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13 Evening Routine Inspired To Make You Feel Relaxed and Calm

13 Evening Routine Inspired To Make You Feel Relaxed and Calm

After you through the hard day, I’m sure your body and mind will feel tired. Maybe you will feel tired of the struggle of your work, tired because of many things that you have to do, and many more. After a long day that you have been through, you need something that can make you feel relaxed and calm. So what you can do about this problem?

Maybe you can’t control the situation at your office. But at home, you are free to do something, like doing your favorite activities. And there are so many activities that will help you to relieve the stress and make you feel enjoy.

Don’t worry if you feel clueless about the things that you can do, because at this time, we will give you some inspiration about activities that you can do to relieve the stress, or maybe you can make it your evening routine. So if you start to be interested in this topic, let’s get to know about 13 activities to make you feel relaxed and calm.


13 Evening Routine That You Can Do


1. Enjoy A Warm Bath

After a day-long you’re working and doing activities outside, you need to cleanse your body. Therefore you can take a bath with warm water. Why should warm water? Because the temperature of warm water and the pressure of your chest can help to increase your lungs capacity and oxygen intake and to expedite the blood circulations. So this method will make your body feel relaxed and calm.

Besides that, there are so many functions of taking a bath with warm water, like can help you to relieve pain, reduce the risk of heart attack, overcome constipation, and many more. But do you know there is a side effect of bathe using warm water? It can make your skin dry because your skin barrier will get erased. So if you have dry skin, it’s not recommended to use warm water for baths daily.


2. Drink a Cup of Chamomile Tea

Some studies tell that chamomile can give an effect to make your body feel calm, can relieve anxiety, and also can help to make you feel sleepy. This effect can be known because there is apigenin zat inside the chamomile that has the same function as a sedative. So for you who got insomnia, maybe you can try this chamomile tea.

But you’re not recommended to consume the chamomile tea often, because it will give you side effects like nauseous and gagging, allergic, can get interaction with medicine, make you very sleepy. And for you who can’t consume chamomile because of allergies, you can change it with another tea or hot chocolate.


3. Practice Gratitude

Even though you through a hard day, you still have to be grateful for everything that you already got. And you have to think about the problem that you’ve been through because God loves you and think about the morals that you can learn. The last thing is, that you can pray to make you feel relaxed and calmer. Furthermore, you can start to think about the positive side and save the positive words on your mind.


4. Burn An Aromatherapy Candles

As we know that aromatherapy candles can make you feel relaxed and calm because the soft smell of aromatherapy candles can help you to relieve stress. And we recommend you choose the lavender candles to accompany you in enjoying your free time.

Besides the good effect, there is a bad effect. Because aromatherapy candles contain toxic zat that will very dangerous for your body. Also, the chemical zat of this candle can give an effect to fertility for a woman. So you can use it for a long time like maybe you just can use it for around 15 minutes if you feel really need to relieve your stress.


5. Moisturize Your Lips With Lip Balm

Because you’re working for a day, maybe some of you forget to have enough drink. Because you lack drinking water, it will make your skin and lips dry. Therefore you need to moisturize your lips with lip balm, because if you let your lips dry it can make your lips bloody. Besides lip balm, you can also moisturize your lips with honey.


6. Night Time Skincare Routine

For you who always skip skincare in the evening because you’re too tired, you should avoid this habit! Your skin needs something that can give nutrition, also skincare will help you to fix the tired skin and will make your skin look fresher in the morning.

Furthermore, wearing skincare can also make you feel relaxed because when you apply skincare and rub your face, it will expedite your blood circulation. Then some skincare products contain an aromatherapy smell which can make you feel calmer.


7. Listen to A Calming Music

Do you know that music can give affect your mood? Because music can express our feeling, like when we’re sad, happy, feeling energetic, broken heart, and many more. So if you feel like this day is so hard and hectic maybe you can try to listen to calm music, like R&B, jazz, pop, or any your favorite music that can make your mood much better.

It’s better when you can listen to music using earphones, a headset, or a speaker. The bigger volume the bigger it will affect your mood because your thought will be distracted by what you hear. And you can enjoy the music while you’re drinking chamomile tea or hot chocolate to support the situation.


8. Read Your Favorite Book

Who doesn’t like this kind of activity that can help you to increase your mood so you will feel calm. For you who don’t like reading a book, you should try this. Because this is a fun thing to do and also you can do this activity when you feel bored.

You can read your favorite book or a book that has some quotes which can motivate you. You can try this activity before you’re going to sleep because when you read a book it can make you feel sleepy because of the calm effect that has been given.


9. Plan For Tomorrow

Another activity to make you calm is writing about the plan that you want to do tomorrow. It will help you to organize your time and energy, so you won’t do something useless and waste your time. And also if you can plan it, it small opportunity for you to do a wrong thing or forget about something.

Besides that, when you write something, without you realizing that it can distract your mind to think about your problem so you will forget about what you have already through that day. So try this activity if you feel clueless and stuck.


10. Take 2 Minutes to Breathe

After doing a lot of something, you need a break time and don’t do anything just breathe. You can do this activity for around 2 minutes, and feel the oxygen that enters your body. You can feel it from the time that you take a breath until you want to exhale it. Believe me, this method very works to relieve your stress and make you calm.


11. Do Some Light Stretch

Because there is so much that you do or maybe you’ve done sitting for a few hours at the office it makes your body feel stiff and makes you feel muscle ache. So how to fix it? you can do some light stretching to make your muscle more flexible and relieve the muscle pain. Also doing stretches will help to expedite your blood circulation so you will be more relaxed than before.


12. Go Screen Free For 30 Minutes Before Sleep

Now, people can’t get off their eyes from their phones. Besides, that phone can be the best way to entertain you and bring your mood back. Because all the things that you need are inside the phone like you can do anything with the phone, like read a book, listen to music, shopping, and many more. So maybe you can take your screen times for 30 minutes and then let your body take a rest after a long day.


13. Set Alarm for the Next Day

When you feel so tired maybe you will take too much time, which can give you the potential to wake up late. Therefore, it’s very important to set the alarm to control your sleep time and make sure you’re not waking up late. Don’t forget to count the time and give some spare time for you to do your morning activity. After setting the alarm, then you can go to sleep!


That’s all about activity that you can follow to relieve the stress and make you feel more relaxed after through a long hard day. One thing that you have to remember, there is a problem in life so you have to face it and believe that you can through it. Give time for you to do your favorite activity! I hope it will be helpful for you and you can enjoy this 13 evening routine inspired to make you feel relaxed and calm.


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