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How to Mix and Match Your Outfits Using Sneakers | 16 Sneakers Outfit Ideas

How to Mix and Match Your Outfits Using Sneakers | 16 Sneakers Outfit Ideas

Impossible to dress up using sneakers? Who said that? You must throw away that thought because using sneakers will make you look chic and fashionable. I know you will think using sneakers is only for casual occasions like hangouts or having a streetwalk. But, now people use to wear sneakers for special occasions even for work or parties.

Sneakers are safe shoes that can give you a comfy feel or make you easy to move without being afraid to hurt your feet. But, most of you always style your sneakers with jeans or a t-shirt to get a safe outfit look. Or you feel confused to style your sneakers so you choose jeans as the alternative.

Therefore, we want to give you some outfit inspiration using sneakers to get a fashionable and chic look for any occasion. Are you guys can’t wait for this? Or maybe you are looking for an outfit that uses sneakers because it’s your favorite shoes to wear? Ok, without any for the do, let’s talk about how to mix and match your outfits using sneakers!


16 Sneakers Outfit Ideas for Any Occasions


1. Basic Outfit is a Safe Outfit to Wear

First, let’s talk about the outfit that you guys usually use. Yes, basic outfit! this can be called the best match for sneakers because it can support the casual look. You can mix and match your jeans pants with a basic t-shirt that you have.

You can stop until this step, but if you want to look chicer or give a glamour look, you could add some necklace and earrings. Your ordinary outfit will turn into an amazing just added some accessories. And for the bag, we recommend you to use a waist bag or shoulder bag.


2. Get the Sporty Look

Sneakers are identic with the sport. Because it’s made to support the sport and make you feel comfortable to get a move. That’s why you can wear it to do an exercise. You can also mix it with an outfit that can give a light feel to your body like biker shorts and a tank top. I’m sure this outfit is really suitable for doing exercise.

Besides that, you can wear this outfit for hangouts with your friends or going to the coffee shop. You can add a cap as your head accessories to level up your fashion style. And to bring your stuff, you can choose a shoulder bag, waist bag, or tote bag.


3. Peasant Dress and Sneakers

Who said you can’t look girly with sneakers? You’re wrong, girls! Using a dress will never gonna lose the feminine side of you. And whatever the shoes that you’re gonna wear, you still look fabulous and pretty. So, you can choose a peasant dress to keep the girly look and sneakers to balance the outfit and make you feel comfy for a walk.

To support your girly looks, you can add some accessories like a headband, necklace, earrings, or hairpins. You can see how wonderful you’re right now! To carry your important items, you can use a shoulder bag or sling bag. This outfit will be suitable for you who want to go to the park, garden, or hangouts with your friend at the café.


4. Ripped Jeans and Knit Sweater

Just want to hangouts with your friend or watch a movie? You need an outfit that can make you feel warm and comfy. Therefore, you can combine your ripped jeans and knit sweater. This outfit will look cool to be used with sneakers. Besides that, the ripped jeans will give you the chic look. Meanwhile, a sweater can keep your body warm. Choose a sling bag or handbag for your bag.


5. Mix Your Short Pants and Blazer

Want to look casual but still get the formal look? why don’t you try this one outfit idea? You can mix your short pants and blazer. Short pants will make you look casual and the blazer can give the touch of a formal look. For the inner top, you can choose a crop tube top to make you look chic and fashionable.

Moreover, when you combine this outfit with sneakers, you will look great even if it’s simple. You can add some accessories to make you look chicer like sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, or any accessories that you want. Furthermore, for the bag, you can choose a shoulder bag or handbag to bring all of your stuff.


6. Office Look Outfit

Is impossible to wear sneakers for work? This outfit idea will change your mind! You can use a mini skirt and combine it with a blazer and a basic t-shirt. It may look simple and ordinary but this can turn into a chic look when you add sneakers.

Besides that, you can add accessories that have a gold color to make your outfit look fancy and glamorous. Furthermore, you can make a bun for your hair to give an elegant look. Also, use a clutch or handbag to save your stuff.


7. Off Shoulder Dress

This is an outfit that you can wear if you want to go to the garden or just want to hangouts with your friend at the café or coffee shop. You can wear an off-shoulder dress to make you look pretty and get girly vibes. And use sneakers to make you feel free to walk or easy to get a move even if you already use it all day long.

Then, for the accessories, you can use necklaces to fill the blank space on your neck and combine it with earrings and bracelets. Furthermore, because we want to look girly, you can use a sling bag or handbag for bringing your stuff.


8. Chic Outfit Look

Want a chic outfit that can also keep you warm? Here is our recommendation for you girls. You can try to mix and match your ripped jeans with a basic t-shirt and long knit cardigan. This is an outfit that you can wear during the cold weather because the long knit cardigan can keep your body warm.

To support this chic outfit, you can add a beanie hat for your head accessories. Not only to support your outfit, but a beanie hat can also keep your head warm so this is very suitable to wear in wintertime or cold weather. For the bag, you can use a sling bag or handbag to carry your items.


9. Denim Skirt and Basic T-shirt

Talking about the basic t-shirts is never gonna end. Because this is one of the timeless outfits that you can have. Besides that, it can also match all of your outfits! So, now we want to suggest you combine your basic t-shirt with a denim skirt to get a casual look.

And don’t forget about the main outfit of this idea which is sneakers. You can add some accessories if you want, like a bucket hat, cap, a necklace, or any accessories that can boost your confidence. The last thing, for your bag, you can use a waist bag or mini backpack bag.


10. Boho Dress

You can use a boho dress and sneakers for your spring outfit. Also, this dress will be suitable for you who want to hangouts with your friends, have a streetwalk, or go to a coffee shop. Even if you’re using a dress, this outfit can make you feel comfy and free to get a move.

If you think just wearing this dress is not enough, you can use an accessory to level up your fashion style. Furthermore, the thing that you will never forget is a bag! You can use a sling bag, shoulder bag, or handbag to bring your stuff.


11. Chill Out with Loose Pants and Shirt

This is an outfit for you who got a chill personality because this outfit can describe you without telling everyone. You can style your loose pants with a shirt. Maybe this outfit seems so simple but this can give you a chic look and chill vibes. Moreover, you want to use sneakers that can support this style. And choose a shoulder bag for bringing your important items.


12. Summer Long Dress

Next, the outfit that is very suitable to use for summer. This long dress can describe the summer vibes and give a cool feeling in the hot weather. Even if it’s a long dress, you still can mix it with sneakers to make you feel easy to walk. You can add sunglasses to support the vibes and a sling bag to make sure your stuff is safe.


13. Loose Pants and Blazer

Another outfit idea for work wearing sneakers. Do you know that sneakers are very universal shoes that you can mix with any outfit. And you can also mix it with pants and a blazer like a usual outfit for work. But, sneakers give another vibe that can make you look chicer.

You can make this outfit look fancy and glamourous by using a necklace, waist, bracelet, or earrings. And for your hair, you can do a ponytail or make it curl to give an elegant vibe. Furthermore, for the bag, you can use a handbag or clutch.


14. Wintertime Outfit Look

We have already talked about the winter outfit before, and if you don’t like that idea, maybe you can try this one. Style your legging pants with a coat as the outer that can keep you warm. And you can use a turtleneck top or a t-shirt as the inner top.

You can add accessories like a cap to keep your head warm or protect your face from the sunlight and use a scarf to keep your neck warm. For carrying your stuff, you can adjust by the needs. If you need a small size bag, you can choose a sling bag. But, if you need a large bag, you can use a handbag or tote bag.


15. Baggy Jeans and Crop Shirt

You can mix your baggy jeans with a crop shirt as the outer top. And for the inner top, you can use a crop tank top or crop tube top to give the chic look. This outfit may look simple but can make show you have a good taste in fashion.

Moreover, when you put the scarf as an accessory for your pants and wear a necklace to give a touch of glamour. Also, the sunglass that you wore to protect your eyes from the sunlight but level up your fashion style. Believe me, this is the outfit that will never make you shame to go anywhere except to a party or special occasions. Furthermore, use a waist bag to bring your needs.


16. Bodycon Dress and Cardigan

If you like wearing a dress, I suggest you try a bodycon dress. This dress can show your body shape so you will look sexier and hot. And you can use a cardigan as the outer to make this outfit look cute and more fashionable. This style will look amazing to use with sneakers.

Add some accessories and a shoulder bag to complete this outfit. You can wear this outfit for hangouts with your friends, photoshoots, have a streetwalk, go to a garden, or just chill out at the coffee shop.


I think that’s it about our 16 outfits inspired using sneakers that we can share with you. Go find your clothes in the wardrobe and start to mix and match it by following our ideas. So, you can get a chic look outfit using sneakers. I hope you can get the inspiration from how to mix and match your outfits using sneakers.


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