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14 Activities That You Can Do as Anti-Aging | Beauty Tips to Prevent Premature Aging

14 Activities That You Can Do as Anti-Aging | Beauty Tips to Prevent Premature Aging

Many girls experience premature aging when they turn 25 years old. It’s happening because they never try to keep their skin or have bad habits life that makes their skin worst. I’m sure you don’t want this to happen in your life. Therefore, you can protect your skin by changing your bad habit into a healthy life.

I know it’s not easy to change your life habit because this is something that you usually do. And the key is just to work hard and believe that you can do this. It’s not only for your skin, it also good for your body too. If you asking what activities you can do for preventing premature aging, don’t worry girls!

Now we want to tell you about some beauty tips or activities that you can do as anti-aging, and it’s not only for people who turned above 25 but also for you who are still 20 or even teenagers. So, if you want to know what those activities are. Without any for the do, let’s get a jump on the topic!

14 Things That You Can Do as Anti Aging

1. Use a Sunscreen is The First Thing That You Should Do

Before we talk too much about activities that you can do to prevent aging, let me ask you first. Have you worn sunscreen for your daily routine? If you still skip this step, don’t ask me why your skin gets aging very fast.

Do you know how important wearing sunscreen is? Sunscreen has the function to protect your skin from UV light which is very dangerous for your skin. UV light can make your skin gets wrinkles, cause acne, hard to remove dark spots, and the worst is make your skin burn or irritated. That’s why you should start to wear sunscreen frequently in the morning.

2. Stop Smoking

If you have this habit, you must try to stop it! I believe all of you already know about the negative effects of smoke. Smoke can give bad side effects on your body which can break your lungs, cancers, and many diseases that can happen from smoke.

Besides it’s not good for your health, it’s also not good for your skin. How this could happen? Let me explain to you, smoke contains nicotine which can break your skin collagen. Because your skin collagen broke, it can make your skin dry, dull, and have wrinkles. So, try to avoid this habit from now, if you love your body and skin.

3. Do Work Out Every Day

Talking about healthy life is not far away from working out. You know there are a thousand benefits of doing work out. It doesn’t only make your body healthy, but it’s also good for your skin. Because exercise can remove toxic substances from your body. It can remove by the sweat that your body produces.

Don’t worry it will not take a lot of your time. Because you can do this for around 10-15 minutes in your free time. Just make sure, you have already been sweat. Do this daily to overcome acne, dry skin, or even wrinkles.

4. Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

Next, to apply healthy life is to avoid alcoholic drinks. Maybe you can do this once or twice just to relieve your stress or makes your body relaxed. But remember to not consume it too much. If you drink too much alcohol it can break your skin health.

Alcohol can make your skin dry so it can trigger wrinkles. Not only make your skin aging faster, but alcohol can also cause acne, make your pores bigger and trigger blackheads. So, you still want to consume it?

5. Cleanse Your Face Gently

Furthermore, another tip to prevent skin aging is to clean your face gently. I know you want to make sure your skin is cleansed especially when you wear makeup or do outdoor activities all day long. But it doesn’t mean you should cleanse your face harshly to remove all dirt and dust because it can make your skin irritated and cause wrinkles.

Therefore, we suggest you do double cleansing not rub your face harshly. And if you think your skin needs more cleansing into the pores, you can use a clay mask or scrub. So, remember to be gentle with your skin!

6. Use a Cleansing Brush

Still talk about cleansing your face, you can also use a cleansing brush to make sure you cleanse your skin into the pores. Furthermore, there are other benefits of cleansing brush, which is lifting dead skin cells, expediting blood circulation, and the very important is stimulating collagen formation which can prevent wrinkles.

7. Take a Cold Shower

Maybe some of you prefer to use warm water for the shower. Because you think it’s good to make your body relaxed and relieve your stress. Moreover, after you thought a hard day, taking a hot shower will be a great solution.

But, warm water is not good for your skin. It can make your skin dry which triggers skin aging.  Therefore, we recommend you take cold water. Because cold water can hydrate your skin that is good for preventing wrinkles. Also, cold water can make you fresh and refresh your mind.

8. Use Skincare Product That Has Moisturizing Ingredients

Most people have skin aging because their skin is dry. So, you can overcome this problem by choosing skincare that can moisten your skin. Even if your skin is oily, you still need to moisten your skin and don’t ever try skincare that can make your skin dry.

We highly recommend choosing skincare that contains Hyaluronic Acid, aloe vera, snail mucin, or any ingredients that are good for moisturizing skin. You can adjust the ingredients with your skin type to make sure your skin is moist well and not cause acne.

9. Use Serum That Has Retinoid

If your skin already has wrinkles, don’t worry! Because we have something that can overcome your problem. You can use skincare that contains retinoid. This ingredient has the function to increase collagen production that’s good for removing wrinkles.

Besides that, you can use it for preventing skin age, remove dark spots, overcome acne, and many more. But the minus of this ingredient is you can’t use it in a day because it won’t work well on your skin or even make your skin burn.

10. Eat Healthy Food

This is a tip that I used to talk about anymore because all of you already know about this one. Of course, eat healthy food! It’s very important to your body health because it can prevent you from many diseases and make your body fitter.

Also, eating healthy food is good for your skin health too. If you have many skin problems, you should try to avoid consuming junk food and change it to vegetables and fruit. I believe it will help you a lot to overcome your problems. And consuming healthy food is good too for preventing skin aging.

11. Cut Back on Sugar

Who doesn’t like sweet food? I’m sure lack of you don’t like sugary food. But you know it’s very dangerous for your body and skin? Consuming too much sugar can cause diabetes or make obesity. I’m sure you want to live with a healthy body and have a slim body.

Besides giving bad effects on your body, it’s also not good for your skin. It can trigger skin aging because sugar can break your collagen fiber so your skin will easily get wrinkles. And consuming too much sugar can make your skin gets acne and inflammation.

12. Stay Hydrated

Next is to make sure your skin is always hydrated. Even if you’re busy, don’t ever forget to drink water. Because letting your skin dry, can make it easily gets wrinkles. And water is one of the solutions to overcome any skin problems.

How could this happen? The answer is because half of your body is water, therefore when you drink less water can give a bad effect on your body and skin. So, you should make sure you drink water at least 2 liters per day.

13. Get to Bed Early

I use to not talk about this because you know how bad it’s to get sleep late. Besides it’s not good for your health and makes you feel tired the next day. It can give bad effects too for your skin like cause acne, skin breakout, and makes you get aging faster.

So, you should get to sleep early and make sure you have enough time for sleep. It’s useless when you sleep early but have less time for sleep. So, you must sleep for 7-8 hours every day to prevent skin aging.

14. Use Eye Cream

Do you know where’s the part that easily gets wrinkles? The answer is under your eyes. If you asking why it’s because under the eyes have a less fat layer this is the reason why around your eyes is very easy to get wrinkles.

So to overcome this problem, you can use eye cream before you sleep and in the morning. Another alternative that you can do is wear an eye mask to reduce wrinkles. Use it frequently to get the maximal result.

That’s all about the tips that we can share with you. The key is just to do it consistently and have a strong desire to change your life. A healthy life is not only good for your skin but it’s also good for your body too. I hope you can follow our tips and enjoy these 14 activities that you can do as anti-aging.


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