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Tips on Choosing Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Tips on Choosing Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Do you know the very annoying thing besides having acne-prone skin? Yes, you’re right the answer is sensitive skin. Because on this skin, you will feel every skin type: dry skin, oily skin, or even acne-prone skin. Sometimes, the weather will determine your skin condition at that time. This will make you feel hard to control your skin.

Therefore, almost everyone with sensitive skin will be confused about choosing the right skincare for their skin. Because if they’re choosing the wrong product, it will trigger skin breakout, redness, acne, or even irritation. So, before using skincare products, you better learn which ingredient is suitable for your skin and how to apply the product in the right way.

I know you will be confused now, but you don’t have to worry, girls! Because at this time, we will share with you tips on choosing skincare products for sensitive skin. Believe me, it will work well on your skin and you will get healthy and glowing skin like the other girls. But remember you still have to adjust it and not all of our recommendations will suitable for you.  Are you feeling excited about this topic? Okay, let’s talk about it!

Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

1. Always Make Sure Your Skin is Clean by Doing Double Cleansing

The very first step of the skincare routine is doing double cleansing. Okay, if you are still a beginner, you will be confused about what double cleansing is. It was a technique where you focus to cleanse your skin, which has two steps there are cleansing with makeup remover and the second step using the facial wash. Let’s talk about choosing the makeup remover first!

Makeup remover has 3 types which are micellar water, cleansing balm, and cleansing oil. And not all of that remover will suitable for your sensitive skin, you need a product that has a gentle texture like a cleansing balm or cleansing oil. To use both of these products, you just have to take the product and rub it on your face until your makeup melt. Or if you don’t use makeup, you can rub it until your skin feels clean.

Why we don’t recommend you wear micellar water? Because to apply this product you need to use cotton which can make your skin irritated when you rub into your skin. So, cleansing balm or cleansing oil is a good choice.

2. Use Facial Wash to Finish The Double Cleansing Step

Now it’s time to finish your double cleansing step by using a facial wash. But do you know, you have to be careful to choose facial wash? Because if you choose the wrong product, it can make your skin get worst or even trigger skin breakout. Not only the ingredient but also have to consider the texture of the product to make sure it will not irritate your skin.

Therefore, using a facial wash that has a claimed low pH is very important. It is usually designed for those who have sensitive or dry skin because it won’t make your skin drier or irritated. Moreover, it has a gentle texture which is safe for your skin. For the ingredients, you can choose a product that contains Hyaluronic Acid or Centella Asiatica which can calm and hydrate your skin.

3. Prefer Chemical Exfoliating Over Physical Exfoliating

This is step skincare that you have to do once a week, do you know what it is? Of course, the answer is exfoliating. This step has the function to cleanse the dirt and dust that stay in your pores for almost a week. If you let your pores dirty, your skin will easy to get breakout or acne. So, you don’t have to wait until this problem happens.

Meanwhile, the exfoliating product has two types there are physical exfoliating and chemical exfoliating. Usually, physical exfoliation can be found in the form of a scrub. Then, chemical exfoliation can be found in the form of toner or serum. Because sensitive skin should avoid a product that has a rough texture, therefore, you can prefer chemical exfoliation.

Besides that, chemical exfoliation is easier to use over scrub. You just have to put it on your face and rub it slowly until it’s evenly then wait for 10-15 minutes. Furthermore, you can wash your face with warm water and you can feel the result.

4. Balance Your Skin pH with Toner

Even if you already use a facial wash that has a claimed low pH, it still can possibly make your skin pH imbalanced. Moreover, after you exfoliate your skin, it will make your skin’s pH imbalanced. If you ignore this problem, it can ruin your skin barrier and your skin will be more sensitive. So, you have to do something to prevent this worst thing happen.

Therefore, we suggest you wear toner to balance your skin pH. Besides that, this product can also calm your redness and hydrate your skin. Isn’t it very useful enough? You can use a toner that has Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica, or Aloe Vera. So, you just have to pick which one that suitable for your skin and won’t make your skin get worst.

Then, to apply the toner, you can prefer using your palm to prevent skin irritation. But if you feel your hand is dirty, it’s okay to use cotton. Just make sure the cotton has a soft texture and won’t absorb a lot of product.

5. Essence for Hydrating Your Skin

Many people will underestimate this product because it doesn’t have any function for the skin and just hydrate your skin. You are totally wrong about it guys! Essence not only hydrates or moisten your dry skin, but it also has the function to fix your skin problem too. Like, can fix textured skin, removes dark spot, or heal your acne.

The key is just choosing the product based on your skin type and skin needs. For you who have sensitive skin, you need essence that has snail mucin ingredients. Because it works very fast to fix your redness or acne skin. It sounds disgusting, but believe me, it doesn’t have any smell and the function will make you fall in love in a while. If you can use it frequently, you will get healthy and glowing skin.

Another ingredient that you can choose for your skin is Hyaluronic Acid. This is an ingredient that suitable if your skin is not too complicated. And you can also choose it if you want an essence that has a light texture. So which one would you prefer for your skin?

6. Fix Your Skin Problem Using Serum

In the past, no one knows this product. But now, this product is a necessity for almost everyone because its function is like magic. Yes, we want to talk about serum! This is a skincare product that will fix any skin problem that you have. You just have to choose the product based on your skin type and skin problem, then it will heal your skin.

For those who have sensitive skin, a serum that has Centella Asiatica or Hyaluronic Acid ingredients will help you to fix your skin problem like acne, breakout, redness, or even dryness. Besides that, it’s a safe ingredient that won’t make your skin get worst or even irritated. Use it for twice a day if you want to feel the maximal result.

The only ingredient of serum that you have to avoid is the product that contains alcohol, perfume, AHA, Salicylic Acid, and Vitamin C because all of that ingredient is harsh on your skin and will make your skin get worst or even irritated. So, make sure you already read the ingredients of the product before you buy or wear it.

7. Always Use Spot Treatment to Resolve Acne

Having sensitive skin will not be far away from acne problems, am I right? Don’t ever think to pop the acne, because it can make your skin inflammation and ruin your skin barrier. You need a product that will help you to resolve this problem. And our recommendation is to use a spot treatment!

A lack of people knows this product because it’s still not popular yet. But people who are skincare experts will know about it. Spot treatment will help you to make your acne ripe and pop by itself, the key is just to be patient because it will take time. Use the product only on the area that gets acne at night to make it works well, then don’t forget to wear sunscreen in the morning! And the very first thing that you should avoid is touching your acne which will make it get worst or even spread.

8. Lock Your Previous Skincare with Moisturizer

Now it’s time for you to lock your previous skincare to make it works by using moisturizer. As you know, moisturizer is basic skincare that you can’t skip. You may leave the essence or serum part, but you can’t leave the moisturizer. Moreover, only using this product is already enough for fixing your skin problem, and again you just have to be patient for the result.

Then if you have sensitive skin, the best moisturizer for you is a product that contains Ceramides, Centella Asiatica, Hyaluronic Acid, or Aloe Vera. But from all that skincare, I think that has a fast result is Ceramides, moreover, it can fix your skin barrier too. Meanwhile, if you just want a light moisturizer and calming irritated skin you can prefer Aloe Vera.

Then, Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronic Acid have the function to calm the redness and resolve your acne. So, you can adjust which ingredient that suitable for your skin and will help your skin problem. Then, use it twice a day to complete your skincare routine step.

9. Sheet Mask for Calming Your Redness

Already use your skincare routine but still can’t overcome the redness? You don’t have to worry about it girls! We have a lot of solutions for you! To reduce your redness, you can use a sheet mask. Because this product contains a lot of serum which is rich in nutrition for your skin. This is the only type of mask that is very safe for sensitive skin and won’t make your skin get irritation.

Before using this product, you can save it in the refrigerator first to make it cold. Then, after you feel it’s already cold, you can immediately use it on your face for 15-20 minutes. Believe me, it will work to overcome the redness! Wear a sheet mask in the morning before using makeup or at night before going to sleep. You can feel the result if you can wear it every day or at least 3 times a week.

10. Don’t Ever Skip to Use Sunscreen in The Morning

No matter what your skin type is, you always need to protect your skin from UV light. Because UV light has a negative effect on your skin triggering acne, skin breakout, uneven skin, wrinkles, skin burn, irritation, and the very worst skin cancers. Especially if you have sensitive skin, using sunscreen will be very helpful to prevent redness.

Sunscreen has 3 types of SPF, SPF 30 or SPF 45 for those who have an indoor activity and for those who still are teenagers. Meanwhile, SPF 50 if you have an outdoor activity or if you are already turn the 20s. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every 2-4 hours.

11. Moist Your Lips with Lip Balm

The last step of your skincare routine. You have to think about your lip’s health too because with healthy lips you will look youthful and healthy. Moreover, if you have a habit of using lipstick every day, I’m sure your lips will get dry and darker.

So, you can use lip balm before using lipstick or you may change it with tinted lip balm. Then, don’t forget to use this product at night too to get the maximal result. Believe me, you will get pink lips if you can use it frequently.

That’s all about our tips on skincare routines for sensitive skin. What do you think? Isn’t this topic will very helpful for overcoming your sensitive skin? The key is just to be patient and don’t forget to drink enough water every day. I hope you can get inspiration and enjoy tips on choosing skincare products for sensitive skin.


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