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The Best Skincare Routine For Your 20s [ How to Have a Glowing Skin]

The Best Skincare Routine For Your 20s [ How to Have a Glowing Skin]

When you turned the 20s, I’m sure your life has been so much change. Because your responsibility will be bigger than the teenager. It’s time for you to face all your problems alone and try to take care of yourself alone. I know this age is the hardest time for you to survive. Stress and problems will come together.

So, it will give many effects on your body, especially your skin. Because the condition of the skin determines your mind. If you feel stressed and have less time to sleep, your skin will get worse, like acne comes or your skin will look dull. But if you have a relaxed mind and body, your skin will show good condition too.

And wearing skincare and applying a healthy lifestyle is very important for you. I believe you will get confused because you already wear skincare, but it’s different girls. Because you should concern about the ingredients that you gonna wear. That’s why, at this time, we will share our recommendation of skincare that’s good for your 20s. Without any for the do, let’s get a jump to the topic.

15 Ways to Have a Glowing Skin in Your 20s

1. Get a Minimum of 7 Hours of Sleep

Do you know there’s an ideal time for you to get sleep? Yes, as the scientist said, humans need to sleep for around 7-8 hours, and the maximum is 9 hours. Therefore, how busy you’re, you should take 7 hours to get sleep because it will refresh your mind.

Besides that, having enough sleep can be good for your skin too. Because when you’re sleeping, your skin will work on your skincare, and if you have less time for sleep, your skin can work well. So your skincare will be useless.

2. Get into The Habit of Wearing Sunscreen Every Day

UV light can make your skin worst like acne, breakout, uneven skin, and even wrinkles. You don’t want this to happen to you, right? So, you should start to wear sunscreen from now because it can be as anti-aging too.

Besides that, using sunscreen frequently will help you to prevent skin cancers and sunburn. You can wear sunscreen in the morning before you do your activity, and you should reapply it for 2-4 hours to maximize the protection.

3. Pay Attention to Your Hands and Neck

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This is the part that everyone doesn’t care about, but you should know that your hands and neck is the part that will easily get wrinkles. So what can you do to prevent this area from wrinkles? Is very easy, guys!

You just have to make sure this area is always hydrated. Because if you let it dry, it will easily get wrinkles. So, you can apply lotion to your hands or wear hand cream every time you feel your hands dry. And for your neck, you can apply your skincare to your neck too. Isn’t it very simple and easy to protect your hands and neck from premature aging?

4. Use a Products with Hyaluronic Acid

In your 20s, I’m sure your skin will easy to get dry because you spend too much time in a low-temperature room or attract too much UV light. So, what can you do to make sure your skin is always hydrated?

The key is just to choose skincare products that contain Hyaluronic Acid ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient that can bring back hydration to your skin and keep your skin moist. Moreover, this ingredient is very safe for sensitive and acne skin. So this is an ingredient that can be worn for all skin types.

5. Eat Oyster for Your Skin and Body Health

If you want your skin and body always be healthy, you can try to eat an oyster. Because oysters can stimulate the collagen production in your body that very good to make your skin tight which can prevent premature aging. It also can make your skin look fresher and chewy.

Oyster is also can be an antioxidant that can detox all the toxins in your body, that’s why eating oysters can prevent or overcome acne. Moreover, it’s also good for your body to maintain your body’s immune which can prevent you from any diseases.

6. Exfoliate Once a Week

You know your skin needs exfoliate at least once a week because it can lift dirt and pollution that stay in your pores. Especially for you who have an outdoor activity, I’m sure your skin looks dull and easy to get acne.

Exfoliating your skin once a week, will help you to lift the dead skin cells so your skin looks bright, and it can also help you to remove dark spots. For you who have acne skin, maybe you can prefer chemical exfoliation like wearing toner or serum that has ingredients AHA/BHA or vit C. But if you have dry skin, it’s fine if you want to use physical exfoliation like a face scrub.

7. Apply an Antioxidant Serum at Night

The night is the right time for you to use active ingredients, because at night especially when you’re asleep, your skin can work very well. Moreover, there’s an active ingredient that can’t attract UV light because can cause your skin to get burned.

You can choose retinol as an active ingredient because it will help you to overcome acne, remove dark spots, or anti-aging. Remember to always use sunscreen in the morning every time you wear active ingredients.

8. Double Cleansing

The 20s is the age when you want to look pretty. Therefore, many girls who are turned 20s try to use makeup. And if you wear makeup all day long, it will stain your skin, especially your pores. You know facial wash is not enough to cleanse your skin into pores. That’s why we suggest you do double-cleansing.

Don’t think double cleansing is for girls who wear makeup! It’s also for you who have many outdoor activities. Because the pollution, dirt, and dust can stuck in your pores will cause acne or skin breakout. So, doing double cleansing it’s very important if you want to have glowing skin.

9. Doing Exercise In Your Free Times

This is the thing that you already know, yes do exercise! You know it has a lot of benefits for your health. Not only can prevent you any diseases, but exercise can detox your skin so your skin will always look flawless.

Moreover, this activity you can do as anti-aging because it can boost collagen production on your skin. You can do exercise at least for 10-15 minutes in your free time. But it’s much better if you can do it in the morning.

10. Stay Hydrated

Next, you should make sure your skin is always hydrated by drinking mineral water. You don’t have to ask anymore about the benefit of drinking enough water. Because it’s a lot of benefits, one of them is can prevent premature aging, especially in your 20s, your skin is easy to gets wrinkled.

We recommend you to drink water 2L per day. No less or more than that, because a lot of drink is not good too. It can make you feel weak, sleepy, and get a headache. So, you can start to drink enough water from now.

11. Use Skincare Frequently

Who still feels lazy and always skips using skincare? You can start to use it frequently if you want to have healthy and glowing skin. Because skincare will help you to fix and keep your skin from the outside.

Not only from the inside, but you should also keep it from the outside for having the maximum result. You should choose skincare that has anti-aging ingredients like retinol or ceramides and ingredients that can hydrate your skin like hyaluronic acid and Centella Asiatica.

12. Eat Healthy Food

You know when you get old, all of the food that you eat really can give side effects for your body. Therefore, you should avoid eating junk food or food that contains a lot of sugar. Because it can give bad side effects for your skin like acne, skin breakout, and premature aging.

So, healthy food is the solution for you. Besides keeping your skin healthy, it’s also good for maintaining your body shape to stay ideal. I think this is every girl’s dream to have a skinny body, right? So, vegetarian and fruit is your answer!

13. Use Sheet Mask and Sleeping Mask

Still with the thing that can hydrate your skin because you need this to prevent premature aging. Not only for anti-aging, but this also has the function to overcome acne, reduce skin burn, and moisten your skin.

You can use a sheet mask and sleeping mask every day, but we recommend you to wear a sleeping mask at night after doing your skincare. Even if it’s a mask, you don’t have to cleanse it, because it has the same function as a moisturizer. Furthermore, you can cleanse it in the morning.

14. Take a Cold Shower

Even hot water can make your body relaxed, but it’s not good for your skin. Because it can make your skin dry. But if you really need to take a hot shower to make your body relaxed and calm, make sure you wear lotion after that.

15. Prefer Silk Pillow Sheet

Not only invest in skincare, but you also should invest in other things like pillows. When you’re sleeping, your skin will do friction with the pillow. Therefore you should choose a pillow sheet that has a soft texture, that’s why you can choose silk fabric.

Silk fabric is also good for your hair too, it can prevent your hair from getting frizzy which is good for keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Even if it’s expensive, believe me, you will not regret the money that you’ve been spending.

I think it’s enough about this topic. You know you should keep your skin as early as possible to prevent premature aging and also make your skin healthy. I believe healthy skin will make your mood always happy. I hope you can get the inspiration and follow the idea about the best skincare routine for your 20s.


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