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Morning Routine Ideas to Get a Productive Day | 17 activities that you can do in the morning

Morning Routine Ideas to Get a Productive Day | 17 activities that you can do in the morning

After a long day yesterday, I’m sure you will feel so lazy to get productive in the morning because staying in bed is the best feeling ever and will prevent you from having a worse day. But this negative mindset has to be removed! If you always thinking about the negative, it will make your day feel negative and hold you to get productive.

Life must go on and you can hide from the truth, you should get up and go to work or do your activities. That’s why you need to do something after you wake up for making you feel positive and ready for a productive day. Don’t let negative thinking or laziness become your habit.

So at this time we will tell you some activities to make your day more positive and can boost your mood in the morning. Are you interested in our recommendation about morning routine ideas that can make you feel excited and positive? Let’s get to know about it!


17 Ideas That You Can Do for Your Morning Routine


1. Get Up an Hour Earlier

You need to spare time to do your morning activities and make sure you will get enough preparation for your work. That’s why you need to wake an hour or more than an hour, you can adjust it by how long it takes for you to get prepared. Besides that, waking earlier will help you to prevent late show up for your work.

Also if you wake up late, it will make you in hurry and can make you forget something important like bring some stuff or do something. Furthermore, wakeup earlier can make you feel more relaxed and you can do many things before you go to work.


2. Stretching

After 7-8 hours your body doesn’t get moved it will make your body feel stiff and hard to get a move. That’s why you can do stretching before you get up. You don’t have to take a long time to do this activity, because it just takes time for around 5-10 minutes and you can do stretches only on your bed. Besides that, doing stretching can help you awake and fresher.


3. Drink a Glass of Water

After you feel your body much better after stretching, you can continue to drink a glass of water. You need to drink water after a few hours of sleep, moreover, if you live in a place that has cold weather or use air conditioning, it will drain a lot of water on your body. And if you drink less water, it can make your body not fit and your skin feels dry.

Besides that, drinking water when you get up can help your brain think more clearly and boost your mood. So you will feel happy and ready for a productive day. So, don’t forget to drink water! Not only in the morning but every time, at least 2 liters a day.


4. Write Down About the Things You’re Grate For

It’s very important to feel grateful to make yourself feel better even in the worse time, also this activity can make you feel relaxed and calm. Therefore you can do this activity in the morning after you wake up to boost your mood, so you will feel strong and have fun facing the day. You can write down on the paper the things that make you feel so grateful.


5. Write A Bucket List For The Day

After you write about the thing that makes you feel grateful, next you can start to think about the things you should do during the day and after you know about it, you can write them down on your bucket list book. This habit can help you to make sure there’s something you won’t miss. Also, this can make your day more organized to save time and not mess up your day.


7. Tidy Up

Before you leave your room, make sure all the thing is neat, especially your bed. By tidy up your room, it will boost your mood when you get home and feel the day worse. At least you have a clean and neat room that makes you feel comfortable to take a rest.


7. Work Out

Next, the activities will make you feel energized and make your body healthy. You can do some light work out just to make your body sweat and fit. Also, you can feel more relaxed because doing exercise can distract your mind so your stress will be forgotten. Besides that, exercise can make your skin healthy and glowing. Isn’t this activity have many functions for your body and mind?


8. Take A Cold Shower

Because you’ve been sweating after doing a workout, you need to take a shower and the best is to use cold water. Do you know that taking a cold shower in the morning has a lot of benefits? it can help you to reduce depressive symptoms, increase blood circulation, fight any diseases, relieve muscle pain, overcome skin acne, and other benefits.

Besides all of the benefits, the very important is taking a cold shower can help you to boost your mood and make you feel fresh. So, you’re ready to work!


9. Morning Skincare

Girls, you can skip this part! Yes, doing your morning skincare! Because you need to protect your skin from dirt, dust, pollution, and UV light. Also using morning skincare protect your skin from the active ingredients of your night skincare. You don’t have to use complicated skincare for the morning, all you have to do is wear a moisturizer and sunblock!


10. Put A Light Makeup On Your Face

Do you know that makeup can increase your confidence level? Makeup will help you to hide your insecurities so you will feel confident and not afraid to face the people. Also, doing makeup can make you look more professional at work because your face can look more fresh and awake. You just have to put a light powder, eyebrows, mascara, and lipstick! Easy enough right?


11. Use A Proper Outfit

Don’t forget to use your clothes! the outfit that you need is just an outfit that will make you look neat and look formal. You can’t put on any outfit for work, because it will lose your professionality and make you look weird at the office. Also, it’s very important to use a comfortable outfit. So you have to consider well about it.


12. Put On Favorite Parfume

Besides makeup, there’s something that can level up your confidence. Of course, you’re right! Perfume is the solution to make you feel confident. You can put your favorite perfume on your neck, waist, and your wrist because on that part your perfume will stay for a long time. So, you don’t waste your perfume for getting fragrant.


13. Have A Cup of Coffee or Tea

Who can’t live without coffee? I’m sure many people can’t live without coffee, especially in the morning. Because coffee has caffeine which can make you feel more awake and fresh so it will overcome your sleepy morning. Also coffee can make you feel calmer and relaxed. But how if you can’t drink a coffee in the morning because of gastric pains?

If you have gastric pains, you can move into tea. Tea will help you to feel calm and relaxed but it can’t overcome your sleepy because there’s no caffeine inside the tea. Don’t worry, it’s still an aesthetic drink for your morning.


14. Make A Healthy Breakfast

Many of you skip breakfast because you’re in hurry and don’t have enough time to make breakfast. Wait, you have to consider twice about it. Because having breakfast is very important that can make focus and think clearly. If you have an empty stomach during work, you will lose your focus because you’re hungry. That’s why you should make sure you eat something before you work.


15. Take Vitamins

At this time it’s very important to consume vitamins to increase your immunity. Because there are a lot of virus outsides that can make you feel sick easily. You can take vitamins that have vitamin C or vitamin D ingredients to protect your body.


16. Read Your Favorite Book

If you still have spare time, you can use it to read your favorite book. At least you can spare time for this activity for only 10 minutes just to make your mood better and relieve your stress. Or you can do this activity while you on the way to your office. Maybe you can read a book that has motivational words to make you feel the spirit to face the day.


17. Connect with Your Friends Via Facetime

Maybe some of you have an extrovert personality, so this activity might be your biggest mood booster. Because some extroverted people need to connect with other people to boost their mood. So you can connect with your friends via facetime if you still have spare time, this activity can also distract you from your problem and make you feel happier.


Interested right? If you follow these tips morning routine, maybe you can feel the positivity so you can have a positive and productive day. By doing simple activities, without knowing that it can bring back your spirit and energy. I hope you can follow and like this morning routine ideas to get a productive day or 17 activities that you can do in the morning.


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