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Must Have Skincare Product That Safe for Acne Prone Skin

Must Have Skincare Product That Safe for Acne Prone Skin

Healthy and glowing skin is a girl’s dream. Who doesn’t want to have healthy and glowing skin? I’m sure all of you want to have it. But not everyone is lucky to have flawless skin. Some people have skin problems, like dark spots, uneven skin, wrinkles or fine lines, and the last is acne.

And almost every girl has a problem with acne. Usually, it comes when a girl is on her period or using too much makeup. But both of them are not always being the first reasons that acne comes. So before we tell about the skincare product you must have, let’s talk about the acne and the trigger of acne.


What is Acne? And What is the Trigger of Acne?

Acne is a skin disorder connected with excess oil production. So, acne is inflammation and blockage on skin pores because of the hair follicle or where the hair grows is stopped by oil and dead skin cells. Usually, it is marked with a small bump and sometimes it’s containing with pus on the skin.

Acne could happen on the part of the body which has a lot of oil glands, like the face, neck, upper part of your chest, and back. What is the trigger of acne? And why it could be happening? Because the trigger of acne is a lot, let’s talk one by one about it.


1. Bad Habit of Lifestyle

The very first acne trigger is a lifestyle! So what is the bad habit of lifestyle? It is like consuming unhealthy food, drinking too much alcohol and coke, rarely drinking mineral water, staying up late, and the last is rarely exercising.

If you feel you did that bad habit, don’t be confused about why the acne comes. Because if you have a healthy body it will be an effect on your skin. By doing a healthy lifestyle it will prevent acne coming and you will have glow skin. So what is a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is when you consume healthy food by avoiding junk food, drinking much mineral water, drinking juice, sleeping on time, waking up in the morning, and doing exercise. Besides having glowing skin, this healthy lifestyle can make your body more fresh and strong.


2. Cleansing Your Face with Wrong Step

The second acne trigger is you don’t clean your face with right and proper. Even you don’t use makeup, doing a double cleansing is a must! Because if you just clean your face once is not proper to clean the dust and dirt on your pores. So you have to do it twice, to make sure the dust and dirt are gone from your skin!


3. Wear Too Much Makeup

The other acne trigger is using too much makeup. Using a lot of makeup products will cause acne comes. because the makeup will stay and lock your pores, so your skin can’t breathe for a few hours. Therefore, the sebum on your pores will be blocked and it will be acne.

Furthermore, for makeup, you should choose makeup with no comedogenic and choose the right makeup based on your skin type. And don’t forget to routine cleanse your makeup tools, because makeup tools are where the bacteria live and breed.


4. Gene Factor

And there is a gene factor. Sometimes is gene factor is not too affected but it will be one of the reasons why acne is caused.  Therefore, if your parents or grandparents have acne skin, maybe the reason why you have acne skin is this. So what can you do if the cause of acne is a gene factor?

What you have to do is just make sure you clean your face right, have a healthy lifestyle, wear skincare, and don’t wear too much makeup. It will help you to resolve your acne!


5. Hormone

The last is a hormone. Yes, this is could be the very first why the acne caused. It is usually called hormonal acne. What is hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne is the type of acne that is caused by hormonal changes and fluctuation hormones in our body. This can happen at any age, especially women when their periods come. But it also can happen when someone turns to puberty, menopause, or when they feel stressed.

Therefore, to resolve the acne, you should consider about what you eat, drink, and sleep pattern. Because it can give a big effect on your skin to be better. And also you should consider about the skincare ingredients and the makeup you gonna wear.

That’s it about acne and the trigger that can cause the acne. Besides healthy life, wearing skincare is a must to help resolve your acne. But for acne skin prone it tends to have sensitive skin which can support the acne comes. Therefore, you should consider about the skincare ingredients you gonna use. So what is the skincare product you should have? Let’s jump to the topic.


Must Have Skincare Product That Can Make Your Skin Glow

Using skincare is something that you should do. Even there is someone who can get over the skincare of their daily routine. But before using skincare, you have to consider about the product and the ingredients, especially for you who have acne prone skin. because if you choose the wrong skin care, it will increase the acne, or even cause inflammation on your skin.

So what is a skincare product and the safe ingredients for acne prone skin? here it’s the recommendation!


1. Micellar Water for Clean Your Makeup

If you want to choose a cleanser to clean your makeup, you better choose micellar water. You have to choose micellar water with no alcohol or fragrance. Because the alcohol and fragrance can cause acne and are not suited for acne prone skin or sensitive skin.

Even you don’t use makeup, you still have to use micellar water to clean the dust and dirt on your skin. Because just using facial wash is not enough to clean your face, that’s why you should do double cleansing.


2. Wash Your Face with Facial Wash

After cleansing your face using micellar water, you have to wash your face with a facial wash. To choose the right facial wash you have to see the ingredients. For acne prone skin, you can choose a facial cleanser with no alcohol, no fragrance, and have saliycid acid in its ingredients.

Because saliycid acid is an active ingredient that can dry acne, and can prevent acne comes. Even saliycid acid is an active ingredient, it’s safe for daily use. And wash your face only twice a day in the morning and the evening.


3. Toner to Bring Back the pH on Skin

After washing your face using a facial wash, your skin pH is not balanced. And to bring back your skin pH you can use a toner. For toner we recommend you to choose toner which can calm your skin, and the right ingredient is Centella Asiatica or hyaluronic acid. Both of these ingredients can make your skin calm and hydrated.


4. Serum to Relieve the Acne

To relieve acne is not enough just by using facial wash, toner, or moisturizer. You need some product with high concentration which can relieve your acne. Therefore, you can choose a serum that has ingredients like Centella Asiatica, Niacinamide, Saliycid Acid, Retinol, Tea Tree, Ceramide, and Vitamin C.

Those ingredients can help you to relieve acne, exfoliate the skin, prevent blocking the pores, and lift the dead skin cells. But you can’t combine all of that ingredients, you have to focus on one of all that ingredients to get the maximum result.


5. Moisturizer to Keep Your Skin Moist

Usually, acne prone skin also has oily skin. Because you think the oil is the trigger of the acne cause, you tend to make your skin dry. But this step is wrong! You need to make your skin stay moist. Because if you make your skin dry, your skin will produce more oil than usual and make your skin more oily than before.

But you still have to consider the ingredient of the moisturizer. You can choose a product that contains aloe vera or snail mucus. Both of these ingredients are safe for acne prone skin and will not increase acne.


6. Sunscreen to Protect Your Skin From the UV Light

Sunscreen is the important thing you should wear before you do your activities during the day. Because it will help you to protect your skin from UV light because UV light can break your skin barriers. When your skin barrier is broken, it will make your skin is thin so it’s easy for the bacteria to get into your skin and will cause acne.


7. Acne Cream

Just using serum is not enough to kill the acne bacteria. You need some product which can more focus to kill the bacteria. Therefore, you can choose an acne cream. To use the acne cream is just apply it on the part of the skin which has acne. You can use acne cream before using moisturizer, and let the cream absorb and you can continue by using moisturizer.

We recommend you use acne cream in the evening before you go to sleep. Because it usually contains an active ingredient that can’t be caught UV light. And in the morning you can cleanse it and don’t forget to use sunscreen to prevent irritation.


8. Using Mask at Least Once a Week

Mask has a function to lift dead skin cells from your skin. Besides that, a mask can relieve acne and give nutrition to your skin. Furthermore, the mask has a lot of skin types, and not every type of mask is suitable for acne skin prone. So what’s the type of masks that you can use?

You can use a clay mask, wash off mask, DIY mask, and the last is a sheet mask. All of these types of masks are suited for acne prone skin and will not make inflammation. You can use a mask 1-2 times a week.


So that’s it about the acne and the product you should have that can help you to fight the acne. Don’t forget to consider the ingredients first before using the skincare. And you have to start a healthy lifestyle to have healthy and glowing skin. I hope you can easy to understand this must have skincare product for acne prone skin.


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