Home Beauty Body Care Routine to Get Clean and Glowing Skin | 15 Ways That You Can Do for Healthy Skin

Body Care Routine to Get Clean and Glowing Skin | 15 Ways That You Can Do for Healthy Skin

Body Care Routine to Get Clean and Glowing Skin | 15 Ways That You Can Do for Healthy Skin

For you who love to take care of your skin face, have you ever thought that you should do the same thing to your body? I believe, most people don’t care about their bodies because they think the face is the only one that people care about. So, you are wrong! People look at your body too. Moreover, when your face and body look different, they will judge you.

Therefore, you should think about your body too and start taking care of it. I know you feel confused because the only thing that you know to take care of your body is just take a bath. That’s why, at this time, we want to tell you about the body care routine that you can do for having clean and glowing skin. Without any for the do, let’s talk about it.


Body Care Routine Ideas


1. Avoid Super Hot Showers

Hot water can help your body relax and calm so this is the best solution when you’re getting stressed. But it’s having a negative effect which is not good for your skin. Hot water is popular that causes dry skin, and if you have sensitive skin, your skin will easily burn or irritated.

Therefore, you should avoid using hot water for showers. You still can use hot water for showers if you feel you need to make your body relax. But remember, you can’t do this every day. You should think about your skin health too.


2. Choose Body Wash That Contains Vitamin E

Many people don’t care about the body wash, they just think it’s only for cleansing the skin. But you should know besides cleaning your skin, body wash has another function which is to give nutrition to your skin. Therefore, when you choose the wrong kind of body wash, it can make your skin dry because the pH of your skin is balanced.

So, you can choose a body wash that contains vitamin E inside. And make sure it will not make too many bubbles when you use that. Because body wash that has too many bubbles has the potential to make your skin dry.


3. Body Brush to Improve Blood Circulation

You need to improve your blood circulation to make your body healthy and protect your heart from a heart attack. So you can try to brush your body using a body brush at least once a week. Besides improving blood circulation, it also has the benefit to cleanse your skin from dead skin cells and preventing back acne.

You can use this body brush while applying the body wash. You need to make your skin slick before using this tool. Because it will make you easy to brush your skin and also prevent your skin from wounds or irritation.


4. Shaving to Get a Soft Skin

Many girls don’t like to have hair on their bodies. So, they will decide to lose it. If you want simple ways to lose your body hair, you can do the shaving. You can do this by yourself without anyone’s help because it’s very easy and simple.

First, you just have to make sure your skin is wet and slick using water and soap. Or if you want to do it when your skin condition is dry, you can use shaving cream. Then, you can start to shave the part of your body where you want to remove the hair. You should do this carefully because the shaving knife is very sharp that can injure your skin.


5. Get Your Skin Enough of Sunlight

Besides the negative effect that we already know about sunlight, it also has a positive side too which is good for your skin health. Sunlight can overcome any skin problem like uneven skin, acne, eczema, or fungal injection. Because it has vitamin D that functions as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

But remember, the sunlight is good only in the morning so you can do the sunbathing in the morning. We don’t recommend to do the sunbathe in the afternoon, because it can make a skin burn. Make sure you already use sunscreen before doing a sunbathe.


6. Use a Body Scrub to Exfoliate Your Skin

Not only your face that needs exfoliation, but your body needs it too. Because exfoliating can help you to lift your dead skin cells that can remove with only soap. Therefore, you can use a body scrub to lift the dead skin cells on your skin.

It will help you to get soft and glowing skin like you dream. You can wear a scrub before you take a bath or after using a body wash. To prevent skin irritation, you can choose a body scrub that has soft and small scrub.


7. Wax to Remove Your Body Hair

Not every girl dares to shave their skin because they’re afraid will make their skin irritated or even get darker after doing shave. Don’t worry girls! We have another solution to remove your body hair. Of course, the answer is use wax.

Waxing is made from sugar which that safe for your skin because it’s using natural ingredients. Besides that, wax doesn’t make your skin get darker after you use it. But it still has the potential to make your skin irritated. Therefore, you can apply a powder before waxing your body to prevent irritation.


8. Make Sure the Cleanliness of Your Towel

Don’t ever let your towel is dirt because it can be the place of the bacteria. Therefore, you should make sure it’s always clean by changing it at least once a week and dry in the sun. Also, you can’t let your towel humid which can cause your skin to get an infection by fungal. So, if you want to have healthy skin, you should make sure your towel is always clean and dry.


9. Aromatherapyphy Candles

If your mind is happy so your skin will be happy too. Therefore, you should make sure you not getting stressed and always feel relaxed. When you feel you getting stressed, you can light up the aromatherapy candles to make your body relax and calm. You can use this while you’re taking a bath or when you want to go to sleep to overcome insomnia.


10. Body Lotion to Give A Nutrition to Your Skin

Have dry skin? here’s the solution for you. This is a very popular thing product for your body. Yes, body lotion is the answer. Using body lotion can make your skin moist so it will overcome dry skin. Besides that, it can also give nutrition to your skin to make your skin glow and healthy.

Furthermore, there’s body lotion has aromatherapy ingredients that are good for making you feel calm and overcoming insomnia. You can wear body lotion twice a day, in the morning and the evening before you sleep or whenever you feel your skin is dry.


11. Drink Infused Water

For those who don’t like mineral water, you can try this infused water. Because it has two benefits which are preventing the dehydration and also can make your skin health. Infused water has the function as an antioxidant, detoxing the toxin in your body, and many more.

To make infused water is easy, you just need to prepare slices of lemon or cucumber. And add it to the bottle with mineral water. Furthermore, chill it in the fridge for a night, then you can start to drink it in the morning and feel the benefit in your body.


12. Avoid Using Bath Sponge

Has a habit of using a bath sponge to apply your body wash? Throw away this bad habit. Because it is the first thing that can cause acne in your body. Many doctors said a bath sponge is a place where bacteria multiply. So when you use it over and over again, the bacteria will transfer to your skin and acne will come. So you should avoid using this tool now!


13. Use Body Oil to Overcome Your Dry Skin

Another solution for dry skin people. If the body lotion can’t help your problem, so you can try using body oil. Besides that, body oil can give more nutrition and soften your skin. But for you who have oily skin, is not recommended to use this product. Furthermore, this product has been used by people who want to get a glowing skin look.


14. Exercise to Get a Healthy Skin

I’m sure all of you already know about doing exercise is have a lot of benefits. And one of the benefits is making your skin look healthy and glow. Because doing exercise will make your toxic out together with the sweat.

And doing exercise is very helpful for overcoming acne-prone skin. Besides that, it can improve your blood circulation so you will feel more calm and happy. Remember about the happy soul is a happy skin too.


15. Have a Bright Skin with Bath Bomb

Besides giving you fun and enjoy experience in bathing. Bath bombs have the function to make your skin bright because there is acid and soda content which is good for brightening your skin. Besides that, the essential oils inside the bath bomb can also make your skin soft and moist. So have you thought about buying this product?


That’s all about body care routine ideas that we give to you. Always remember to take care of your body too because it can make you love yourself more. I hope you can learn new things and enjoy this body care routine to get clean and glowing skin.


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