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Korean Beauty Secrets For Glowing and Perfect Skin | Korean Skincare Tips

Korean Beauty Secrets For Glowing and Perfect Skin | Korean Skincare Tips

Now Korea has been the standard of beauty in the world. Almost every girl in Korea has glowing and perfect skin like glass. Isn’t it every girl’s dream to have skin like that? But to have your dream skin you need to give extra effort and this is not for you who are still lazy to take care of yourself. So you have to start with motivation first.

Have you already found your motivation? So, let’s talk more about this. Do you know that Korean has beauty secrets that we never know? Maybe some of you will realize that if you like to watch Korean Drama, but if you never watch that you will never realize it. Are you curious about what every girl in Korea does to get glowing and perfect skin?

Now, we want to tell you about Korean beauty secrets that you never know but the key to having glowing and perfect skin like you dream. Are you girls feel exciting? So, without any for the do let us talk about Korean beauty secrets or Korean skincare tips!


Korean Skincare Tips to Have Glowing and Perfect Skin


1. Give Your Face a Massage

The first step that you should know gives your face a massage, lack of people know about this tip but it’s has been popular in Korea because it’s very effective to expedite blood circulation on your face. If your blood circulation expedites, it will help you to prevent acne comes.

Also, this technique can help you to reduce the fine lines, so it can make you look younger. This is the reason why Korean girls always look young even they have an old age. How to do a face massage?

You can use your fingers to do a circular motion and tapping in a rotation motion. Start from your forehead, cheekbone, cheeks, and work down to your jawbone. To make it easy when massaging your face, you can add a face oil or oil cleanser. Besides preventing acne and making you look younger, this technique can also use to make your face look thin and having a V shape face.


2. Double Cleanse

This tip maybe will not feels stranger because this very important step in skincare. Everyone knows how important to do double-cleansing. With double cleansing, it will help you to be spared from acne or a dull face. Especially for you who wear makeup daily, you should be doing this step!

To do a double cleanse it’s very simple. First, you just have to use makeup remover like micellar water or cleansing oil, and apply it until you feel your face clean. Furthermore, you can continue to wash your face using your favorite facial wash. After you wash your face, wait for the water absorb into your skin. This technique will make your skin more hydrated.


3. Exfoliate with Washcloth

Next is to exfoliate your face with a washcloth. This tip is very suitable for you who have sensitive and acne-prone skin because it can prevent your skin from the dangers of chemical ingredients that can make your skin irritated. Also, this tip is good as anti-aging because can reduce the fine lines on your face.

To exfoliate using a washcloth is simple, you have to soak the washcloth in hot or warm water first. After you wait for a few seconds, take the washcloth and you can start to rub it on your face slowly with a circular motion. Make sure that every part of your face gets rubbed. Furthermore, you can cleanse it using warm water.


4. Never Skip Skincare!

If you want to get glowing and perfect skin, don’t ever skip doing your skincare! You should do your skincare twice a day. In the morning to protect your skin and in the evening to give nutrition to your skin while you sleep. And you have to consider the ingredients because there are ingredients that can’t be used during the day because will burn your skin.

What ingredients can’t be used during the day? There is Retinol, Salicylic Acid, and  Benzoyl Peroxide. You should avoid using that ingredient during the day and if you use it at the night, make sure you wear an SPF in the morning before getting outside.


5. Use Brightening Ingredients

Korean girls are popular with their white and flawless skin, so how to get that skin? Is very easy and simple, you just have to choose skincare that has a brightening effect. So, before you buy skincare, you can read the function and the ingredients first. Don’t forget to make sure that the ingredients are suitable for your skin and do not make your skin irritated.

So what’s the ingredient that has a brightening affect? As you know Niacinamide is a very popular ingredient for making your skin bright and suited for any skin type. Furthermore, there is Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, and Retinol. And using brightening ingredients not only make your skin bright and white but also can help you to remove dark spots.


6. Wear SPF

As you know that wearing SPF is important too, this kind of product that you should wear in the morning before you do your activities. Because SPF has the function to protect your skin from the dangerous UV light that can burn your skin and prevent skin cancers. Furthermore, using SPF can help you to remove dark spots and maximize your night skincare.

For you who are still young, you can use SPF 30 or 45 because it feels light on your skin. But for you who are already old, you need extra protection to prevent wrinkles, therefore you need SPF 50 to protect your skin.


7. Use a Sheet Mask

If you love to watch Korean drama, I believe you already know about this one of the Korean beauty secrets. Yes, sheet mask! In Korean drama the actress like to use a sheet mask every night, this not only in the movie but in real life every Korean girl likes to use it. Because sheet masks considered can maximize your night skincare.

Besides that, this sheet mask can give much nutrition to your skin and make your skin moist. Furthermore, this is one kind of mask that you can use regularly because there is no side effect, and make your skin flawless.


8. Sleeping Mask

Your skin will work well when you’re asleep, that’s why Korean people created a sleeping masks. A sleeping mask has the benefit of overcoming your tired skin or dull skin because you have less time for sleep or rest. Besides that, this kind of mask can help to moisten your skin so it will helpful for you who have dry skin.

You can use a sleeping mask after you finished your night skincare, then you can go to bed and cleanse it in the morning. Even if It’s very helpful to fix your skin but you can’t use it daily. We recommend you use a sleeping mask 2-3 times a week.


9. Use Lips Oil

Because Korea has cold weather, it can make your skin dry even your lips. Having dry lips is very annoyed and disturbing because your mouth will get hard to move and if it’s too dry, your lips will get wound. So, the solution for this problem is using a lips oil! Why lips oil and not lip balm?

Sometimes using lip balm is not very effective if your lips are too dry, so the other solution is lip oil because the texture can moisten your lips. Furthermore, lips oil has other benefits like brightening your lips so you will get pink color lips without lip tint or lipstick!


10. Have a Collagen Drink

Not only care from the outside, but you should care about it from the inside. One of the efforts that you can do is to have a collagen drink. Collagen drink is very helpful to fix any skin problem like reducing and preventing acne, removing dark spots, moist your skin, reducing wrinkles, and many more.

And collagen is good for your body’s health too because it can increase your body’s immune so you will be away from the diseases, increase muscle mass, relieve pain, and many more. So many benefits just only a glass of collagen, therefore you have to start consuming the collagen twice a day.


11. Hydrate Internally

To hydrate your skin is not always using moisturizer or essence but you can do it from the inside. So what can you do to hydrate your skin internally? Is very simple, you just need to drink enough water. Mineral water is the first thing that you should consume when you wake up and the last thing that you consume before you sleep.

And as you know that drinking mineral water is not only good for your skin but also good for your body’s health. Therefore, you should always remember to drink and make sure you not getting dehydrated. Drink the mineral water at least 2 liters a day if you want to have glowing and perfect skin!


12. Consuming Fruit and Vegetables

Korean people are very careful about the thing that they want to consume, they always consider the calories and hygiene of the food. Therefore they prefer to consume fruit and vegetables because it contains a lot of nutrition and minerals. Because Korean people have a beauty standard like having a skinny body. But consuming fruit and vegetables is also good for your skin too.


13. Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

The last secret is doing exercise. Many Korean people like to exercise at least for 10-15 minutes besides being healthy for your body, doing exercise is also good for your skin health. Having exercise can help to make your skin hydrated and remove toxins from your body through sweat so it can help to overcome the acne. So throw your lazy mood and start doing exercise.


What do you think about this Korean beauty secret? Without we knew that we already do this in our daily routine. Isn’t it easy to get glowing and perfect skin like Korean girls? The key to getting your dream skin is motivation and consistency to do it. So, that’s all that we can share with you, I hope you can enjoy these Korean beauty secrets for glowing and perfect skin or Korean skincare tips.


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