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Skincare Ingredients That Can Fix The Skin Barrier

Skincare Ingredients That Can Fix The Skin Barrier
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Have you ever heard about the skin barrier? I guess, most of you are already familiar with it. Moreover, now a lot of products have claimed to fix skin barriers. But do you know what the skin barrier actually is? Okay, let us explain it to you to improve your knowledge about skin health!

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin. It is the skin’s first protection, which works to protect your skin from anything that could damage the skin. Simply, the skin barrier will be the first guard to hold foreign substances that will get into the skin. Isn’t it quite important? Of course yes!

Furthermore, the skin barrier is composed of lipids and cells that have the function to prevent the skin from losing fluids. Therefore, if the skin barrier can’t work optimally, it could cause damaged skin. So, you need to take care of your skin barrier from now to get healthy and glowing skin.

But, before we talk about the ingredients of skincare and how to take care of the skin. Let’s get to know about the characteristics and the things that trigger damaged skin barriers first! So, read it carefully and now we’re moving on to the topic!

Characteristics of Damaged Skin Barrier

Not every skin problem that happens in your skin can think as a damaged skin barrier. Therefore, you have to research to ensure your skin condition. These are the characteristics of a damaged skin barrier!

  1. The skin feels dry and looks dull
  2. The skin will easy to get the breakout or more sensitive than usual
  3. Hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone
  4. Irritation and itchy skin that very long to heal
  5. Facial infection

So, do you experience any of the above characteristics? Maybe, you’ve been guessing how could this problem happens. If you don’t use any skincare products, then you don’t have to ask anymore. But if you use your skincare often, maybe you did something wrong to your skin. So, now we’re going to move to the causes of damaged skin barriers.

The Things That Trigger Damaged Skin Barrier

Even if you wear your skincare frequently twice a day it doesn’t guarantee your skin health. Moreover, if you don’t wear any skincare at all. I believe, your skin is already being damaged even if it looks fine on the outside. Actually, there are a lot of things that cause skin barrier damage that maybe you don’t realize you’ve done it.

Therefore, it’s very necessary of knowing the things that possibly trigger skin barrier damage. Been guessing about it? Okay, without further ado, here are 4 things that will damage your skin barrier!

Being Exposed to the Sunlight Too Long

Perhaps, you know that sunlight brings a lot of benefits instead to your body or skin. Because it can help to get the Vitamin D that your body and skin need. But that doesn’t mean, you can be exposed to the sunlight for too long. Moreover, if you don’t wear sunscreen! You must know that sun has the UV light that is very dangerous to your skin, especially the skin barrier.
Make sure you’re being exposed to sufficient sunlight and try to get exposed only in the morning. Furthermore, don’t ever miss out on using sunscreen. Even if you don’t get outside, you still have to wear it.

Not Concerned with Skin Moisture

A lot of people will ignore their skin moisture. Even if your skin looks fine, if you don’t take care of it, it will be damaged with time. Furthermore, this thing is always being ignored by oily skin people. They believe that using moisturizing skincare will increase oil production. That statement is very wrong and you have to throw away that mind!

In fact, all skin types need to keep the skin moist. Because by keeping the skin moist, you can also keep your skin barrier. Maybe, you can research the product first, and use the product in the right way to prevent something unwanted happen.

Too Often Exfoliate the Skin

I know doing the exfoliation is great for your skin and it’s recommended by every expert. Feeling confused about why this skincare step can ruin your skin barrier? Yes, it can damage your skin barrier if you do exfoliate too often. How could this happen? When you do exfoliate, it will lift dead skin cells. And you can imagine if your skin is already clean and you still do this thing? Of course, your skin barrier will be eroded and damaged.

Using Skincare That Has Harsh Ingredient

The last thing that triggers skin barrier damage is using a skincare product that has a harsh ingredient. Okay maybe not everyone will feel the symptom, but it doesn’t mean good for the skin’s health. Meanwhile, those who have sensitive skin will feel symptoms like skin dry, peeling off the skin, or even skin irritation. Sounds terrible? So, avoid skincare that has harsh ingredients like alcohol, perfume, or even mercury!

Have you done the skincare mistake above? Or is your skin already being damaged? Don’t panic and stay calm, girls! Because we’re gonna tell you about what skincare ingredients could fix your damaged skin barrier.

Skincare Ingredients That Could Fix the Skin Barrier

Okay if you’re sure your skin barrier is damaged, you don’t have to feel sad. You only need to do the extra effort of taking care of your skin from now. And using a product that can fix your skin barrier will be very helpful. That’s why, at this point, we want to talk about skincare ingredients that could fix your damaged skin barrier. But you must consider which ingredients that’s gonna work on your skin. Okay, girls, these are 7 skincare ingredients that will fix your damaged skin!


The first ingredient that will save your damaged skin barrier is ceramides. This ingredient is getting popular in early 2022 because it can fix skin barriers. Besides that, ceramides also have the function to moisturize the skin without feeling greasy, prevent wrinkles, and soften the skin.

Usually, people that have damaged skin will have symptoms such as redness, hyperpigmentation or dark spots skin, wrinkles, and breakouts. And ceramides gonna help you to solve this problem! So, you don’t have to feel doubt about this skincare ingredient.


Niacinamide is the most popular ingredient and is a beauty enthusiast’s favorite. It is because niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3. So, you don’t have to feel unsure about this ingredient anymore, because it will fix your damaged skin barrier. Furthermore, another benefit that you can feel when using niacinamide is your skin will look brighter and it can solve acne.

So, you can still use this ingredient even if your skin doesn’t damage. If you can use it frequently, I believe it will even your skin tone and your skin will get glows. And also, many skincare products use this ingredient which makes it easy if we want to have it!


Next are peptides! The ingredients that are made up of two or more amino acids, we usually found in anti-aging skincare. Yes, it’s not only for fixing skin barriers, you can also use it for solving or preventing wrinkles. Because peptides help to increase collagen production in the skin which will make your skin tight and younger.

Don’t worry, this ingredient will be safe even if your skin is sensitive. Moreover, you can get two benefits from one ingredient. We recommend this ingredient for those who turn their 20s! You can find peptide ingredients in serum or eye cream.


From all the ingredients that we recommend for you, I’m sure you will feel strange with this one. And the ingredient’s called squalane! It has the function to increase skin hydration, brightening the skin, and lastly, keeping the skin moist. From the function, I know you will think it’s gonna be suitable for dry skin types.

You’re not wrong, but the squalane ingredient is suitable for those who have acne skin too. Because this ingredient can help to clean the dirt that is stuck in pores and can shrink big pores. You can find squalane ingredients in serum or moisturizer products. So, what you’re waiting for? Go try this ingredient now!

Hyaluronic Acid

The ingredient that is popular for hydrating skin can also fix your skin barrier too! Feeling surprised? I guess you don’t have to feel so, remembering the most important to keep your skin barrier healthy is always to ensure your skin is moist. Furthermore, you can use hyaluronic acid ingredients for brightening the skin.

Because the way hyaluronic acid works are to stimulate skin cells to be more hydrated. So, it’s gonna be a perfect choice if your skin is dry! Usually, this ingredient is in the form of toner, essence, serum, and moisturizer. Very easy to get, right?

Aloe Vera

If you are afraid of chemical ingredients it’s fine. There will always be a way to get healthy skin! Like using natural ingredients as the ingredient to you solve your skin problem. Aloe vera is going to be the right choice!

A lot of benefits that you can feel from this ingredient like soothing, brightening, hydrating, and soothing the skin. If you use it frequently, it can also make your skin barrier stronger, so you can avoid skin barrier damage. Don’t worry, you will find this ingredient easily because a lot of serums, toners, and moisturizers that use aloe vera as the main ingredient of their product.

Centella Asiatica

Another natural ingredient that can be the choice is Centella Asiatica. Usually, this plant grows in tropical Asia or Southeastern Asia like China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, or India. Centella Asiatica or what we usually call cica become popular because it very works to heal acne. Therefore, if you are an acne fighter, you have to try this ingredient.

Furthermore, if your skin type is sensitive, you can use this ingredient too because it’s safer than aloe vera and helps you to reduce redness or skin inflammation. So, it’s no wonder why Centella Asiatica is so popular in recent years.

Things That You Have to Do to Fix Damaged Skin Barrier

So, after all the topics, I’m sure you’re going to ask how to fix your skin barrier. I know just knowing about the ingredients is not enough, and yes you need to do something besides wearing skincare to fix it. Therefore, we already prepare it for those who have that question. Here are a few things that you have to do to fix your damaged skin barrier.

Avoid Triggers of Skin Barrier Damaged

At the beginning of this topic, we’ve done tell you about the things that possibly trigger skin barrier damage. So, you have to avoid all those things from now! Don’t ever think of do the same mistake again, because fixing the skin barrier is need time. Maybe if you have to be exposed to the sunlight too long, you can use sunscreen and retouch it every 4 hours.

Stop Exfoliate the Skin for a While

If your skin already shows the symptom of a damaged skin barrier, you have to stop exfoliating. I know it’s good, but if your skin having a problem, it will make your skin condition get worst. Moreover, the exfoliating product tends to make the skin dryer. So, you better skip this skincare step until your skin is healed.

Choose The Right Skincare Ingredients

A damaged skin barrier will make your skin more sensitive. We advise you to consider the ingredient of your skincare product before you use it. Or you can use the ingredients that we already recommend to prevent any worst problems. Then, prefer skincare that can give hydration and moisturize the skin, although your skin type is oily.

Limit Washing Face

How often do you wash your face? If you do this thing more than twice a day, you have to limit it now. As you know, washing your face will make your skin drier. Therefore, if your skin is dry to the sensitive or your skin barrier is damaged, you only need to wash your face once a day in the evening. Meanwhile, in the morning, you can wash your face but skip the facial wash product. Use only water to clean your face which aims to keep the natural oil on the skin.

Get Consultation with a Dermatologist

When you already doing our recommendation but it still won’t work or even get worst, you need to go to the dermatologist for a consultation. Because the expert will know more about your skin condition and let them handle your skin. All you have to do is follow the instruction from the dermatologist and be patient.

That’s all the discussion about the skin barrier! Now, you already know about the skin barrier, the ingredients that could help you to fix it, and how to take care of it when it’s already damaged. You have to be patient while waiting for the process to heal your skin, maybe it takes around 2-4 weeks. Just do our recommendation and be consistent. I hope this topic could help to solve your problem!


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