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Things That Women with Flawless Skin Always Do

Things That Women with Flawless Skin Always Do

Having flawless and healthy skin is a dream for all girls. Who doesn’t want to go out with bare skin? Or doing their makeup on a good and flawless canvas? I’m sure you really want to have this beautiful skin. Sometimes, if a girl has acne skin or dull skin, they tend to feel insecure and stressed. Therefore you need to get healthy skin to boost your confidence level. So how to get that skin?

Do you think just wearing skincare is enough? You’re wrong! Skincare is not enough to get flawless and healthy skin. That’s why you can’t get the gorgeous skin that you really wish for. Because if you want to get healthy and flawless skin, you need some extra effort and there are things that you should do besides wearing skincare.

Now, we will tell you all the things that you can do to get flawless and healthy skin. If you are already curious what’s the thing you need to get your dreamy skin. Here are our tips that you can follow to get flawless and healthy skin like you dream.


10 Things To Get Flawless and Healthy Skin


1. Never Go to Bed Without Washing Your Face

The first thing to get flawless skin is never to leave your face dirt before going to sleep. You have to cleanse your face with a double cleansing technique to remove your makeup, dust, and the pollution from your skin. Why we should do double cleansing?

Because if you just cleanse your face once, it will not effective to lift the dirt on your pores. And the dirt will block your pores, which can cause acne to come. You can use a makeup remover first before washing your face. Don’t forget to use makeup remover and facial wash based on your skin type and avoid the product with alcoholic ingredients.


2. Stay Hydrated From Morning to Night

Do you know the importance of mineral water? Mineral water is key to getting flawless and healthy skin. Because it can help your skin moist, elastic, and stay young. Even our bodies consist of 60%-70% water. So you can imagine how important to drink enough water.

Besides that, drinking mineral water is good for your body, like blood cells, heart, stomach, and many more. What’s gonna happen if we don’t drink enough water? If you don’t consume enough mineral water, your body gonna feel weak, have headaches, nauseous, feeling sad, and your skin will feel dry. Therefore you need to drink water at least 2 liters per day to make you keep hydrated. So don’t forget about your drink now!


3. Use Skincare Regularly

All of you know that wearing skincare is very important it feels like feeding your skin some food. You can skip the food to give you some energy right? Same as your skin, it needs skincare to give some nutrition to your skin so it will look healthy and flawless like the skin that you dream for. But if you just use skincare whatever you want, you will not get the best result.

So, you need to use your skincare regularly at least twice a day before you do your activity and before you go to bed. Also when using skincare in the morning don’t forget to use sunscreen. Because UV light can ruin your skincare so it can’t work well. Besides that, skincare can protect you from sunburn and skin cancers.


4. Knowing Which Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

Wearing skincare is must be careful, besides you have to wear it regularly, you also need to know which skincare ingredients that not suited for your lovely skin. You have to know what your skin type is first then you can decide which ingredients will not be suited for your skin. And also you will know which ingredients will work very well on your skin.

For you who have sensitive, acne, and oily skin, you need to avoid skincare that has alcoholic and perfume ingredients, and you can choose skincare that is made from natural ingredients. For you who have dry skin, you should avoid using skincare that has Salicyd Acid ingredients because this active ingredient has the function to make the acne dry.


5. Use an Antioxidant Serum

Do you know what’s the function of antioxidant serum? The antioxidant serum has the function to protect your skin from environmental damage and UV light, so it can make your skin brighter, fight acne, removes dark spot, anti-aging, and increase collagen production.

Knowing that this ingredient has so much function for skin, maybe all of you start to think to buy the product that has this ingredient. Don’t think twice girls! You have to buy it because it’s gonna be worth it for you. Moreover, this ingredient can be suited for all skin types and is really suited for you who always have outdoor activity.


6. Change Pillowcase Every Three Days

We know that your face will stick to the pillow while your sleep. Therefore you should change your pillowcase regularly for at least three days. Because pillowcases can be a place for bacteria then it will transfer to your skin which can cause your skin to break out. And you can use a pillowcase that is made from silk which has a soft texture, so it will be gentle when it rubs your skin.


7. Avoid Junk Food

Do you know the food that you eat can give an effect on your skin? What you eat is decide what your skin gonna looks like. When you eat too much junk food, it will not good for your body also your skin. Because junk food has a high saturated fat that can make your fat accumulate. And because your fat accumulates, it can make your skin break out and cause acne.

Therefore, you should consume healthy and clean food to get gorgeous skin. You can eat more vegetables and fruit because it has a lot of nutrition and vitamin that will be good for your skin. So, now you should avoid junk food although that feels tasty.


8. Use a Face Mask Once a Week

Besides consuming healthy food to give nutrition to your skin, you can also give the nutrition from the outside. Of course, wearing a face mask is the solution. Also wearing a face mask can help your skin problem like brightening your dull skin, fighting the acne, cleansing your skin, and can moist your skin so your skin will look bright, elastic, and glow.

But you can use a face mask daily except a sheet mask can make your skin moist and hydrated. If you use a wash-off or clay mask, you just have to wear it once a week because if you wear it daily it can make your skin dry.


9. Exfoliate Your Skin At Least 1-2 Times a Week

It’s really important to lift the dead skin cells to get bright and soft skin. Therefore, you can use an exfoliator to exfoliate your skin. There are two types of exfoliators, which are a chemical exfoliator and a physical exfoliator.

Usually, for a chemical exfoliator, you can find it in toner, and to use it just apply it on your skin using cotton. And for a physical exfoliator, the texture is the same as a face mask, but you have to rub it on your skin to lift the dead skin cells. But for you who have sensitive and acne skin, we recommend you choose a chemical exfoliator to avoid your skin getting irritated.


10. Workout

The very last thing is doing a workout. Besides getting a beautiful body, a workout can also help you to get the beautiful skin. But how can just doing a workout can get healthy skin?  By doing a workout it will help you to improve blood circulation to avoid acne, increase collagen production, your skin look healthy and brighter, and the last is inhibit premature aging.

There’s a lot of function of doing workout right? You can do a workout every day in the morning to make your body and skin healthier, make you feel fresher, and by doing a workout regularly you will not easy to get sick. Still want to skip doing a workout?


That’s all about the tips that we can share with you. You learn a lot about new things right? Don’t focus only on skincare, but you also have to focus on how to cleanse your face right, what you eat and doing some exercise. Getting pretty it’s not easy,  but it’s a fun thing that you can try and do. I hope you can follow our tips about things that women with flawless skin always do.


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