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Capsule Wardrobe for Layering Outfit Style | 20 Ideas Modern Layered Clothes to Copy

Capsule Wardrobe for Layering Outfit Style | 20 Ideas Modern Layered Clothes to Copy

Olidfashion.comLayering outfits would become fun and stylish after you find the right matching clothes. It would look fantastic and upgrades your outfit’s visualization much better. Mostly layered style comes in fall and winter outfits, but now it becomes a trend even in spring or summer. The key is about combinations. Every season has its typical outfits and that’s what you need to know.

For a couple of years, fashion is show differently with the new trend looks that are recycling and modifying past trends. However, the layering outfit style never gets old and is still up to date all the year. The best time to bring up layering trends is in the fall and winter daily options. This is because you need an extra warm feel from that layering clothes.

Understanding what to combine together is an important part to make these layering outfit ideas better to put in your capsule wardrobe. Choosing the layering for tops and bottoms needs some inspirative ideas. You can begin by searching for fashion ideas on the internet, find out the fashion trend today and copy them to your daily look. Try either combining a long dress with jeans or pants, a sweater with a shirt, and others. The key is about your confidence and skill to understand fashion sense. Now, we try to deliver 21 modern layering clothe ideas to copy that would match your everyday occasion. Then now, let’s get started.

Hoodie + Leather Jacket

What comes to your mind to have a trendy style for fall outfit ideas? How to layer clothes without looking too bulky. For this, just try to bring out a hoodie and leather jacket as tops style, and skinny jeans for bottoms. You can add more layering with a light turtleneck under your hoodie to make it warmer when you go outside. For the toe, you can try to match the outfit with leather ankle boots. Then. complete your outdoor outfit with a duffel bag to support your trendy look.

Polo T-shirt + Knitted Dress

While you thinking about what clothes to wear for layering style during summer, come up with this idea. Try to combine an oversized polo t-shirt with a knitted sleeveless dress. Make your outfit idea more stylish by pairing it with leather chunky boots and black socks for the footwear. Don’t mind using accessories like a fashion bracelet or sunglasses. For the bag, you can have a unique visualization with a black suede bag.

Long Sleeve T-shirt + Strappy Dress

The other modern layering outfit idea is combining a long sleeve black t-shirt underneath a strappy gold maxi dress. Bringing that color combination would give you glamour and contemporary style. That combining outfit would be matching if you get a pair of red suede ankle boots as your footwear. The clashing color idea from it just makes you look outstanding and more shine. Fill up the empty part with some accessories such as gold jewelry on your neck and a micro-black suede bag on your hand. It would be enough to make you fabulous at the night party.

Shirt + Maxi Dress

The unique and different way to bring your strappy bohemian maxi dress is with layering style. For this, you can try to add a shirt underneath the dress. The look gives you a new pretty bohemian style just by combining the clothes from your capsule wardrobe. For the feet, you can pair this outfit with wedges or heeled sandals. Don’t miss out to bring accessories and completing your look more beautiful.

Denim Shirt + Long Sleeve Tee

With the classic and simple modern layering outfit style, you never miss out on a modern top look. What’s wearing in this combination is a basic tee either long or short sleeves and a denim shirt or tunic. For the trendy style, you can add leather skinny pants on the bottoms. Then the casual piece to complete the outfit, you can bring brown suede slippers for the footwear and a tote for the bag’s style.

Shirt + Romper

If you want to have a different work outfit style and look fashionable in the office, try to get layering outfit ideas with a romper and collared shirt. For an elegant image, you can bring black and white to your women’s outfit style. Having a belt over the outfits would make this layering outfit look chic and joyful. The rest pieces to complete your look is by having a pair of black and white flat shoes on your toe.

Turtleneck + Jumpsuit

Another romper style that looks fabulous for your fall outfit ideas is mixing up a cream turtleneck with a brown jumpsuit. It does not just give you a warm outfit style, but also a modern look in layering outfit ideas. In this style, you would seem a little younger. Bring a red marron chain sling bag in your hand and a brown ankle boot to complete your fall wardrobe capsule.

Bra Tops + T-shirt + Turtleneck

Want to look fashionable in layering outfit style, get this optional look. Colorful bra tops combined with a mini floral t-shirt and turtleneck underneath for a cute spring style. For the pants, you can choose olive linen wide-leg pants that seem great in this modern layering outfit style. For the toe, you can bring pink high heels for spring sight. Finilize it with simple jewelry and pink sunglasses for fashionable hangout clothes.

Baggy Sweater + Lingerie Dress

How to turn out your nightgown becomes fashion-inspired to hang out with your friend? You need a way to trick it out like layering outfit ideas for example. You just need to come in your black lingerie dress and then match it with a baggy sweater or cardigan. Then, pair this outfit with stiletto heels for an elegant appearance. With this, you can get stylish pajamas trend to wear for the outside occasions.

Tank Top + Kimono

Cozy layering clothes idea to wear during summer is combining a tank top with light kimono. Choose a fabric that feels cool and comfortable to use in hot weather like cotton. For the chic summer outfits, getting white and pink in your clothing color scheme is a great idea. The neutral pieces that would increase yiur fashion are ripped jeans for bottom wear. Then, the matching footwear to complete your outfit is pink sandals. Never forget to get accessories that are suited for summers like boho accessories, sunglasses, and a simple white bag.

Bra Top + Oversized Shirt

Oversized outfits sometimes become ideal garments to create layering style. That would give balance to your short outfit looks. For instance, the outfit in the picture above. You can see by bringing out a baggy shirt together with bra tops and cropped jeans would give you a pretty chic summer style. For the last touch, you can mix and match accessories such as a cowboy hat and some gold jewelry to astonish your performance. Then, pair your ensemble with bohemian sandals. It’s all enough to complete your summer capsule wardrobe more fashionable.

Long Dress + Denim

The way you create fashionable outfits from layering style becomes nasty if you don’t know what to wear and combine. That’s why don’t be afraid to mix and match all your clothes in your capsule wardrobe. For instance, you can have three layering styles containing a long dress, denim jeans, and long denim coats. Styling your dress with a high slit, so you can freely move and feature your denim pants. Finilize your outfits with some simple jewelry and accessories, then give a bit bold colors touch like red in your sandals.

Short Jumpsuits + Leopard Tee

The most outfit that’s used with layering style actually is romper or jumpsuit. Even though some of people use it in single piece, but it’s better to wear over other clothes. If you like something short to substitute mini skirt or shorts, you can try to get short jumpsuit for cute outfit ideas. For the modern layering style, bring out leopard polo t-shirt under your jumpsuit. Then, to give you joyful teenager look, get a pair of sneakers for matching footwear. This would good for inspiring your hang outs fashion.

Mini Dress + Denim Shirt

Having either strapless or sleeveless mini dress on your wardrobe and you want to try another style, copy this layering style. With other clothes such as denim shirt for outer, you will get further look from it. That’s usually your beautiful mini dress give cute and feminime image, now in this style it would give trendy and chic impression to you. Don’t stop on it, make other creation in your ensemble by giving belt accent over your dress. After that, you can strat to find matching accessories such a tote bag, watch, and fashion jewelry that’s suited with your outfits. For the toe, you can get high heels.

Tunic + Crewneck Sweater

The chill weather outside during fall make you need to go with extra outfits. In the early of autumn, you don’t have to wear thick jacket or coats because the weather still a bit warm. The option you can get is wearing double layering outfits. For modern layered clothes, you can match your pink tunic with grey crewneck sweater over it. For the pants, you can choose leggings or skinny jeans. Then, bring out grey high heels to complete your outfit style. Don’t forget to make it pretty enough, get a pink handbag on your hand.

Cropped Sweater + Collared Shirt

You are a women who want to look elegant in modern layering outfit ideas use pants, grab this style now. Pairing white collared shirt with cropped sweater can bring smart casual style to your appearance. Then, for chic ensemble you can get a white black floral printed pants for bottom outfit. This outfit also good to model if you want to have casual meeting with clients on cafe. Just personilize your performance with other details like accessories and footwear. Choose a pair of white high heels to finalize your toe style, then bring pale yellow envelop bag on your hand for elegant image. For the accessories, you can pick simple jewelry and sunglasses to increase your style.

Long Tunic + Ankle Pants

Bored just wear your long tunic in common way, why don’t you try to copy this style. This is simple but can give a big impact to your daily option. For this, combine your high slit long tunic with ankle pants for bottom layering style. However, you need to watch out with the color combination. If your tunic have bold colorful palete, better to pair with neutral or earthy tone pants. This will bring balance and harmonize to your outfit combination. Besides that, you need to blend your footwear with outfits style. One of the ways is matching your color shoes with your outfits. In this occasion, better wear short heel shoes for matching footwear.

Blazer + Dress

For modern layered clothes inspiration, a blazer and long dress can be tried out to mix. For a chic appearance, you can start by having pastel color outfits with a pale yellow blazer and long sleeve maxi dress underneath. Find the dress with bling embellishments around for a bit glamourous. For the footwear, rather you choose high heels or wedges, getting trainer shoes would bring unique style but comfy enough. Give additional details on your layering outfits with a mini belt over the blazer to give you shape. Make this outfit for a street style that looks outstanding.

Jumpsuit + Knotted Denim

Jumpsuit is favored and versitile garments when it come to create modern layering outfit ideas. This is because the piece is easy to match with other clothes from blazer outfit style, shirt outwear, cardigan, or denim. For example, you just have to layering your black white polkadots jumpsuit with knotted denim shirt. It produce both chic and casual look for vacation style. Furthermore, when you give accessories jewelry and bring other complements such as a rattan tote bag in your hand, making this outfit absolutely good enough to have traveling around the city. Beutiful outfits also need beautiful footwear to finalize the style, so, choose one your favorite sandals or high heels to astonish your look.

Baggy Shirt + Knitted Vest

The pairing outfits to wear in layering style with good performance is a women’s sweater vest and oversized shirts. This combo really works to give you fashionable chilling outfits. Just please give another layering on the bottoms. For this, you can obtain winter tights or stockings that would make you both warm and stylish. Adding socks and trainer shoes for the toes is the comfy way to keep you warm outside.


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