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How to Get a Healthy Life | 15 Activity Ideas for Living a Healthy Life

How to Get a Healthy Life | 15 Activity Ideas for Living a Healthy Life

Who’s in here that has a bad habit life? You know if you living in a bad habit life, it will give you many bad effects on your body and mental. Not only make your body easy to get diseases, but it also give a bad effect on your mind that will affect your mood every day. Usually, people who live in this habit, tend to hard to control their emotions because their bodies and mind are not relaxed.

Therefore, you should change your bad habits life into a healthy life as soon as possible. Don’t let until the diseases attack you. Remember that it’s better to avoid it than to heal it because healing from diseases is hard and wastes too much money. You don’t want this to happen to you, right?

I know you will feel confused about how and where you must start it. You just have to do from the little things, guys! So, now, we want to give you some activities and tips for living a healthy life. Therefore, you don’t have to feel confused anymore! You just have to follow these tips and ideas. And let’s get move on to the topic!

15 Activities Ideas for Having a Healthy Life Habits

1. Get Enough of Sleep to Make Your Body and Mind Feel Relaxed

We start from the habit that you always do which is sleep! When you have a busy time, you tend to not care about the time of your sleep. And it can make you get insomnia which is really not good for your body.

Imagine that you don’t have enough sleep almost every day, it will make your body feel more tired because you don’t get enough time for rest. This also can make you easy to get stressed because your body doesn’t relax. So what ideal time for sleep?

As the scientist said, humans need to get rest at least 7-8 hours per day. And people who get stressed, usually have less time to sleep. So if you want to avoid stress, you need to get enough time to sleep every day.

2. Drink 2 Liters of Water Every Day

Move on to the point that almost every people forget to do is drink water! Do you know how important it is to drink enough water every day? Because your body is consist of 60-70% of water. And when you do an activity, the water on your body decreased to make the energy.

So, if you forget to drink water, it can make you get dehydration which can give the worst effects. It can make your body get weak, headaches, kidney diseases, muscle damage, indigestion, faint, and the worst it can make you die. What do you think? Do you want this to happen to you?

If you love your body and yourself, you can start to try drinking 2 liters per day. And also getting enough of a drink can make your skin healthy too. Because if you wear skincare but don’t drink enough water, the skincare product that you used will not work well on your skin.

3. Do 10 Minutes of Meditation

When you wake up in the morning, you can immediately do this one activity. Yes, meditation! Because it can make your body and mind feel relaxed so you can live your day happy and also can avoid stress.

You can do this activity outdoor and also make your body feel the morning sun which is good for your bone and skin. But if you feel too lazy to go outside, you can also do this on your bed. Just make your room quiet and peaceful to maximize the result.

4. Clean and Tidy Up Your Room

After doing the meditation, you can start to get up and try to cleanse your messy room. You know if you have a messy and dirt room is not good for your health. You can get kidney diseases because of dust or you can get skin diseases too.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, you can cleanse and tidy up your room every day. Moreover, a clean and neat room can boost your mood, especially when you feel in a bad mood. Believe me, by seeing your clean room, you will feel in a happy mood again.

5. Do Exercise for Your Healthy

I’m sure all of you already know if you want to have a healthy body, you should do exercise. So, you can do this in the morning after you clean your room. By do exercise, it can detox all the toxins in your body that can trigger diseases.

Besides that, doing exercise is also good for your skin health, it can maintain the hydration on your skin and also can make your mind relaxed so you can think about everything clearly. If you really have a busy time, you can do this at least for 10-15 minutes.

6. Take a Cold Shower

I know taking a hot shower can relieve your stress and make your body relaxed. But, it’s really not recommended to do it every day, especially in the morning. Taking a lot of hot showers have side effects like making your skin dry, lowering your blood pressure, imbalanced body temperature, and many more bad effect that can happen to your body.

So, if you love to do this habit you should change now to cold water. Because it’s really good for you that can make your skin and hair hydrated, make your body fresh, improve blood circulation, and many more. What do you think? Go change this bad habit soon!

7. Eat Healthy Food

Don’t like fruit and vegetables or any kind of healthy food because it’s not tasty? Okay, guys, you should think it twice. Because if you know how to cook, this kind of food can be tasty and I’m sure you will like it.

As you know eating fruits and vegetables is good for your body’s health. Also, this is a safe food that can prevent you from any diseases. Also, the good side is both of this food can maintain your body weight so your body always feels light and look slim. So for the girls who always dream to get a slim body, you should try to change your eating habits.

8. 30 Minutes of Reading

Next, we will recommend an activity that is good for your mind and also can make your body relax. Of course, read a book! You know it’s not only to improve your knowledge but it’s also good for your body and mind.

So, when you feel stress and bad mood, maybe you can try to read your favorite book to distract your mind. You can spare time around 30 minutes in the morning for doing this activity, but if you don’t have time in the morning, you can also do this in the evening before you go to bed because reading a book can overcome insomnia too.

9. Gratitudes Every Day

You know you should feel grateful every day because you still live and get healthy. When you feel grateful, I’m sure your mind will be free from the stress and feel stronger to face all of your problems. Therefore you should spare your time to pray.

Why it’s getting into healthy living tips? Because this activity will very successfully make your body relaxed and calm. And when your body is relaxed, I’m sure all of the diseases can be avoided. Remember about a healthy mind can make your body healthy.

10. Avoid Junk Food and Sugar

Have a habit of eating junk food and sweets? Guys, you should avoid it from now. Maybe you can eat this but not frequently. Because this food can trigger cancers, diabetes, heart attack, and can make your body fat.

I know what you’re thinking, how could tasty food bring dangerous effects to your body? Poorly, the fact it is. So, if you love your body and want to stay healthy, you can start to avoid junk food and sweet food from now and change it with healthy food like fruits and vegetables.

11. Change Coffee with Tea

Drinking coffee in the morning is very good, right? Even if it can make you feel more awake and fresh, yes it’s because coffee contains caffeine. But have you ever thought what the side effects if you drink coffee every day? If I tell you I’m sure you will think twice to consume it.

Coffee can trigger any indigestion like diarrhea, gastric, or GERD. And if you consume caffeine too much it can also make you get insomnia. Therefore, we recommend you change it to tea. Tea is not bad as you think guys, and also it will very tasty if you drink it in the morning. Which is very good to make your body relaxed and calm.

12. Do Skincare Twice a Day

Why does skincare get into a healthy life habit? Let me explain to you, not only your body that needs to be healthy but your skin is really needed too. If you take care of your skin well, you will look fresher, look younger, and be spared from any skin diseases.

So, you should do your skincare twice a day and a very important is to wear sunscreen before doing your activity during the day to prevent skin burn or skin cancers. Hear the words “skincare” maybe you think it’s only for a girl. You’re wrong! Boys, you should do your skincare too, and choose the products which can be used for general or boys.

13. Spend Less Time on Tech

At this time, tech is very important than everything. Even you don’t have to bring a wallet to go out, because you can do the transaction with your phone. How does it sound so advanced, right? And many people can live without their phones.

Even if it’s very helpful in your life, remember that everything has a good and bad side. And the bad side of spending too much time on tech can make your body feel tired, get headaches, impaired concentration, insomnia, and many more. So, you need to spend less time on tech or usually called tech detox. Maybe you can do this for one day or a few hours and just enjoy your activity without it.

14. Play the Instrument for Calming Your Mind

Have a lot of problems on your mind? You don’t have to think about it a lot guys! Because it can make you feel stressed and sick. You know when you’re stressed, you will get sick easily because you tend to avoid eating and rest.

So, you need to calm your mind by playing the instrument or hearing calming music. But if you can play the instrument is more good! By doing this activity it will bring back your happy mood, distract your mind from any problems, stimulates your ears and muscle, and have many more good effects. Now, you can try to spend your time at least 20 minutes doing this activity.

15. Keep Smiling That Can Boost Self Esteem

The last thing that you should do for having a healthy life is to keep smiling wherever you are or anything that happens to you! Because with a smile, I’m sure you can get stronger to face any problems that will come.

Also, with a smile, you can be more positive and spread positivity to everyone around you. This thing can be one of activity that you can do to control your emotions too. So, no matter how hard it’s just always smile and face it guys!

That’s it about healthy life habit tips or how to live your healthy life! Isn’t it easy enough for starting these life habits? By applying healthy life habits are one of the things that you can do for loving yourself and avoid any diseases. I’m sure you will succeed if you have an intention. I hope you can follow and get the inspiration from how to get a healthy life or 15 activity ideas for living a healthy life.


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