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15 Things of Skincare Mistakes You Need to Avoid

15 Things of Skincare Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Skincare is an important thing that you need like when you need food to feed your tummy, skincare has a function to feed your skin to make it healthy, flawless, and glow. Therefore, you need to do your skincare regularly, before you do your activities in the morning and before you go to sleep. Why we should wear skincare twice a day? Let me tell you.

When you use skincare in the morning before you do your activities, it will help to protect your skin from dirt, dust, or UV light. And when you use skincare in the evening before you go to sleep, it will help your skin regeneration and fix your skin so when you wake up you feel your skin much better and brighter because some skincare will work at night.

But have you know there is a mistake when you use skincare that will cause your skin breakout and acne? A lack of people knows this because they tend to think skincare is a product that will heal the skin. So, if you start curious what is the skincare mistakes that can cause skin breakout and acne, let us see about the 15 things of skincare mistakes you need to avoid.


Things You Should Avoid While Using Skincare


1. Not Doing Double Cleansing

The first thing skincare mistake is not doing double cleansing. Because cleansing your face only once is not effective to make your skin clean, especially for you who use makeup, you need to remove your makeup first with makeup cleansing like micellar water or cleansing oil. Besides that, makeup cleansing can also cleanse your face from dust or dirt. So, it can be used for you who don’t wear makeup.

After cleaning your face using makeup cleansing, make sure that your face is free from any dirt or dust. Furthermore, you can wash your face using the facial wash. And for the facial wash is really important to choose the product based on your skin type and what your skin needs.


2. Not Wearing Sunscreen

Do you know how important wearing sunscreen is? And do you know what’s the function of sunscreen? Sunscreen has the function to protect your skin from the danger of UV light. If you don’t use sunscreen, it will ruin your skin barrier, your dark spots will be hard to remove, sunburn, or even will cause skin cancers. Therefore, you should wear skincare before doing your activity.

And sunscreen has variative of SPF, there is a sunscreen with SPF 30, SPF 45, or SPF 50. So how to pick your best sunscreen? For you who are still young and for teenagers, you can choose sunscreen with SPF 30. And for young people and teenagers who tend to do outdoor activities, you can choose a sunscreen with SPF 45. And SPF 50 will be suitable for the old people.


3. Use a Physical Exfoliator or Face Scrubs

We know that you should exfoliate your face once a week, but you have to be careful of choosing this product. Because if you choose a face scrub that has big texture scrubs, it will ruin your skin and will cause skin breakout. Also, you should be gentle when you’re scrubbing your face to avoid irritation on your skin.

Therefore, you have to consider the texture and the ingredients of the scrub product that you’re gonna wear. You should choose a soft texture scrub with ingredients that are suited for you. And another mistake of physical exfoliators is when you scrub your skin while your skin is a breakout or there is acne. This mistake can cause skin inflammation or irritation.


4. Not Cleaning Your Face Twice a Day

Except double cleansing, that is something you have to do! Of course, you should wash your face at least twice a day and the maximal is third. Wash your face too much or too less it’s not good for your skin. If your wash your face too much, it will make your skin dry and it’s very not recommended for dry skin. And if you wash your face too less, your skin will be dirt and will make your face look dull or cause acne.


5. Not Washing the Pillow Case Frequently

It’s very important to make sure your skin is clean. Besides washing your face twice a day or doing double cleansing, that is a thing that will never cross your mind. It is to wash or change your pillowcase frequently. Why you should wash or change it?

Ok, here is an explanation. When you’re sleeping, you will not aware and let your skin stick to the pillowcase. Imagine when you let it dirty? The dirt will stick on your skin and will make your skin breakout or even will cause acne. Therefore, you should wash or change your pillowcase at least once a week to make sure it’s clean and hygienic.


6. Not Separating Your Body and Face Towel

For you who have acne skin or sensitive skin, you should start separating your body and face towel. Because when you use it together, your body’s bacteria will be move to your face which can cause acne. Also, this tip should be applied to any skin type. And don’t forget to wash your towel frequently to make sure it is clean.


7. Using Hot Water

Young woman washing her face and hands with clean water in the morning

Hot water has the function to relieve stress because it can make your body feel relaxed and make you feel calmer. But hot water is not for cleansing your face. You should avoid this habit because hot water has the potential to make your skin dry and also can ruin your skin barrier. So it will not be suited for any skin type, especially for dry skin.


8. Blindly Following The Trend

Now access to social media is really easy to get. And don’t be confused when there is a new trend it will easy to be spread. Especially about beauty, there are a lot of interesting trends that you want to follow. But wait! You should consider the trend that you’re gonna follow. Because if you blindly follow the trend, maybe it will not be suited for your skin which can cause skin breakout.

Therefore, it’s really important to get to know more about the trend that you’re gonna follow. Even if it really makes you feel interesting, if it’s not good for your skin, you have to forget it and don’t ever think to try the trend just because you want to look trendy or get popular.


9. Blindly Following Skincare DIY

Sometimes skincare DIY it’s very interesting because you wear a natural ingredient and you know all of the ingredients that will safe for your skin. But you have to think about the ingredients that you’re gonna wear. Not every ingredient will be suited for your skin, if you don’t think about the ingredients and just follow the DIY, it can make your skin breakout, get acne, or the worse is irritation.


10. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Do you know that every human has to sleep for 7-8 hours per day? Because if you don’t have enough sleep, it will be affected your productivity, like you can think clearly, feel sleepy all the time, feel weak, and lose interest in something. Besides that, it will give effect to your body function, like your heart, stomach, and skin will not work well.

That’s why you need to have enough of sleep to make your body and skin healthy. Do you know the relation between sleep and skin? When you fall asleep, your body will produce new and fresh collagen. Collagen is a protein that can keep your skin tight, elastic, and stay young. Therefore, if you don’t get enough time for sleep, it will be disturbing the collagen production in your body.


11. Using Too Much or Too Less Skincare

Using skincare is something that you must do, but if you use it too much or too less it will ruin your skin. You have to use skincare based on the instruction of the product. Don’t wear skincare whatever you want because it can make your skin break out or irritated, especially for you who want to wear skincare that has active ingredients.

Therefore, you have to read carefully about the product your gonna wear like read the ingredients of the product, the function, and the instruction on how to wear the product. Also, you have to wear it regularly to get the maximum result.


12. Over Exfoliating

Exfoliate can help you to lift the dead skin cell, so it can make your skin softer and brighter because it can cleanse your pores. But doing over-exfoliate can make your skin mad, so it will cause your skin break out and irritated. And also over-exfoliating can erase your skin barrier which can make your skin layer thin.

What will happen if the skin barrier is broken? Here’s the answer, if your skin barrier is broken, your skin will easily get irritated, have hyperpigmentation and redness, and will make your skin dry. You don’t have to worry if your skin barrier is already broken, because you can fix it by using serum, a mask, and also a moisturizer that can fix the skin barrier.


13. Rubbing the Product Harshly Into the Skin

Using skincare can help to make your skin healthy and glow, but when you apply skincare by rubbing it harshly into your skin, it can ruin your skin instead to make it healthy. By rubbing your face harshly it can make your skin lose its elasticity. Moreover, it can make your skin slack and triggers the fine lines. So, you have to be gentle to your skin while using skincare.


14. Constantly Touching Your Face

Who in here likes to touch your face constantly? You must stop this bad habit! Because you never know that your hand is a place where bacteria live. If you touch your face before washing your hand, it will make the bacteria move into your face and can make your skin to get acne or breakout. You have to make sure your face is clean. Therefore, before touching your face, make sure you cleanse your hands first.


15. Layering the Skincare in the Wrong Way

Many people like to layering skincare, especially when using the serum. But you have to be careful when you decide to layer the skincare because you have to consider about the ingredients first. If you wrong layering the skincare, it will cause your skin to breakout or even irritated. So you have to make sure the ingredients of the skincare that you gonna wear are safe. Moreover, when you want to layer skincare that has active ingredients.


Now, you already know what skincare mistakes you should avoid. Furthermore, you should be gentle to your skin and choose the right product. Don’t forget to follow the tips that has be given above to get healthy, glow, and flawless skin. I hope you can understand and enjoy these 15 things of skincare mistakes you need to avoid.


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