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What Skincare Product That You Should Bring for Traveling

What Skincare Product That You Should Bring for Traveling

A holiday is coming so soon! Do you have a plan for going traveling? I’m sure you already have this plan because the holiday will not be complete if you’re not going to travel. When you already planning to spend your holiday in another city or country, you should prepare the ticket, hotel, or even the place that you want to go.

Besides that, you also should prepare the outfit that you want to wear while on the vacation. I know this gonna be hard, moreover, you should adjust the outfit to the weather of the place that you want to go. But you can’t just focus on the outfit, don’t forget about your body and skin health like bringing some medicine and skincare products!

Okay, when hearing about skincare products, you will confuse about which kind of skincare you should bring for traveling. Especially, you don’t even know what your skin reaction to the weather. But you don’t have to worry girls! Because we will share about a skincare product that you should bring for traveling. Believe me, our recommendation will never disappoint you! It will be suitable to use for any kind of weather. So, if you want to know more about it, let’s move on to the topic!

Skincare Product Ideas for Traveling

1. Makeup Remover for Double Cleansing

Going to travel doesn’t mean you forgot about doing double cleansing. Because it’s still a very important step of makeup! You should make sure your skin is always cleansed for preventing your skin gets acne or breakouts. If you feel bringing a bottle of micellar water or cleansing balm is too complicated, we recommend you try wet tissue makeup remover.

This kind of remover that suitable for all skin types and will not make your skin irritation. Besides it has compact packaging that you can bring anywhere, this product is also very easy to use and even can cleanse your waterproof makeup. I know the price will be a little bit pricey than micellar water or cleansing balm. But believe me, girls, you need this one for traveling.

Even if it’s suitable for all skin types, you still need to be concerned about the ingredients. Because there’s an ingredient that will not suitable for your skin. Also, you should make sure it’s free of alcohol or perfume to avoid skin breakouts. Moreover, if you’re going to a country that has cold weather

2. Facial Wash to Make Sure Your Skin is Clean

For finishing your double cleansing step, it’s very obvious that you need a facial wash! Because it has the function to cleanse the leftover product or dust on your skin that can’t be cleansed with makeup remover. You can bring your daily face wash product to avoid your skin getting breakout in the middle of traveling.

But to make you easily bring the product, you can choose the product that has a travel size or you can move it to the bottle that has a mini size. Because we still don’t know about the weather of the place that you want to go to, it’s much better if you can choose a facial wash that has a low pH and gentle texture.

If you are still confused, maybe we recommend you for bringing a product that has the ingredients Centella Asiatica or Hyaluronic Acid for people who have dry or sensitive skin. Meanwhile, use Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree for those who have oily and acne skin.

3. Toner for Balancing Your Skin pH

After washing your face with a facial wash, I’m sure your skin will be imbalanced. If you let this happen your skin will be drier or even gets irritation. Moreover, if you’re going to countries that have autumn or winter seasons that can make your skin will be drier than usual. So, you need a product that can balance your skin pH.

Do you know what kind of product it is? Of course, you’re right! The answer is toner! This product has the function to balance your skin pH and fix your skin problem. Not only that, but toner can also cleanse your face from the leftover product or dust. Isn’t it very important to use? Definitely yes!

It can be used for people who have dry skin or even oily skin. You just need to choose the right ingredients to feel the maximal result. But if you just want to hydrate and calm your skin, we suggest you try Centella Asiatica or Hyaluronic Acid.

4. Hydrate Your Skin by Using Essence

This is an optional product that you can bring or skip it. But if you really love your skin, maybe you should keep bringing this product. Because essence will help to hydrate your skin and also reduce skin breakouts. So, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you must bring this one product that can save your skin.

But, not only dry or sensitive skin can use this product. People who have acne skin also can use this one that can help to minimize their oil production on the skin. I know for you who are still beginners at skincare will be confused about how to choose the right essence for your skin. You don’t have to worry, girls! We will help you with this problem.

The very safe ingredient of essence that is suitable for all skin types is Hyaluronic Acid. Then, if you have dry skin, you can use a product that has a thick texture to hydrate your skin well. Meanwhile, if your skin is oily, you can prefer a product that has a watery texture to prevent your skin get greasy.

5. Serum to Help You Fixing The Skin Problem

Next, moving on to the product that can save your life which is serum! This product has the function of fixing your skin problem, whether acne, skin breakouts, dry skin, or even wrinkles. Isn’t it very helpful for your lovely skin? That’s why you can skip bringing serum for going to travel. Because your skin will get worst while traveling.

You need to choose serum based on your skin type to feel the result. And we will give some explanation to help you choose the right product! First, if you have oily and acne skin, the right ingredient for you is Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree. Then, for those who have dry or sensitive skin, you can choose a serum that has ingredients Centella Asiatica or Hyaluronic Acid.

If you have dull skin and need to brighten your skin, you can use Niacinimide or Glycolic Acid serum. And last, the serum that must be used for you who already turn 20’s is Retinol which can help you to fight premature aging. So, now there are no reasons to choose the wrong serum for your skin!

6. Eye Cream to Reduce Dark Circle

Going on traveling will make you have a sleepless time or messy bedtime. Because you tend to spend your time enjoying the moment than going to sleep. Especially, some countries are popular with night arcades. Am I right about this statement? Of course, yes! This problem will cause your skin to get worst and your eyes will get darker.

So, you need a product to keep your under eyes bright and even give a hydration. Therefore, you should try eye cream to help you fight this problem. Choose a product that has ceramides or niacinamide ingredients that are good for making your under eyes bright. Besides that, it will be safe for all skin types. Use eye cream twice a day, in the morning and night.

7. Lock Your Previous Skincare with Moisturizer

It’s time to lock your previous skincare with moisturizer! Do you know moisturizer is one of the basic skincare that you should have? Because with only moisturizer, your skin already gets the nutrition that is required. As you know, serum and essence are just skincare support to fix your skin. And the very important and must-have skincare is moisturizer!

So, who’s still thinking that using moisturizer doesn’t important? Even you can skip bringing serum or essence, but you can’t skip bringing moisturizer! For people who have oily and acne skin, you don’t have to be afraid your skin will be greasy or become more oily. By choosing the right ingredients and texture of moisturizer, I’m sure you will love it.

You just need a product that has Aloe Vera ingredients, or you can also try Ceramides which can fix your skin barrier. Then, choose a moisturizer that has a watery and light texture to make it easily absorb into your skin. Otherwise, if your skin is dry, you can prefer a thick and creamy product with Hyaluronic Acid ingredients.

8. Eye Mask to Moisten Your Under Eyes

Only using eye cream? I believe it’s not enough for fixing your under-eyes problem! You need another skincare product that can help you to fix it. Like using an eye mask for example! I know for some people it doesn’t important to take care of the under-eyes area, but the fact it’s very important can change the look on your face.

Imagine if you’re having dark circles and wrinkles on the under of your eyes, isn’t your face will look dull and older? So, I thought you already know how important to wear eye cream and an eye mask before this problem happens, especially if you get a mess at bedtime while traveling. You can use any eye mask, and use it for 15 minutes before going to sleep and you can feel the result in the morning!

9. Use Sheet Mask to Give a Nutrition to Your Skin

Traveling will make your skin get worst whether from the food that you eat, bedtime, or even the weather. Therefore, we recommend you always prepare a sheet mask on your skincare pouch just in case your skin looks dull, gets acne, or skin breakout. Because sheet masks will help you to fight this skin problem.

As you know, sheet masks contain a lot of serum which is good to give nutrition to your skin. Furthermore, the plus side of this product is it has compact packaging and is very easy to use. You can wear it at night before going to sleep or even during the day after using a moisturizer for making your makeup stick well on your skin. If you use sheet masks daily, I’m sure you will have healthy and glowing skin!

10. Don’t Forget to Always Use Sunscreen During The Day

During the day, even if you just stay at home, you should wear sunscreen. Moreover, if you going on traveling, you will need to protect your skin because you will get so much more productive than usual. Traveling will make you explore a lot of new places, and the perfect time to do this activity is during the day.

So, you should bring your sunscreen in your bag whenever or wherever you are. Because you need to reapply sunscreen every 2-4 hours. For those who are still confused about the function of sunscreen, here we are to tell you!

UV light has a very dangerous effect on our skin which can cause dull skin, acne skin, skin breakouts, skin burn or irritation, and even skin cancers. Hearing about the effect, isn’t it make you feel scared? So, you need sunscreen to protect your skin! You can choose sunscreen with SPF 30 or 45 if you are still a teenager. But if you already turn 30’s or have outside activities, we suggest you wear SPF 50.

11. Moisturize Your Lips Wearing Lip Balm

The last step of skincare or the last skincare product that you should bring is lip balm. Isn’t having dry lips very disturbing? Especially, for people who often use lipstick, I’m sure your lips are easy to get dry. So, you need to moisturize your lips using lip balm. You can put it on your bag to make you easily reapply it whenever your lips get dry.

You can choose tinted lip balm to change the use of lipstick. Besides it can give a color to your lips, it can also make your lips looks healthier! So, which do you prefer? Tinted lip balm or clear lip balm?

I think that’s about a skincare product that you should bring while traveling. You can adjust the product based on your needs, and make sure to bring a compact product that will make you more easily. Are this topic helps you who are still feeling confused? So, I hope you can get the inspiration and enjoy what skincare product that you should bring for traveling.


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