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Beauty Tools and The Function That You Should Know

Beauty Tools and The Function That You Should Know

Talk about beauty is never gonna end because it’s an endless topic that has a lot of types. When you wear skincare or makeup, you don’t only have to consider about the product or ingredients. But you also have to consider the beauty tools to help you apply your skincare or makeup.

Sometimes, wearing your fingers or hands is not maximal the product and feels so tricky. Therefore, there’s an innovation that we called as beauty tools. It has many types and has its own function that will help you to apply skincare or makeup.

Are you already know about the type of beauty tools? Or do you know about the tools but don’t know about the function? Calm down, girls! Because know we want to tell you about the beauty tools and the function that you should know so you don’t feel confused which the tools that you really need. And let we go to the topic!


15 Beauty Tools You Should Know


1. Makeup Brush

This is the most popular beauty tool that every girl knows. Who doesn’t know about this tool? I’m sure all of you wear it almost every day when you do makeup. It will help you a lot to apply your makeup and prevent your hand get dirty.

Besides that, when you apply your makeup with a brush, it will make your makeup look neater and look professional. Even this tool can help you to do something that your hand can’t, like make your brows. Isn’t this one very important right? So, you can consider trying this tool to make your life easier.


2. Sonic Facial Cleanser

Next, we want to tell you about something that very hits to cleanse your face. Ok, let me introduce you to this sonic facial cleanser! Why this small tool has become hits? It is because this tool very effective in cleansing your face. A sonic facial cleanser will help you to cleanse your skin into the pores so there’s no dirt left that can cause acne or breakout.

This tool has been a lifesaver for people who have acne-prone skin and sensitive skin because it will help to overcome or avoid the acne and the silicone is very gentle so your skin will not get irritation. Moreover, this tool has a vibration that can expedite blood circulation.


3. Face Roller

Are you already know about face rollers? This is a tool that you can wear to maximize your skincare product, so the ingredients can absorb well into your skin. Isn’t it enough to apply skincare only using our hands?

Maybe using your hand already enough to apply your skincare. But, using a face roller can help to improve blood circulation which can make your skincare product works effectively. Still have a thought using your hand is enough? To get glowing skin, you need to improve your beauty tools too.


4. Hand Mirror

This is the tool that you really need! Yes, mirror! You need this one to apply skincare or makeup. Without a mirror, you can’t apply your skincare well and your makeup will look messy. And a hand mirror will be an alternative for you because it has a small size that you can put on your bag so you can bring it anywhere.

There’s another function of a hand mirror, which is will help you to apply makeup very well. You can adjust the range, especially when you want to use eye makeup. So now you can grab faster your hand mirror and always put it in your bag.


5. Beauty Sponge

Now we have another tool that is used for makeup. The tool is a beauty sponge, you can make it wet first by a soak in water for a while and dry it, then you can use it. This technique will help you to use it easily and get the natural finish makeup. Usually, it uses to blend the foundation. But we can also use it to blend any liquid product like contour, concealer, blush, or highlighter.

Besides for blend the liquid products, a beauty sponge can be used to apply powder for having a natural finish look. When we use a brush to apply powder, the finish will look powdery. Meanwhile, when we use a beauty sponge, the finish will look more natural because the powder is blended with a wet sponge.


6. Blackheads Cleaning Brush

Have a lot of blackheads on your face, especially on your nose? Don’t worry, because we have a blackhead cleaning brush for this problem! But you barely use it. You have to use warm water first to make the blackheads tender, then continue with this tool to remove all the blackheads on your face. You can rub it gently to prevent your skin get red or irritated.


7. Eyelash Curler

The Eyelash curler has a function to curl your straight lashes. I know not everyone is born with long and curled lashes, therefore, this tool was created. This is the solution for you who want to get curl lashes without doing a lash lift or any treatment.

Make sure you bought a good curler because this can be your lifetime beauty tool. Don’t think about the pricey price, believe the tool will be as good as the price. So, you don’t have to waste your money doing treatment once a month!


8. Tweezer

People use the tweezer to lose the hair brows to shape and make the brows look clean. But, you can also use it to pull out the blackheads. How very useful right? Moreover, there’s a tweezer that use to help you wear fake lashes easily. So choose it by your needs or you can buy the full set version to make it easier.


9. Gua Sha

Gua sha is a trend in beauty tools now. How could just a small stone get very popular? You can’t underestimate this tool! Even though it has a small size, it has a lot of benefits. Gua sha can expedite blood circulation, make you get a V-shape face, reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, prevent acne, and can make your skincare works well.

Before you use this tool, you can keep it in the fridge. Furthermore, you should make sure your skin is slick by using face oil. Slick skin will help you to rub your skin easily and avoid your skin getting irritated or wound. You can use it for 5-10 minutes per part of your face to get the maximal result.


10. Ice Globes Roller

There’s a new innovation in the beauty world which is the ice globes roller. This tool that usually use after washing your face or while applying the sheet mask. You just have to roll it from the inner of your face to your outer face. Make sure you already chill it in the fridge before using it.

Besides this tool looking cute and attractive, an ice globe roller has many benefits for your face like gua sha or face roller. It can help you to reduce inflammation, calm the redness skin, expedite blood circulation, shrink pores, and many more.


11. Facial Cleansing Brush

The facial cleansing brush has the same function as a sonic facial cleanser, it has a function to help you to cleanse your face. The difference is a facial cleansing brush is not having the vibration because there’s no energy to support it. Therefore, this tool is cheaper than a sonic facial cleanser.

So, if you don’t have enough money to buy a sonic facial cleanser, it can be an alternative for you. Because washing your face only uses hands it can’t cleanse your skin well. You need still need help from the tools to cleanse your skin into the pores.


12. Facial Steamer

A lack of people know about facial steam, but if you know it. This technique can help you to overcome many skin problems, like overcoming your acne skin, removing the blackheads, calming your skin, expediting blood circulation, detoxing your skin, and many more.

To do this technique, you don’t have to put too much effort like boiling the water or using a towel to keep the steam. Because there’s a tool that names facial steamer that will make you do facial steam very quick and easy. Even if the tool is pricey, it can be your lifetime beauty tool that can be worth the price.


13. Brush Cleaning Pad

You should make sure everything that gonna touch your skin is clean. Even you should make sure your hands are always clean before touching your face. Especially brush makeup that the place where the bacteria lives. Therefore, you should cleanse it at least once a week or after you use it.

To make it easier to cleanse your makeup brush, you can use a brush cleaning pad. Besides for brush, it can also use to cleanse your beauty sponge but you should do it gently to make sure you’re not ruining it. And don’t forget to use soap to make sure your makeup tools are clean and hygienic.


14. Eyebrow Trimmer

If you feel hurt cleanse your brow using a tweezer, you can change it using an eyebrow trimmer. This tool is very easy to find and use. Besides that, using an eyebrow trimmer is very effective to cleanse and shape your brow and you don’t need a lot of time to cleanse your brows. In only 5-10 minutes you already have a clean and neat brow.

But the minus is if you use this tool to cleanse your brows, it only stays for 2-3 days because it’s not lost the hair into the root. That’s why your eyebrow hair will grow faster than using a tweezer or wax.


15. Skincare Fridge

The last beauty tool that we’re gonna discuss is the skincare fridge. Maybe you think it’s enough to put on your skincare on your dressing table. But you should know, that there is skincare that needs to be chilled or better used when it gets chill like a sheet mask, face roller, gua sha, or any skincare product.

Besides that, by put your skincare product in the fridge, it will make your skincare stay longer and prevent your skincare get broken. Isn’t you starting to think you need this tool? It doesn’t only look cute but is very useful to keep your skincare.


I think that’s enough that we can share with you. Now you already know about the type of beauty tools and the function so you can consider which tools you really need. Furthermore, you can start to invest in beauty tools because you can use it for a lifetime. I hope you can understand and enjoy these beauty tools and the function that you should know.


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