Home Beauty Get Chic Vibes with a Grunge Makeup Look | Easy Ways to Get Grunge Makeup

Get Chic Vibes with a Grunge Makeup Look | Easy Ways to Get Grunge Makeup

Get Chic Vibes with a Grunge Makeup Look | Easy Ways to Get Grunge Makeup

To look chic and cool is not only described by outfits, but your face look will be the main thing that people will see. Especially when you want to go to a fashion show, party, or any special occasion, your face should balance the outfit. Imagine when you wear chic outfits but you’re not wearing any makeup, your looks will be weird and not balanced.

Therefore, we will give you some makeup inspired that you can wear to go to the fashion show, Halloween party, or ordinary party that can match your chic outfit. Besides that, it can also make you look gorgeous. And grunge makeup look is the answer!

I know maybe you think this kind of makeup makes you look weird or even tacky. No, girls! If you know how to apply the right technique of makeup and choose the right color, this makeup will make you look chic and pretty or maybe you will love your face after this. So, if you are already curious about how to get this grunge makeup look, let’s go to the tutorial!


Easy Ways to Get Grunge Makeup Look


1. Make Sure Your Skin is Hydrated and Ready with Skincare

Before you put the makeup on, you should make sure your skin is hydrated and ready. This part will decide the finish of your makeup. If you let your skin dry, your makeup will not stick well on your skin. This is the first cause that can make your makeup easy to crack and cakey.

And wearing skincare will help you to protect your skin from the chemical of makeup that can make your skin breakout or get acne. So, if you love your skin and want to have long-lasting makeup without cracking or cakey, skincare is the first solution for you.


2. Stay Flawless by Using Primer

The next is step to get a flawless makeup look. Yes, wear a primer! You should use this kind of makeup to make your skin look flawless. Therefore, it really matters to choose a primer based on your skin problem and skin type.

For those who have oily skin, you can choose a primer that can hold the oil on your face so the makeup will not get cakey after a few hours. If you have dry skin, you should choose a primer that can hydrate your skin and make sure you already use moisturizer. Furthermore, for you who have big pores, you can use a primer that has a silicone texture to give the blur effect so your skin will look flawless.


3. Full Coverage Foundation

Because we want to attend a special occasion, you need a complexion that can make your skin look flawless and hide all of the imperfections on your skin. Therefore, you can choose a full coverage foundation. But if you feel it’s too heavy on your skin, you can choose a foundation that has medium to full coverage.

For the finished look, you can adjust it by your skin type but we recommend you choose the matte finish look for this makeup. And you can apply it by using a wet sponge or brush. If you want to get a natural finish, you can use a wet sponge to blend the foundation. But if you have a lot of blemishes and need more coverage, you can use a foundation brush.


4. Concealer to Hide the Blemishes

If the foundation still can’t hide your blemishes or acne, you can wear a concealer as the solution. Because concealers have a high coverage than a foundation. Therefore, many makeup artists never skip this part to hide your dark circle, blemishes, or acne.

You can wear a cream concealer to cover your imperfection. But if you don’t have it, don’t worry you still can use your liquid concealer. Apply the concealer to the area that you want, then you can wait for a few minutes until it’s half dry. Furthermore, you can continue by blending it using a wet sponge or concealer brush.


5. Powder for Prevent the Crack

Many people think wearing powder can prevent crack and cakey makeup. It’s right, but the technique and kind of the powder which very determine it. If you want to have flawless makeup without getting cracked or cakey after a few hours, you can choose a loose powder with the baking technique. So, how to do a baking technique?

To do this technique, you don’t have to put so much effort. You just have to prepare your loose powder, then take it using a sponge and apply it to the area of your face that is easy to crack or cakey. Furthermore, you should put it on the area that you put on the concealer to set it. This technique is always used by makeup experts.


6. Bring Back Your Face Dimension with Contour

As you can look in the mirror, now your face looks flat and losing its dimensions. So to bring back your face dimensions, you can apply contour. Even, it can give the illusion that you have a V-shape face or a small face.

You can apply contour under your cheekbone to make your chubby cheeks look thin, your jawline to get a V-shape face look, your hairline to make your face look small, and the last on the sides of your nose to give the pointy nose looks. Isn’t it very easy? You don’t have to waste your money to do face surgery, because just using contour, you can get your dream face shape.


7. Mauve Color Blush

For this makeup, we need a cool tone color, especially for blush. Therefore, we suggest you choose a mauve color as your blush. Besides that, it will match your dark eyeshadow. Because if you wear nude or any bright color, it will not look balanced with the theme of this makeup.

Apply mauve color to the apple of your cheek by using a blush brush. After that, make sure it blends well with your contour to prevent the clown or tacky face. And always remember to put on a little bit of blush. If you feel it still seems less, you can build it up little by little to get natural blush look.


8. Choose Natural Brows Look

Because your eye makeup will look sharp and on point, you can choose natural brows looks. If you choose on fleek brows look, your makeup will look not balanced and weird. That’s why balancing it’s really important to make your makeup look not tacky.

Draw your brows using a brow pencil that has a similar color to your hair. After that, give the effect of a bushy brow with brow mascara. Furthermore, tidy up your brows using concealer. Besides that, it can make your brows look sharper.


9. Dark Eyeshadow is The Key to Grunge Makeup

Grunge Makeup is identic to dark color, especially for eye makeup. So, you can choose a dark color like brown, maroon, or black color for the eyeshadow. Don’t be afraid it will look weird, because we will blend it very well to make sure the eyeshadow not blocking your eyelid.

First, you can apply light brown eyeshadow all over your eyelid as the beginner step. Then apply dark brown to your crease. Continue with using black shadow for the outer corner of your eyelid. Furthermore, choose a shimmer color for your inner eyelid. Don’t forget to blend it until there’s no harsh line and become merges.


10. Foxy Eyeliner to Make Your Eyes Look Sharp

It’s very important to make your eyes look sharp. So, what can you do to get this eye effect? Of course, eyeliner will be the first thing that crossed your mind. You can choose foxy type eyeliner because it will succeed to make your eyes look sharper, especially for you who have droopy eyes.

You can draw the liner from the inner corner of your eyes until the outer corner, and make a high sharp wing at the end. The last thing that can make your eyes look sharper is to use a black pencil liner for the waterline.


11. False Lashes and Mascara

Next to complete your eye makeup is to use false lashes! only use mascara it can’t make your eyes look pop and will ruin your eye makeup. Therefore, you should wear false lashes and choose that has dramatic look to support this grunge makeup.

You can put on the mascara fist on the upper and lower lash as the base and synch between your natural lashes and the false lashes. Furthermore, wait a few seconds until the mascara dries, and you can start applying the false lashes.


12. Highlighter to Make Your Skin Looks Glow

Not only your eyes that need to be popped, but your skin needs it too. Besides that wearing highlighter can make your skin look glow and healthy too. You can choose it based on your skin tone, if you have light skin you can prefer a champagne color. But if you have dark skin, you can use a gold color. And apply it to the highest point of your face like the cheekbone, brow bone, and nose.


13. Dark Color Lipstick

Now we have almost finished the makeup! For the lipstick, you can use dark color lips like maroon, mauve, navy, or even black. Adjust it by the occasions that you want to attend. Furthermore, full lips look is needed on this makeup look to give a sexy and chic look. Therefore, you can use a lip liner first before applying the lipstick.


14. Finish Your Makeup with Setting Spray

Now, we are already through the last step! Yes, the part that you already know for making your makeup stay all day without crack or cakey. You’re right, the answer is setting spray! You can choose it based on your skin type or skin problem to get the maximal result from this product.


And your makeup is done! what do you think about this makeup? isn’t it will make you look chic and pretty? Yes, by following this tutorial you will very easy to get the grunge makeup. The key is just using a dark color and making sure you blend it well. I hope you can follow this tutorial easily and enjoy this get chic vibes with a grunge makeup look.


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