something diverse to your female outfit idea, don’t be afraid to play with the color. Choose a red hoodie and cover-up with a brown plaid coat as your upper wearing. Give a little pastel color to the bottom of your outfit by pairing it with pink straight pants. This is actually would make a unique female outfit idea that’s nice and colorful. Make it perfect by adding a black clutch and white trainer shoes for the comfy style.

A hoodie and blazer could be new hype in fashion style ideas not only for men but also for female outfits. For something that gives completely different affection, a hooded blazer actually succeeds bring a trend that combines formal and casual vibe in one outfit as a unique style. If you can drive this outfit the right way, it obviously could be stunning your overlook.


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