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Chilling Out with Casual and Comfy Outfit but Still Look Fashionable

Chilling Out with Casual and Comfy Outfit but Still Look Fashionable

have a day off? or today is a weekend? it’s time for chilling out! because chilling out is one of the solutions to get relaxed and relieve the stress that you have from work. you have to forget about the deadline or the problem that you have and start to do your favorite activities, like watching movies, having a cup of tea or coffee, smelling the aromatherapy, cooking, playing games, or even going out to groceries.

And you can do chilling out with your friends too! How fun, right? But have you thought about the outfit for this activity? You still have to consider the outfit that you’re gonna wear because if you choose the wrong outfit, it will disturb you and feel not comfy. Imagine how it’s gonna ruin your chill day just because you choose the wrong outfit? I’m sure you won’t this happen to you.

Therefore, you have to consider about mixing your outfit. Now we want to give you some outfit ideas that you can wear on your chilling out day that will make you feel comfy but still fashionable. You can adjust it with the outfit that you already have. Are you feeling excited? here is our 15 casual and comfy outfit that you can wear for your chilling out day.


15 Casual and Comfy Outfit Ideas


1. Style Your Biker Short with a Sweater

Do you know that biker short has been popular lately? In the past, people use this kind of pants for the gym or doing exercise because the fabric of these pants will make it easy to get a move and this pant is one kind of sports outfit. Therefore, these biker shorts are really comfy and make you look stylish that’s why people use these biker shorts for daily.

You can style your biker shorts with a sweater if you want to get warm. This outfit will be Suited for chilling out at home or groceries shopping. For the toe, you can use sneakers or sandals to look casual and feel comfy. Then you can add a cap to protect your head from the heat and also can make you look more fashionable.


2. Biker Short and T-Shirt

Want a casual and comfy for chilling out? this outfit will be suited for you. Mix your biker shorts with your favorite t-shirt. Besides chilling out at home, this outfit will look stylish if you want to wear it to chill out with your friends.

You can mix this outfit with sneakers or if you want to look more simple you can wear sandals. Besides, it can make you look fashionable, these shoes can also make you feel comfy and easy to move. Don’t forget about the bag! You can choose a shoulder bag to bring your stuff.


3. Hoodie Crop and Sweatpants

Another comfy outfit is sweatpants and hoodie crop. Who doesn’t like using this outfit? I’m sure all of you wear this outfit because you think it’s one of the safe outfits that you can wear and not look tacky. Also, this outfit will give you the boyish vibes that will make you look chic.

You can wear this outfit just chilling at home for movies or get relaxed in bed. But this outfit also looks great for outdoor activities, like doing exercise or walking around. So you can choose sneakers to balance the sporty style of this outfit. And if you bring a lot of stuff, maybe a waist bag will be a good choice.


4. Oversized Hoodie and Sweatpants

Some people don’t like using crop outfits because their feel insecure about their fat tummy or they feel their tummy is not good enough to be exposed. Therefore, an oversized hoodie will be the solution to this problem! And some people like using the oversized hoodie to look chic and get the boyish vibes.

Mix this oversized hoodie with sweatpants to get the sporty look and make you feel more comfortable. You can wear this outfit for chilling out at home like watching a movie, doing exercise, and other your favorite activities.


5. Get the Comfy with Hoodie and Short Pants

For you who want a comfy outfit maybe this outfit idea will help you, you can choose a light fabric hoodie and mix it with your comfy short pants. Besides can make you feel comfy, and this outfit will make you feel cool. That’s why it will be suitable if you wear it for summer or in tropical countries which have hot weather.

And the special thing is you don’t have to change your clothes if you want to go outside! Because you can wear this outfit, you just need to add your favorite sandals and grab your sling bag. Then you’re ready to go!


6. Style Your Tank Top with Casual Short Pants

Do you need a casual outfit that is suitable to wear at home and going outside? don’t miss one of these ideas. Combine your tank top with casual short pants, it can make you feel comfortable but also look fashionable. And this outfit will be suitable for hot weather and summer. Mix this outfit with sandals or sneakers if you want to go outside and pair it with a clutch or sling bag.


7. Chilling Out with a Dress

Who said dress is only for a party or special occasions? throw that mind away! You can also wear a dress for chilling out at home or going to groceries. This simple outfit will not make you hesitate to mix your clothes, because only one outfit can make you look pretty and fabulous. You should choose a dress that has a light texture to make you feel comfy to get a move or sleep. And you can turn this outfit to go outside just by adding some accessories, sandals, and a tote bag.


8. Shirt and Short Pants

For this outfit idea, you can mix and match your shirt with short pants. Make the shirt as the outer top and add a tank top for the inner top. This tip will help you feel comfortable and can free to move. For you who want to chill out with your friends outside, you can use a waist bag or sling bag to bring all your stuff and use your favorite sneakers for the toe.


9. Short Jeans and Jacket

Other short pants outfit ideas, also this outfit will make you look like Korean vibes. You can style your short jeans with a crop tank top and oversized jacket, it will make you look having a tall and thin body. Because short pants will help you to get long legs and the oversized jacket will give an illusion like you have a small and thin body.


10. Mini Skirt and Cardigan Outfit Idea

Mix your mini skirt with a cardigan to get a feminine and pretty outfit look, and this outfit can make you feel comfy even if you’re wearing a skirt. You just have to add comfy short pants for the inner top, this tip will help you to free to get moves. This outfit will be suitable for you who want to watch a movie with your friend at home.


11. Style Your Legging Pants with Sweater

Want an outfit that can make you feel warm and comfy? You can mix your sweater with legging. Legging will help to warm your feet and make you feel comfy because the fabric of the legging is stretched. You can add sneakers and a sling bag if you want to wear this outfit for going outside.


12. Winter Outfit with Coat and Legging Pants

It’s winter and you are confused about what are you gonna wear to look fashionable without leaving the comfy point? This outfit is the answer. You can mix your coat that is made from wool with legging. For the inner top, you can choose a turtleneck shirt that is suited for winter. You can use this outfit in any place you want even for asleep. Or if you want to go out with your friends, you can use sneakers or boots for the toe. To bring your stuff, you can choose a handbag or mini bag pack.


13. One Set Outfit

This one-set outfit is a great choice for you who feel lazy and stuck to mix and match your outfit. For this chilling out outfit, you can choose one set outfit that has a light and thin texture that can make you feel comfortable and cool if you wearing it for a day. Also, this outfit is suitable for you who want to go to the movies or grocery shopping.

You can use sandals to balance this outfit and get a simple look. And for the bag, you can use a handbag or if you bring a lot of stuff, a tote bag will be a great idea. Don’t forget to add some accessories to level up your fashion style!


14. Comfy Outfit for Home with Long Cardigan and Legging Pants

Another outfit idea with legging pants! You can style your legging pants with a long cardigan that can warm your body, and choose your favorite t-shirt for the inner top. This outfit will feel very comfy for home. Because it can make you free to move and feel light on your skin. You can add slippers to protect your feet and also make you look fashionable.


15. Legging Pants and T-Shirt is The Key Of Casual and Comfy Outfit

The last point of our outfit ideas and also the key to a comfy and casual outfit is this! Style your legging pants with long sleeves t-shirt. I believe this outfit will never fail to make you feel comfy. Because the fabric of the legging pants and t-shirt is stretched and cool that makes you free to move and also not hot even if you wear it in the hot weather or summer. To support the comfy look style, you can add some slippers made from fur.


That is our 15 outfit ideas that you can wear for your chilling out day. Isn’t it very inspiring? Even you don’t have to waste your money buying a lot of stuff, because all you need is a comfy outfit! By following our outfit ideas, you can get a casual and comfortable outfit but still, look fashionable. So, I hope you can get the inspiration from this chilling out with a casual and comfy outfit but still look fashionable.


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