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Recommended Activities to Having Fun with Your Best Friend

Recommended Activities to Having Fun with Your Best Friend

A best friend is identical with a person that you really love the most to do something with or a person that you trust the most to keep all of your secrets. But if you use to meet frequently, sometimes the boring feel will come. Or are you guys already doing anything until makes you feel clueless what the things that you should do anymore.

So, do you already feel bored or clueless about the things that you can do to have fun? Don’t worry guys! Because many activities that you can do with your best friend to have fun together. Even light activity can make all of you feel happier and bring back your mood.

Ok, I know you already make a question what are those activities? And how to lose your boring feel and bad mood? Now, we want to share our recommended activities for having fun with your best friend. And without any for the do, let’s jump to the topic.


15 Activities Ideas to Do with Your Best Friend


1. Have a Sleepover

First, the thing is very simple but can make both of you have more time together. This is very fun to do because you can do this activity and have the same pajamas. You can take a selfie together as a memory, make a fun video, or even have a deep talk all night. This activity sounds simple but has an important side that can make you guys closer.

If you and your best friend feel loose or you guys are in a busy time lately, this activity will bring back your relationship and make both of you close anymore. So, what do you think? Go invite your best friend for a sleepover tonight!


2. Go to The Playing Park

The next activity is going to the playing park. If you and your best friend get bored with all the things that you already do, why don’t try this activity? It’s can change your mood and make you have time to enjoy yourself together. Sometimes, going to the mall is feel boring and you need a new place with a new activity to do.

Therefore, you don’t have to waste much money on this, because you just have to buy an entry ticket and you can enjoy your time in that place all day long. Even, there’s a free playing park. So, are you ready to have fun?


3. Face Mask Time!

Don’t do anything yet? And you guys just stay in the room without knowing what you should do? Wait, guys, why don’t you try to wear a face mask together? Besides it’s really fun to do, this activity has a benefit for your skin and can also make you feel relaxed.

If both of you have a busy time and just want to chill out in the room, you can do this activity while having a deep talk. And you can do each other masks to add the fun vibes and make you guys feel closer.


4. Traveling to Your Dream Place

If you and your best friend have some free time for a few days, you can try this activity. I’m sure this is one of your dreams together! Yes, traveling to your dream place. It can make you and your best friend feel close and very fun.

You can plan it for a month ago before you want to go traveling, make sure all the things are ready like ticket, money, list the place that you want to go, and any preparation is ready. Furthermore, you can enjoy traveling with your best friend.


5. Read a Book

Want the activity that can bring peace to you? You can try to read a book with your best friend. Moreover, you don’t have to waste your energy going outside. Because you can do this activity at home while chilling on the bed.

It can make you and your best friend feel relaxed and calm after a hard day or busy day. Besides that, you can do a silly jokes while reading a book. Isn’t it feel interesting to do, right? Even you don’t need to spend money on this activity.


6. Do the Laundry Together

The next activity that is very useful is doing laundry. Sometimes, if you do this activity alone, you will feel bored while waiting for your laundry to finish. Therefore, you can invite your best friend to a laundry together to accompany you. Also, you can take a picture while waiting for your clothes to finish or you can have a random talk to spend your free time.

Sounds fun but useful, right? Your clothes clean and you will feel happier because you do this with your best friend and not make you feel bored. So, now you can start to do laundry with your best friend to have more time together.


7. Movie Time

This activity may already be your favorite thing to do with your best friend. I’m sure you already know the answer, yes watch a movie! This is the activity that you will never get bored of because there’s always a new movie that can you and your best friend watch.

You can watch a movie at the theatre or at home. Get a deal with your best friend which is the place where both of you want to get movie time. If you go to the theatre, maybe you can get a new vibe. But if you do it at home, you can feel more comfy and relaxed.


8. Enjoy Your Time Together with Cooking

Another alternative activity that you and your best friend can do is cooking! Do you know this is the most activity that is very fun to do? It’s fine if you don’t have a skill in cooking. But you can try this activity only for fun and also to learn how to cook.

Maybe you think this activity is a kinda waste your energy or you’re too lazy to do this activity. But believe me, once you did this activity, you will want to do it more. Moreover, you do it with your best friend that can bring fun and happy vibes.


9. Go to the Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? I’m sure lack of people who don’t love this place. Beach can be one of your destinations with your best friend for having fun. The view and vibes of the beach can heal your mind. And you can do many things at the beach, like swimming, sunbathing, playing with water, enjoying the coconut, and many more.


10. Take a Picture

When you feel bored and you guys don’t have money, you can try this idea. Wear your nice outfit and put the makeup on, and go outside to find the best place to take a picture. This is very fun and usually, almost every girl’s best friend always does. Besides having fun, you can also get the pretty picture to be uploaded on your social media. Very easy to spend your time without money, right?


11. Have a Streetwalk

Feeling bored at home? Or need the fresh air from the outside? You can invite your best friend to have a streetwalk with you. You can walk without knowing the place that you want to go to while having random things to talk about. This activity can make you and your best friend know each other and feel closer.

Or you can go to the place that you want to go on a walk. Besides making a good relationship with your best friend, this activity can also fresh your thoughtful mind to be more peaceful and calm. And you know, having a walk can make you healthier.


12. Groceries Shopping

This is another fun thing to do with your best friend. Yes, doing a shop groceries! When girls feel bored, I know the first thing that crosses in their minds is a snack. So, before you chill and become lazy, you can do some groceries first to buy your favorite snack. Besides that, this can entertain you and reduce your bad mood.


13. Have a Ride and Enjoy the Street

Now, I have another activity that can change your bored into happiness. Grab your car’s key and invite your best friend to have a ride with you. Even if you don’t have a place to go, it’s ok. You just have to keep riding and vibing. Furthermore, you can sing together with your best friend to support the vibes.


14. Playing Uno Cards

Get bored but don’t want to go outside? Yes, you can play Uno cards with your best friend. It seems simple but can improve your relationship with your best friend. And this is very fun to do even if it’s only cards. Moreover, if you do this activity on a rainy day, I believe you will get the vibes. So, what are you waiting for? Do this activity right now!


15. Make a Party

If you want to feel bored or there’s a special occasion, you can make a party and invite all of your best friends. You know a party will never fail you to make you fun and happy. Furthermore, there’s your best friend that can support the vibes.

You don’t have to make a big party because a small party and being surrounded by your best friend is enough to make a fun party. You can add balloons, or any decorations to give the party look and add your favorite food.


That’s all that we can share with you. What do you think guys? Sounds fun, right? Even some activities don’t need money. So, there’s no reason to feel bored or clueless anymore with your best friend. Make your time to have fun and know each other with your best friend. I hope you get the inspiration and enjoy these recommended activities to having fun with your best friend.


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