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Period Self-Care Guides to Have a Better Mood

Period Self-Care Guides to Have a Better Mood

A period is a sign for a girl who is already puberty and it’s like our friend that comes in every month. Because the hormones change during the period, making you have a mood swing that is hard to control. Moreover, when your stomach feels cramps, I’m sure you will have a bad mood all day long.

So, you won’t this mood swing will give an effect on your day, right? Moreover, when you have a special day, I believe you want to have a stable mood to keep your day. Therefore, you should do some activities that can make your mood feels better.

At this time, we want to tell you some self-care guides to have a better mood during your period. These activities will help you a lot to fix your moods and relieve your cramps. Are you exciting about this? Let us get to know about this period self-care guides to have a better mood!


Activities That You Can Do During the Period to Have a Better Mood


1. Prioritize Sleep and Rest

We already know sleep that has many functions for our body. Even every human need to sleep and take a rest to relieve their tired body. And having enough sleep will be given a big effect on your mood. People who have enough time for sleep or rest, make them can control their mood and feel happier.

But if you have less time for sleep or rest, it will make you feel sleepy all day long and make you easy to get angry or sad. Furthermore, sleep or rest can help you to relieve your cramps during the period. So, you should prioritize sleep and rest even if you have to do your work.


2. Take a Hot Shower

The next activity that you can do is take a hot shower, this activity will help you to feel relaxed and calmer. Besides making you feel relaxed and calm, taking a hot shower has the function to relieve your cramps because hot water can help to relax the muscles in the uterus and increase your bloodstream.

You can take a longer shower than usual, maybe you can do this activity for 20-30 minutes to make you feel more relaxed. And you can do this activity when you feel your stomach very cramps or you really have a bad mood.


3. Eliminates Caffeine and Alcohol

For you who are coffee and alcoholic lovers, maybe you can start to try to reduce this habit, especially during the period you should avoid drinking both of these drinks. Because the caffeine from coffee can make narrow your blood vessels that will cause the bloodstream of your body can’t fluent. This can cut the oxygen supply because lack of bloodstream to your uterus muscles which can make your cramps get worse.

Furthermore, if you drink alcohol during the period will make you feel dehydrated and your cramps getting worse. Besides that, this habit will make you have irregular periods. If you love your body, you can throw away this habit from your life.


4. Drink Lots of Water

Do you know that drinking mineral water is very important for your body. Besides making your body healthy, drinking water can help you to relieve the cramps during the period. How could just water relieve the cramps?

Let me tell you, drinking mineral water can increase your bloodstream to your skin and water can help you to relax your uterus muscle, that’s why it can relieve your cramps. You can drink mineral water of at least 2 liters or more.


5. Wear Comfy Underwear

By using wear comfy underwear, it will help you to increase your mood. Because if you feel not comfy, you will feel annoyed which can bring your mood down. Besides that, during a period your genitals tend to be sensitive. Therefore, you should wear comfy underwear to make sure your genitals are not wounded.

And make sure you choose the right fabric for your underwear to make it easy to clean when it’s stained because you can’t control how much blood you want to take it out. Maybe you can try underwear that is made from cotton or linen during the period.


6. Use a Hot Patch

Many ways to heal yourself, one of them is you can do this activity to heal your cramps. Because when you got your period your uterus muscle tends to be tense and stiff which can cause cramps. So, you need to do something to make the muscles feel relaxed. So what we can do?

All you have to do is just use a hot patch for this, you can fill the patch with warm water and put it on your stomach. This technique has been popular for a long time because it’s very effective to relieve cramps. And if you don’t have a path, you can change it with a glass bottle or towel.


7. Change Your Pad Frequently

Because the genitals during the period are very sensitive, that’s why you should make sure it always cleanse. And one of the actions that you can do is to change your pad frequently because the pad is a gathering place for the bacteria. Moreover, the ejected blood from your body is dirty.

The times of changing the pad, you can adjust by how much blood that ejected. Maybe you can change it at least 4-5 times a day to make sure the cleanliness of your genitals. Because if rarely change it, it will make the bacteria stay long times in your genitals and cause the diseases. So don’t forget to change your pad frequently!


8. Pray or Meditate

During a bad mood maybe you feel lazy to do something. Therefore you can utilize this situation to pray or meditate. Also doing this activity can bring your mood back because it can make you feel more relaxed and calmer. Do this activity in a quiet place that is far away from the crowd.

Also meditating is a very good activity to relieve your cramps, overcome the trauma, avoid mental illness risks, and make yourself more focused. To do this activity is very recommended in the morning because the air was still fresh. Doing the meditation is not taking a long time, you just need around 10-15 minutes.


9. Eat Period Safe Food

When you are on your period, there’s some food you need to avoid because can make your cramps get worse or will give an effect on your period like having an irregular period. So what’s the food you should avoid and the food you should eat? Here’s our recommendation for you.

The foods you should avoid are the foods that contain salt, sugar, high caffeine, spicy foods, red meat, and dairy foods because all of that food can make your cramps get worse and have side effects on your period. How about the food that we should eat?

The food that you should eat are fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, egg, dark chocolate and the last is peanuts. All of these food has a lot of nutrition, antioxidant, and anti-inflammation that can help to relax your uterus muscles, increase your bloodstream and relieve your cramps.


10. Use Lavender Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has a lot of essentials, so for the period, you can try lavender essential. Because lavender has the function to make you feel calm, increasing sleep quality, and reducing stress which is good for you during the period.

Not only to make you feel relaxed and calm but aromatherapy is estimated can give effect to prostaglandin which can mediate the pain and contraction in your uterus that’s why it can relieve the cramps.


11. Take a Painkiller if Necessary

Consuming the painkiller it’s not recommended because the high dose of the painkiller can give worse side effects to your body. But if you have done all the activities above and still can’t relieve your cramps even if it’s getting worse, maybe you can try to consume the painkiller.

Although is not recommended, the painkiller is very effective to relieve the cramps. But remember you just have to consume when you feel it’s necessary because everything that you do not give any effect and you should consume the painkiller according to the doctor’s prescription.


12. Practice Yin Yoga

The next activity that you can do is yin yoga, this activity has been popular to do in the period times. Because it can make you feel relaxed and calm so it will fix your mood and can control your mood swing. Besides that, yin yoga can also has a function for the health, like can relieve your cramps while in the period.

Doing yin yoga can give breathing exercises and body alignment can help the oxygen that enters your body much better so can make your stiff uterus muscles getting relax and reduce your pain. You can do this activity in the morning for 10-15 minutes.


13. Wear Warm and Comfy Clothes

Do you know that only using comfy clothes can make your mood much better? Because when you feel comfortable it can make you feel relaxed and happy, so it’s very recommended for you to wear comfy and warm clothes.

When you are on your period, you will feel annoyed and hard to get move because you are afraid the blood will stain your clothes. That’s why you can try to wear fit body pants but also make you feel free to move like a legging. And for the top, we recommend you choose a loose t-shirt or sweater to keep you warm.


I think that’s about the 13 activities that you can do to handle your mood and cramps. If you can follow these activities, I’m sure you can live the day peacefully without having a mood swings. Also, you will your body fit and healthy during the period. I hope you can clearly understand and enjoy this period self-care guides to have a better mood.


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