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The Things that You Should Do and Don’t to Make Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

Hair is the important thing for a girl because all girls consider hair is their own crown which can make them look pretty. I’m sure all girls want to have healthy and shiny hair, but sometimes to get healthy hair is really hard. Moreover, for you who tend to do outdoor activities, your hair will look dull and tangled.

To keep healthy and shiny hair, there is something you have to do and something you have to avoid. Have you known that already? Or are you confused about how to make your dull hair turn into healthy hair? You don’t have to waste your money on a salon because you still can do a treatment for your hair at home.

In this time, we will tell you what you should do and don’t for your pretty hair and how to do the treatment by yourself at home. So, let us get to know the things you have to do!


How to Make Your Hair Healthy and Shiny

Ruin something is easier than keeping something. Same as your hair, getting damaged hair is easier than keeping your hair healthy and shiny. To keep your hair healthy is not take too much effort, even going to a salon. Because you just have to consider the thing that you gonna wear and with a little bit of effort then you will get healthy and shiny hair. So how to treat your hair right?


1. Know the Type of Your Hair

It’s really important to know the type of your hair. Because if you know the type of your hair, you can choose the right shampoo and conditioner product for your hair. It’s really important to choose the right product. If you choose the wrong product, your hair will be dull and tangled. Here’s to choosing the product for your hair.

For dry hair, you can choose a product that focuses to give nutrition to your hair. And for oily hair, you can choose a product that focuses to hold the oil on your scalp. So what is your hair type? Get to know first and you can choose the product!


2. Brush Your Hair Slowly

Some of you won’t let your hair look messy, and brushing your hair is the solution to keeping your hair neat. But have you know that you should brush your hair slowly? Brush hair slowly can help your hair be soft and smooth. Avoid brushing your hair strong and don’t brush from the scalp because can make your hair easy to fall out.

And if your hair is tangled and clot, you can separate your hair into some sections and start to brush your hair from the end part of your hair then brings it up.


3. Use Hairmask Regularly

A hair mask can help any damaged hair and it will help to give more nutrition than shampoo. It’s really suited for you who have dry hair and fluffy hair because it can make your hair moist. For you who have oily hair and thinking that using a hair mask can make your hair more oily? You’re wrong, even if you have oily hair, you need to use a hair mask!

You can use a hair mask at least once a week. And hair masks have a lot of types for all hair types and hair problems. Therefore, don’t forget to choose a hair mask considering your hair type and hair problem.


4. Use Pillow Sheet that is Made from Silk

Do you know that even a pillow sheet will give an effect on your hair? I guess you got confused now. So what’s the connection between pillow sheets and hair? let’s find the answer.

When you fall asleep, I’m sure you will make a lot of moves. So if you choose the hard texture of the pillow sheet, it will make your hair tangled and rough when you’re wakeup. So it’s important to choose a pillow sheet that has a soft texture like silk fabric.


5. Dry Your Hair Slowly

Stop dry your hair roughly using a towel! Because it will damage your hair. Therefore, you have to dry your hair slowly by pressing the hair using a towel until it is half dry. This technique will help you to get healthy hair and not ruin your hair texture.


6. Rinse Your Hair Using Cold Water

If you like to rinse your hair using warm water, you should change this habit! Because warm water can make your hair dry. Besides that, warm water can erase your scalp so it will make your hair easy to get oily. So you have to rinse your hair using cold water because cold water has the benefits to keep your hair stay hydrated and moisturized.

So now, you have changed your mind to rinse your hair using warm water, right? Even warm water can make your mind relaxed, but it’s not good for your hair health.


7. Brush Your Hair Using Wide Tooth Comb

Instead, brush your hair slowly, it’s important too to choose the right comb. And to prevent your hair easy to falling out and brushing your tangled hair, you can choose a comb with a wide-tooth. It will make it easier to brush your tangled hair, and brush your hair when your hair is in half dry condition.


8. Use Hair Vitamins to Give the Nutrition

To give nutrition to your hair is not only use a hair mask, but you can also use hair vitamins. Besides that, by using hair vitamins will help your hair soft and easy to style. You can choose hair vitamins based on your hair type and what your hair needs. For applying hair vitamins, you can use them after you wash your hair and when your hair condition is half dry.


9. Less Using Hairdryer and Iron

To get healthy hair, you can avoid using a hairdryer and iron because they can ruin your hair. You can use a hairdryer and iron when you are urgent and make sure before you use both of them, you should apply hair vitamins or heat protectors to keep your hair and protect the nutrition of your hair.


Things That You Should Avoid to Keep Your Hair Soft and Smooth

Besides following the tips above, it’s also important to know the things that can make your hair damaged and dry. So what are those?


1. Use the Wrong Shampoo

One of the causes of damaged and dull hair is using the wrong shampoo. Because your hair needs enough nutrition. Therefore, it’s really important to choose the right shampoo based on your hair type and what your hair needs. Besides that, you can choose a shampoo that is made from herbal and does not have dangerous ingredients for your hair.


2. Dry Your Hair Roughly Using a Towel

If you think drying your hair roughly can make your hair dry faster, you’re totally wrong! This technique can make your hair damaged and have a rough texture. Because rubbing your hair roughly will ruin the cuticle of your hair and will cause dandruff. So you should avoid this habit now!


3. Use Hairdryer and Iron Regularly

Besides rubbing your hair roughly to dry your hair, using a hairdryer and iron to style your hair can also cause damaged hair. Besides that, using both of these tools can make your hair fragile because the exposure of the high temperature from these tools can lose the nutrition of your hair and make your hair texture is rough.


4. Coloring Your Hair Using Chemicals Ingredients

I know coloring your hair will make you look fashionable and chic. But this habit is not good for your health. Because hair color contains chemicals ingredients which can ruin the cuticle of the hair and make your hair dry also fragile if you use it regularly.

But if you still want to color your hair, you can add some vitamins and other things that can protect your hair to the ingredients of the hair color. This step will help you to give nutrition to your hair, and after coloring your hair don’t forget to use vitamin hair.


5. Choose the Wrong Type of Comb

Another wrong habit that can cause damaged hair is brushing your hair while it’s still wet especially when you brush it using a fine-toothed comb. Because it will make your hair dull, rough, or fall out. That’s why you can brush your hair when the condition of your hair is half dry and use a wide-tooth comb.


That how the things that you should do and don’t for your hair. Have you learned new things? I’m sure there’s a thing that you just knew it. Furthermore, you don’t have to waste your money on a salon anymore just to caring your hair. Because you can do it by yourself at your home and also it will save your money!

I hope you can clearly understand and enjoy the things that you should do and don’t to make your hair healthy and shiny, so you can follow the steps above!



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