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How to Maintain Your Skin Glow | Things That You Can Do to Maintain Your Glowing Skin

How to Maintain Your Skin Glow | Things That You Can Do to Maintain Your Glowing Skin

You know to get healthy and glowing skin is very hard. But when you already got your dream skin, you start to ignore your skin and forget to take care of it. Don’t do this girls! Even if you’re already satisfied with your glowing skin now, it can be changed and broken if you don’t keep it. The very hard is not to achieve it but how to maintain it.

So, don’t wait until your skin is broken and you will regret it! You should maintain it from now and start taking care of your skin. No matter how busy you are, you should spend your time at least 10 minutes just applying skincare.

If you have free time and want to take care of it, but don’t know what you should do. Don’t feel worried girls! Because we will give you some tips on how to maintain your skin glow and I believe it will very easy to follow. So, are you feeling excited and ready to learn about it? Okay, without any for the do, let’s move on to the topic!

15 Things That You Can Do to Maintain Your Skin Glow

1. Apply Sunscreen Daily to Protect Your Skin From UV Light

Do you know how dangerous UV light is? It will trigger acne, you will hard to remove dark spots on your skin, make the skin burn, and even it can trigger skin cancers. I’m sure you don’t want this to happen to you, right?

So you need sunscreen to avoid the dangerous effects of UV light. Even if you already have glowing skin or maybe your skin never has any problems, you can underestimate this thing! You can wear sunscreen in the morning before you do your activity. And reapply it every 2-4 hours in your free time.

Don’t ever think it’s hard to reapply sunscreen, because you can wash your face and reapply it. Or you can also choose a sunscreen that has water-based because is usually packed in a spray bottle. So there’s no reason anymore, girls!

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep

This is the thing that usually people don’t care about. I’m sure you already know about going to bed early and having enough sleep. When you have less time to sleep and go to bed late, it will give a big effect on your skin like acne or break out, and also it can trigger premature aging.

Because when you don’t have enough sleep and sleep late, your skin can’t work well, so the skincare that you used will be useless. And also, it can make your skin look dull and not fresh when you wake up because you still feel tired.

3. Get Your Vitamins

This is the part that almost everyone forgets and doesn’t care about. Do you know what it is? Yes, you’re right! Drink vitamins! Do you know how very important vitamin is? It can help you to take care of your skin from the inside of your body because using skincare is not enough for your skin health.

Moreover, if you have a lot of outdoor activities that make you get a lot of exposure of UV light. Believe me, you really need vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C. Not only for your skin, but both of these vitamins are good for your body’s immune too, so you will not get sick easily.

4. Maintain a Skincare Routine

Almost every girl that has glowing skin already feels satisfied and tends to underestimate the use of skincare products. This is the reason why they don’t use skincare properly. You know this habit is very wrong! Don’t feel satisfied with your glowing skin because it can break if you don’t take care of it.

So, you still need to use skincare twice a day in the morning before you do your activity and in the evening before you go to bed. Use skincare in the right amount and properly if you still want to have your skin glow!

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5. Apply a Brightening Serum

Next is to choose the serum that can brighten your skin. Even if you just stay at home, your skin can look dull because you still get exposed to UV light. I’m sure you know that UV light can make your skin dull too. Moreover, if you have an outdoor activity, it will make your skin easily get dull because of the dust and pollution.

So, to overcome this problem, you can use a serum that has Niacinamide, Alpha Arbutin, or Glycolic Acid. You can choose between those ingredients based on your skin type to prevent the skin break out or irritated.

This serum not only makes your skin bright, but it can also remove dark spots on your skin. Because it has a function to even the skin tone. How about people that have acne skin? Don’t worry, because you still can use it but choose a serum that contains Salicylic Acid which can overcome your acne too.

6. Massage Your Face to Improve the Blood Circulation

Lack people know about massaging the face can make the skin glow. Now let me tell you how massaging your face can make your skin look glow! It’s because when you massage your skin, your blood circulation will be improved so no blood is stuck, and your skin will look glow!

Besides that, doing face massage regularly can make your face look small and thin. So if you have a dream of having a V-shape face, you don’t have to waste your money on the surgery! To massage your face is very easy, you can put on the face oil first, then you can continue to massage your face with a face roller or gua sha. But if you feel lazy, it’s okay to massage with your fingers while applying your skincare routine.

7. Stay Hydrated

Do you know the key of maintain your skin glow is to keep the hydration on your skin? And one of the things that you can do is drink enough water. You should make sure you drink water at least 2 liters per day. It’s because water can be your natural detox that will move all the toxins in your body.

Not only good for your skin, but drinking water is also good for your body’s health too. Because it can prevent you from any diseases and make your body strong. But remember, even though drinking water is good, you can’t get over drink because it will make you feel sleepy and have headaches.

8. Exercise at Least 3 Times a Week

I’m sure you already know that exercise has a lot of benefits for your body. By doing exercise you will help your body to improve blood circulation, so your blood can circulate well all over your body. This is the reason why exercise is good for preventing heart attacks and can make you feel relaxed.

Besides that, doing exercise is also good for your skin. As you know, when you do exercise your body will be sweating. The sweat that gets out of your skin contains all the toxins so it will help to cleanse your skin that can avoid acne and make your skin more hydrated.

9. Eat Healthy Food

Even junk food and fast food have a good taste, but it’s not good for your body and skin. Because it has a high fat that will trigger many diseases in your body. And also it can trigger acne and premature aging for your skin.

You should start to change your eating habits from junk food and fast food to healthy food. Maybe healthy food doesn’t have a tasty taste like junk food, but believe me, if you know how to cook it, it will have a better taste than junk food.

10. Meditate to Relax Your Mind

Stress can be the first reason why your skin is broken. Because it will trigger acne, break out, or premature aging which is the thing that you won’t it to happen. Therefore, you can meditate to relieve your stress.

You can meditate in the morning for 10-15 minutes. Just to relax your mind and make you feel fresh. But if you wake up late and don’t have time in the morning, you can do this in the afternoon or evening when you have some free time.

11. Avoid Alcohol

I believe you already know about the danger of alcoholic drinks. Not only bring bad effects to your body, but it also brings bad effects to your skin too. Alcohol will make your skin will easily get blackheads because your pores will bigger and trigger acne.

If you have a habit to consume alcohol, maybe you can start to avoid it now. And just consume when the situation is supported like when you’re at the party. But remember to not over consume it, you should think about your body health too, not only your happiness.

12. Have You a Collagen Drink

Collagen drink has been in trend lately. It’s popular because very effective to overcome any skin problems like acne, dark spots, or wrinkles. Besides that, it can make your body healthy too which can increase your body’s immune so it can protect you from viruses and diseases.

Some of you don’t want to drink it because afraid it will have a weird taste? Don’t worry girls! I believe you will like the taste of this drink. Moreover, there are a lot of tastes that you can choose based on your favorites like strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, and many more.

13. Use Less Makeup to Protect Your Skin From The Chemical

Who loves to wear makeup? Without asking, I’m sure all of you love to wear this one. Makeup is a very popular product which can make you look prettier. Therefore, many girls wanted to learn and wear it.

But have you known that makeup contains chemicals which not good for your skin? And it’s also can be stuck in your pores so will trigger the acne? That’s why we suggest you wear less makeup so it will not lock on your pores and your skin can breathe normally.

14. Exfoliate Your Skin Once a Week

Even if your skin is already glowing, you should need to do an exfoliate to cleanse your face into the pores. Exfoliate is despite into two types, there are physical and chemically exfoliate. If you have normal skin, you can do physical and chemical. But if you have sensitive or acne skin, we recommend you choose a chemical to exfoliate which doesn’t make your skin irritated.

But remember to consider the ingredients first before do exfoliate. And for you who choose physical to exfoliate, you should choose it that has a soft and gentle texture that’s safe for your skin. Or you can also make it from natural ingredients like coffee or sugar.

15. Do Double Cleansing

Now we turn to the last tip which is double cleansing! This is to make sure that your skin is clean from any makeup that stays on your skin. If you let it stuck in your skin, especially pores, it can trigger the acne comes or even cause premature aging.

To do double cleansing is not only for you who wear makeup but for you who don’t wear makeup should do this too. Because it will help to cleanse the dirt and pollution after you do the activities. Make sure you cleanse your skin gently and slowly to avoid skin irritation.

I think it’s enough the tips about how to maintain the skin glow that we can share with you. Isn’t it very easy to follow? Even if your skin is already glowing, don’t feel satisfied so you forget to take care of it. You should maintain your skin to stay glowing and throw out your laziness. So, I hope you can follow and enjoy this how to maintain your skin glow or things that you can do to maintain your glowing skin.


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