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6 Must Have Basic Skincare Products for Teenagers

6 Must Have Basic Skincare Products for Teenagers

Hello teenagers! Isn’t being a teenager is fun? I’m sure you are having fun at this lovely age! Because you start to do the things that you love, hang out with your friends, and fall in love with someone. And at this age, you will start to find yourself and want to know a lot of things. Now you tend to find the fashions style will suitable for you and how to do makeup to make you look prettier.

But have you known that wearing skincare is important too? Especially for you who start doing makeup. Because you should protect your face from the chemicals ingredients in makeup that can cause acne. Besides that, you need to protect your skin from dirt, dust, and also from UV light. Therefore, it’s very important to wear skincare!

To wear skincare, you should consider the ingredients that are suited for your skin type. Because if you choose the wrong skincare, it will make your skin break out or dull. So, have you know what is a skin type? Ok, before we talk about the skincare product you must have. Let us get to know about skin type first!


What is Skin type?

In general, skin type has divided into 6 types. The function of skin types is to know more about how to take care of your skin and to choose the right skincare. Have you known about the 6 types of skin types? Let’s talk about it.


1. Normal Skin

For this skin type, your skin will look like usual not dry but also not only because of the balancing between the amount of water and oil. The characteristic of this skin type you can see from the pores that will be unseen. Besides that, people who have this normal skin tend to have elastic skin and are not too sensitive.

Having this normal skin doesn’t mean you will be free from the skin problem. Because all skin types have their own problem, especially if you choose the wrong skincare and have a bad habit. Therefore, you need to choose the right skincare.


2. Dry Skin

If you think you have dry skin, there are some characteristics that you should know. Usually, dry skin has a rough skin texture, pale skin, scaly, looks dull, and is not elastic. And the easy thing to know you have dry skin is when you wear makeup it’s easy to crack. What are the causes of dry skin? Dry skin could be happening because lack of level skin moisture, that’s why your skin is easy to crack and dry.


3. Oily Skin

This kind of skin type is easy to detect. People who have this skin type, usually their skin look oily, slip, have comedo, and have big pores. Besides that, people who have oily skin easy to get acne because your skin produces too much oil or excess oil.


4. Combination Skin

Combination skin is combined oily skin and dry skin. Usually, the oily part on the T-zone area, like the chin, nose, and forehead. Furthermore, the other part is dry.


5. Sensitive Skin

Characteristics of sensitive skin are easy to get allergy or irritated, rash, and when you use the wrong product it will give some reaction. Besides the wrong product, there are other factors like food, weather, and environment.


6. Acne Skin

This kind of skin type usually tends to have sensitive and oily skin. To prevent acne, you can apply healthy life. Therefore, you can do is exercise, take a shower every morning, and make sure your hair is clean.


Skincare Product for Teenagers That You Should Have

After you know what your skin type is, you can start to consider which product will be suitable for you. Usually, the products will give a claim about the skin type which suited for the product. So you can know from that. Besides that, you can know from the ingredients because not all ingredients will be suited for your skin type.

For a teenager, we recommend you to use basic skincare. Because if you’re still young, your skin doesn’t have too many problems but it’s still fine if you want to use complicated skincare. Furthermore, what are products that include basic skincare? and what’s the product that you should have? Here, we will tell you about the basic skincare that you should have!


1. Clean Your Face Using Facial Wash

Because you’re still a teenager and don’t wear makeup, you can clean your face only using the facial wash. But if you use makeup for your daily, you can clean your face using micellar water face. For the facial wash, you can choose based on your skin type. But this product will not give a severe effect if not suited for you.

For you who have dry and sensitive skin, you can choose a facial wash that has a gel texture because it has a pH balance that is suited for dry skin. And for oily and combination skin you can choose a facial wash that has Saliycid Acid in the ingredients.


2. Use Toner to Hydrate Your Skin

After cleansing your face using a facial wash, your skin tends to dry more than usual. Therefore, you should use toner which can hydrate your skin. The ingredients that are safe for all skin type is Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronic Acid. Because both of them are very safe even for sensitive and acne skin.

For you who have dry skin, we recommend you choose a toner that has Hyaluronic Acid ingredients. And if you’re still teenagers, you can avoid using exfoliating toner. Because this toner has active ingredients that are not suitable for teenager’s skin. Also, your skin still doesn’t need this product because teenagers’ skin doesn’t have too many problems.


3. Moisturize Your Skin

It’s important to moisturize your skin. Even for you who have oily skin, you still have to use moisturizer. Because it will help you to make your skin hydrated and healthy. Choose moisturizer based on your skin type.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, you can choose a moisturizer that can hydrate your skin and has a thick texture. If you have oily and acne skin, you can choose a moisturizer that also helps to prevent acne and has a light texture. You can use moisturizer twice a day in the morning and the evening before you go to sleep.


4. Protect Your Skin Using Sunscreen

This part it’s very important that you should have and be in your skincare routine. Yes, sunscreen! This product could help you to protect your skin from UV light. Furthermore, using sunscreen can help you to resolve acne, remove dark spots, and avoid skin cancers. So, are you still lazy to use sunscreen?


5. Lip Balm to Get Healthy Lips

Who said only skin that needs to get moist? Your lips need that too! Furthermore, you can use lip balm to moist your lips to get healthy and plum lips. And now lip balm has many types and there is a color balm that can give a natural pink color to your lips. So it will be suitable for teenagers who don’t like using lipstick but don’t want their face to look pale.


6. Use Mask Once a Week

The last product that you should have is a mask. Using a mask can help to brighten your skin because this product can lift up the dead skin cells. And mask has so many types, so you can adjust it based on your skin type and your skin problem. You use a mask once a week to feel the efficacy. Because if you routine wearing a mask, it’s not only to brighten your skin, but it’s also can resolve acne, hydrate your skin, and many efficacies.


So, teenagers, you can take care of your skin now to prevent the skin problem. You don’t need a lot of skincare to start it but you can start by using basic skincare. Because it’s better to prevent than to heal. Therefore, you have to use skincare even if you think your skin is flawless and perfect. So, grab your skincare now! But don’t forget to choose it based on your skin type and consider about the ingredients!


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