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9 Hijab Outfit Ideas Will Make You Look Stylish and Outstanding

9 Hijab Outfit Ideas Will Make You Look Stylish and Outstanding

Fashion is the hottest discussion for a girl. Fashion can level up some girls’ confidence. Because if you know how to dress well, it can make you look prettier and catch everyone’s eyes. And you will get judged by people if you can’t dress well and looks tacky. That’s why is important for you to know how to mix and match your outfit.

And who said using hijab can’t look fashionable? maybe some of you think that using hijab can’t look trendy because they tend to use long boring robes. But, you’re totally wrong! You should throw away that mind. You can look trendy even you use a hijab. If you can combine the right outfit, you can look fashionable.

So to give you some inspiration, we will tell you some outfit ideas that you can follow to make you look outstanding and fashionable. Here are some outfit ideas that you can try!


9 Hijab Outfit Ideas to Look Outstanding


1. Simple Casual Outfit with Loose Jeans and Oversize T-Shirt

To make you feel free to do something, you can choose a loose outfit for it. It can make you feel more comfortable. That’s why we recommend you choose an oversize t-shirt and loose jeans. This is a simple casual outfit that you can use for hangouts, college, or just want to walk around.

For the toe, you can wear sneakers or fluffy sandals to make you feel comfortable. And if you have a lot of stuff to bring, you can use a tote bag. Besides that, it can support your casual looks. Don’t forget to use a cap if you’re going during the day to protect you from sunlight and to make you look more fashionable.


2. Mix Loose Pants and Shirt for Museum Hangouts

If you want to go to the museum, but you don’t know which outfit will suit you and look fashionable. Maybe you can mix your nude color loose pants and combine it with nude color or white shirts. This outfit will look fashionable to get in the picture! We know you will not miss taking the picture in the museum.

To support this outfit, you can choose sneakers for it. Besides supporting your outfit, sneakers can make you feel comfortable if you use it for a long walk. For looks more fashionable you can add a micro bag or if you bring a lot of stuff you can choose a sling bag.


3. Mix Vest and Loose Pants

A vest is a popular trend outfit lately. You can mix your vest with loose jeans or loose pants. For the inner top, you can use a t-shirt. But if you want to look formal you can use a shirt or blouse for the inner top. This outfit can be used for work, hangouts, or just chilling with your friends.

Mix it with sneakers for the casual outfit, and high heels or flat shoes for the formal look. You can adjust it by the occasions you want to attend. For the bag, I recommend you use a shoulder bag. But if you want a bigger size bag, you can choose a handbag.


4. Crop Shirt Can be Used for Hijab

Who said a girl who wears a hijab can’t use a crop top? You’re free to use everything that you want if you can combine it. So if you like a crop shirt, you can use it as the outer top. You can mix it with loose pants and use a t-shirt for the inner top. This outfit is really suited for you who want to hangouts with your friends because it will make you feel comfortable.

For the toe, we recommend you to use sneakers because you can be comfortable walking with it. But if you are bored using sneakers, you can also wear sandals. Add a shoulder bag or sling bag, then you’re ready to hangouts with your friends!


5. Oversize Jacket to Keep You Warm

If the weather is cold but you want to look simple and casual, you can add an oversize jacket. Further, you can mix it with a shirt top and loose jeans or pants. You can use sneakers for the toe to make you look cool and choose a tote bag to bring all the stuff that you need.

Just by using this outfit, you still can look fabulous with it but feels comfortable! Therefore,  you can wear this outfit if you want to hangouts, go to college, or just walk around with your friends.


6. Look Girly with Sweater and Pleated Skirts

If you want to look girly but still casual, you can combine sweaters and pleated skirts. You can wear this outfit for hangouts, go to the coffee shop, or college. Therefore, you can combine it with sneakers, high heels, or boots if you want to look chic. For the bag, you can use a handbag to make you look fabulous. Last but not least add some necklaces, and you’re ready to go!


7. Get the Formal Looks with Span Skirts

If you want to go to the office or even on special occasions, you can choose span skirts for your outfit. Because the design of span skirts looks formal and gives the fancy vibes. Further, you can combine your span skirts with a blazer for the outer top and a blouse or shirt for the inner top. This kind of outfit will support the formal looks.

Use High heels like stiletto heels to support your formal looks. And use a clutch for your bag, but if you need a big size bag, maybe you can use a shoulder bag or handbag. Add some accessories like jewelry and a belt to make you look glamorous and look like a girl boss. Now you catch everyone’s eyes!


8. Robe Dress Make You Look Pretty

Who said wearing a robe dress can’t make you look fashionable? Now, robe dress has a lot of trendy designs that can make you look fashionable and pretty. Therefore, you should adjust the design of the robe dress with your type of body. And this outfit you can use for hangouts, works, even parties.

For the toe, we highly recommend you to use high heels because it will support your pretty look. And for the bag, you can choose a clutch or handbag if you need a large bag that can fit all your stuff. Add some necklace to give the glamorous vibe.


9. Using Dress for The Parties

For you who want to go to the party but are still confused about what outfit you should wear, because you’re afraid to wear a dress. You don’t have to think about it a lot! You can wear a dress even you look outstanding. Mix your dress with a long shirt for the inner top.

For the party, you should wear high heels because it can support your outfit and look outstanding. For the bag, you can choose a clutch. And don’t forget to add a necklace that can make you look pretty. And voila! You’re ready for the party.


That’s about some outfit ideas that can inspire you. Furthermore, you don’t have to confuse about how to mix and match your outfit if you’re wearing a hijab. Because using a hijab can make you look outstanding and fashionable. I hope you enjoy about hijab outfit ideas that will make you look outstanding.


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