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Morning Skincare Routine Ideas | What Product You Should Wear In The Morning

Morning Skincare Routine Ideas | What Product You Should Wear In The Morning

Maybe some of you already know about when you should wear skincare. But for you who don’t know it yet, let me tell you. You should wear your skincare twice a day to get the maximum result for getting healthy and glowing skin. So, you can use it in the morning and the evening.

Have you known that not all skincare can be used in the morning? Because there are products that can be attracted by the sunlight, if you force your skin to wear them, it will burn your skin and get irritation. Furthermore, you should wear skincare every morning to protect your skin from the dust, dirt, and pollution that can make your skin look dull and get acne.

Having flawless skin is your dream, right? So you can’t skip using skincare in the morning or even in the evening. The secret to getting healthy and glowing skin is wearing your skincare regularly. And now, we want to tell you what products can be used in the morning so you can make it as your morning skincare routine. Without any for the do, let’s jump to the topic.


Morning Skincare Routine Ideas For Getting Healthy and Flawless Skin


1. Double Cleansing Using Makeup Cleanser

I know it sounds weird hearing you should do double cleansing because when you’re sleeping you don’t use any makeup. But you should know the function of doing this double cleansing is to cleanse your face from the night skincare that you’ve been using and also cleanse your face from the dust or dirt.

So, you can cleanse your face using micellar water or oil cleanser before you wash your face. You don’t have to give too much effort to cleanse your face because you just have to make sure that the night skincare and dust are gone.


2. Wash Your Face with Facial Wash

The next step is to wash your face, you can wash your face after you feel your face is already clean from the night skincare and the dust. For this step, you should rub your face carefully and use a facial wash that has a gentle texture to prevent your skin dry.

Choose facial wash based on your skin type by reading the ingredients, and we recommend you to choose a facial wash that has a low pH effect so it will not ruin your skin pH that can cause your skin dry or irritated, also this is very recommended for you who have dry and sensitive skin.


3. Use a Toner to Balance Your Skin pH

Sometimes there is a facial wash that makes your skin pH not balanced. If your skin doesn’t have a balanced pH, your skin will easily get acne, breakout, or any skin problem. So you should do something to balance your skin. What can you do to balance your skin?

It’s very simple, you just have to use a toner. Besides that, using a toner can fix your skin problem like overcoming your acne skin, dry skin, or any skin problem. That’s why you should choose toner based on your skin type. But if you want to choose safe ingredients for toner, you can choose that has Centella Asiatica or Hyaluronic Acid.

Then, you can also exfoliate your skin by using toner. You can choose a toner that has AHA BHA or Vitamin C. Both of that ingredients are very recommended and also can make your skin bright and removes dark spots.


4. Essence to Hydrated Your Skin

After using toner, you can move to essence. Essence is very popular that can make your skin hydrated. Because using a toner is not enough to make your skin hydrated. Furthermore, using essence has the benefit to reduce redness on your skin. So, your skin will look more healthy and glowing.

To apply essence is very easy because the texture of the essence is thicker than the toner, so you can use your palm to use it. Pour the essence into your palm, then rub it until it blends. After that, you can start to apply on your face, make sure all of your face areas are exposed.


5. Fix Your Skin with Serum

If you have many skin problems and get frustrated with how to heal them, this one might be your great solution. You can use a serum to overcome your skin problem. But you should choose the serum based on your skin type and skin problem.

If you have sensitive and redness skin, you can choose a serum that has ingredients like Centella Asiatica. For you who have acne skin, you can choose Salicylic Acid. And for you who have dry skin, Hyaluronic Acid can help to make your skin hydrated. Furthermore, for anti-aging, you can choose retinol to prevent wrinkles.

Now you already know what’s the right ingredients to fix your skin. So, before you want to wear or buy a serum, you can read the ingredients and match them with your skin needs.


6. Eye Cream to Reduce Wrinkles on Your Under Eyes

Do you know that wearing eye cream is very important? Especially for you who have already turned 25 years old, you will need this product to reduce the wrinkles, and also it can help you to reduce your dark circle. Therefore, you should start to use an eye cream from now even you’re still young because it can reduce your tired eyes.

If you are curious about the right ingredients for eye cream, you can choose an eye cream that has ceramides ingredients. Ceramides are popular because it’s very helpful to reduce wrinkles and hydrating your under-eyes skin.


7. Moisturizer to Moist Your Skin

After using all of that skincare, you can lock them by using moisturizer. And moisturizer can also make your skin moist. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for you who have oily skin, because you will think that it can make your skin more oily. If you think that so, you’re wrong! Even if you have oily skin, you still need to use moisturizer by choosing the right product.

If you have dry skin, you can choose a moisturizer that has a thick texture to make your skin moist. And for you who have oily skin, don’t worry it will make your skin more oily because you can choose a moisturizer that has gel and light texture that will easily absorb into your skin.


8. Moist Your Lips by Using Lip Balm

Besides moist your skin, you should moisten your lips too. Because if you have a dry lip it’s possible to make your lips wound and when you use lipstick or lip cream the finish will look patchy and ugly. Therefore, you can use lip balm to fix this problem. Besides moist your lips, wearing lip balm can also make your lips look like having pink natural color lips.


9. Don’t Ever Skip to Use Sunscreen

The last step of your morning skincare routine is using sunscreen. You can’t go out without using this product, even you can skip all of that products but you can’t skip this one. Because you need to protect your skin from UV light which can cause sunburn or even skin cancers. Also using sunscreen will help you to maximize your night skincare and removes dark spots.

If you want to do your activities outside all day long, we recommend you choose the sunscreen that has SPF 50. And if you just want to go outside for a while, you can prefer sunscreen that has SPF 30 or SPF 45. So, you don’t have any reasons to skip using sunscreen from now!


10. Face Oil for Dry Skin

This is an optional step, if you have dry and sensitive skin until you feel that your skin is stiff and irritated, you can use face oil to help you over dry skin. And using face oil can also help you to remove your dark spots faster than serum. But this product is not very recommended for you who have oily skin because can make your skin more oily and cause acne.

Even though it’s very magic to remove dark spots, you can’t use it if you still have acne on your skin because it can make your acne get worst. So you should avoid using this product if you have acne-prone skin.


11. Shape Your Face using Gua Sha

If you have a chubby cheek or your face shape is not sharp, here let me tell you a secret. Gua sha is will be the best beauty tool that you have to help make your face sharp and have thin cheeks. Besides that, using gua sha has the benefit to improve your blood circulation so your skin will be free from acne, also this will help you to get V shape face like the beauty standard.

You can use gua sha after using face oil because face oil will help your skin slippery which can make it easy to wear gua sha. After that, you can start to pull your skin start from the inner face into your outer face. You can do this step for around 10-15 minutes. Furthermore, this step can make your skincare absorb into your skin very well.


Now, you already what skincare you should wear in the morning. Before you want to use skincare, you have to be smart. Choose the right ingredients based on your skin type and problem. That’s all that we can share with you. I hope you can enjoy this morning skincare routine ideas or what products you should wear in the morning.


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