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Simple and Casual Style with Earth Tone Color | 14 Outfit Ideas That Make You Look Fashionable

Without us knowing, we tend to hesitate to mix and match our outfits. And some people get to struggle with how to mix the color because it’s not easy to match the color. Therefore, we take the last option is wearing a black and white outfit. But you can’t wear a black and white outfit for your daily, you need other colors to express yourself.

So what we can do to mix and match our outfits? Yes, you can choose a neutral color like earth tone color. Because it’s a safe color besides black and white. But what kind of earth tone color? Every color contains a brown color. And if you mix and match earth tone color, I’m sure your outfit will never fail.

So we will tell you about our outfit ideas using earth tone color to make you look fashionable and chic. if you start interesting in this earth tone outfit, here are our 14 outfit ideas that will help you to mix and match your outfit.


14 Earth Tone Color Outfit Ideas


1. Basic Outfit with Short Pants and T-shirt

Do you want a basic outfit for hangouts with your friends, going to the park, or the zoo? This gonna be your best basic outfit. You can style your short pants with a t-shirt. To make level up your style, you can add a bucket hat. Besides making you look stylish, this hat will help to protect your head from the heat.

For the toe, you can use sneakers or sandals, choose what can make you feel comfortable. And for the bag, we recommend you choose a mini backpack or sling bag to support the casual look. And you are ready to go!


2. Style Your Cargo Pants with Crop Tank Top

Do you know you don’t have to hesitate to mix your outfit to look chic? Moreover, when you want to wear cargo pants, don’t think twice about the outfit. Because you already get the chic look from the cargo pants. So what you need is just a simple top. Therefore, you can style your cargo pants with a crop tank top to make your outfit not look complicated but still gorgeous.

Don’t forget to use sneakers or boots to support your chic look. And to make you look more fashionable, you can add some accessories like a beanie hat. The last thing, to bring your stuff you can choose a shoulder bag or waist bag.


3. Cargo Pants and Oversized T-Shirt

I’m sure this outfit idea will never fail to make you look chic, also this outfit will give you the boyish vibes. You can style your cargo pants with an oversized t-shirt. This style will be suited for you who want to hangouts with your friend or just walk around.

You can add sneakers for the toe. Or if you want to look chicer, you can use boots. Both of these shoes feel comfortable for a walk and will not hurt your feet. And for the bag, you can use your favorite shoulder bag.


4. Simple Outfit Using Pants and Crop T-Shirt

For you who want to look simple and casual, this outfit might be for you. Also, you can use this outfit for hangouts, walking around, or going to a coffee shop. Style your brown pants with a light brown crop t-shirt. This combo color will successfully make you look chic and sweet at the same time.

Then for your toe, you can use sandals but it’s ok if you prefer sneakers because both of them will be suited for this outfit. And if you like to carry a bag, you can choose a shoulder bag or tote bag to bring all of your stuff.


5. Mix Your Loose Pants with a Blouse

This outfit will be the universal outfit that you can wear to hangouts with your friend or if you want to go to the office. So you don’t have to change your clothes if you want to hangouts with your friends after work. Yes, you can mix your sand color pants with an off-white blouse to make you look pretty.

Furthermore, you can choose sandals to support the girly looks and sandals can make you feel comfortable for a walk. Because we want to make a universal outfit that you can wear for work and hangouts, you can use a handbag for this time.


6. Loose Pants and Shirt to Get the Casual Look

For you who like to wear casual outfits, you can try this outfit or this outfit already to be your favorite outfit? I’m sure many of you like this style. So you can mix your cream color pants and brown shirts. Mixing both these colors will make you look sweet and your style with not look tacky. For the shoes, you can use sneakers, sandals, or even high heels. So you can choose your favorite shoes to complete this outfit. And you will not forget about the bag right? Because this item will be so helpful to bring your stuff. Then you can use a handbag or tote bag and voila you got your sweet casual outfit.


7. Outer Shirt and Loose Pants for Hijab Friendly

Do you want an outfit this suited for you who are the hijab friendly? So this outfit is what you searching for. You can use a shirt as your outers then you can mix it with loose pants to hide the illusions of your body shape. And for the inner top, you can use a basic t-shirt. You can wear this outfit for college, hangouts with friends, or go to a coffee shop.

Style it with sneakers or sandals to get the casual look. Furthermore, because you’re a student, I’m sure you need a bag that will fit all of your stuff like a book, laptop, and dictionary. That’s why we recommend you to use a backpack bag or tote bag.


8. Jacket and Pants to Make You Look Chic

If you want to look chic with pants, maybe you can try to mix it with a jacket and t-shirt for the inner top. And for the color mixing, you can use khaki, light brown, and white color. This soft color will turn you look fashionable without the tacky look. Add some accessories to make you chicer like you can wear a cap.

Mix this outfit with your favorite sneakers and for the bag, you can choose a shoulder bag or waist bag. Remembering this outfit style looks like a street walk outfit so you can wear this outfit for hangouts with your friend or walk around.


9. Office Look Outfit

Who is the independent woman who likes to spend their time for worked? Even if you’re busy with your work, you still need to look fashionable. So you can style your brown loose pants with a cream long blazer and white shirt. Also, this outfit will be suited for you who wear a hijab. Don’t forget to mix it with high heels and a handbag to get the girl boss look.


10. Get the Sweet Look Outfit with Crop Tank Top and Skirts

Since the first ideas, we only talk about the chic and boyish vibes. So now, we will give you an outfit idea using skirts to get the pretty and girly look that will be suited for a feminine girl. Then, you can mix and match your plaid brown skirt with an off-white crop tank top.

For the toe, you can use high heels or flat shoes. But if you think it’s too feminine, you can change it with sneakers. To carry your stuff, you can use a sling bag or handbag. This outfit will be suited for you who want to hangouts with friends, go to a garden, or go shopping.


11. Sage Green Color Dress

Do you know there is a color that can make your skin look brighter? Now you should try a sage green color. Besides that, this is a soft color that can make you look pretty and sweet. You can wear this sleeveless midi dress in sage green color for you who want to hangouts with your friends, go to work, or walk around. Don’t forget to use heels or flat shoes for the toe and add a sling bag or shoulder bag.


12. Brown Color Midi Dress

Don’t like a sage green color? Maybe you can try this brown color. You can wear this brown midi dress to hangouts with your friends or go to a garden because the design of this dress is suited for spring or for you who live in tropical countries. To balance the feminine look, you can use high heels, sandals, or flat shoes for the toe. And choose a simple bag like a sling bag or shoulder bag to bring your stuff.


13. Mix Your Dress with Blazer

Who doesn’t like Korean style? Because Korean style will give you cute and pretty vibes. As you can see from the picture above, you can use a midi light brown dress and mix it with a cream color blazer. To give an illusion to your body, you can add a belt to your dress. Besides that, it will help you to look more fashionable.

For the toe, you can use flat shoes or high heels. But if you don’t like using both of them, you can change it with sneakers or boots. And for the bag, you can use a handbag or sling bag. This outfit you can use for work because it looks like a formal outfit. But you can use this outfit for hangouts with your friends too.


14. Look Like a Korean with Overall Dress and Long Sleeve Shirts

The last and another Korean outfit idea that you can follow. Style your taupe color overall dress with long sleeve shirts in light brown color. This kind of outfit can give you a cute look that is suited for hangouts, work, or going to a coffee shop. Mix this outfit with heels, sneakers, or boots and you can choose a sling bag or handbag to carry your stuff.


That’s all about our outfit ideas that will help you to mix and match your outfit. So, you don’t have to confuse mixing and matching your outfit color, because using this earth tone color can help you to style your outfit easily. Hope you like and enjoy this simple and casual style with earth tone color or 14 outfit ideas that make you look fashionable.




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