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All Things About Face Serum [Benefits and Types of Face Serum]

It never feels boring talking about skincare! Because we are never satisfied even though we already have healthy skin. Of course, our skin needs so much nutrition like our body and basic skincare will never be enough for it. How could that happen? The answer is basic skincare just having basic ingredients that have the function only to fulfill basic things that your skin needs.

If you are new at skincare, I’m sure you only know about facial wash, toners, moisturizers, and sunscreen. It’s obvious, all of that is basic skincare. So, what kind of product can give your skin more nutrition? There are masks, essence, and the topic that we’re gonna discuss is serum. A lack of people knows about the serum, maybe you just hear it because it become a very popular skincare product lately. So, let’s find out about serum!

What is Serum and The Benefits?

Face serum is one of the skincare products that have highly active ingredients, starting from multivitamins and acids to an antioxidant that is great for giving nutrition to your skin. Usually, face serum can be found in a bottle that has water until a gel solution with clear color and light texture. Therefore, this skincare has good absorption than any skincare product.

But you can’t choose the serum carelessly because it will make your skin gets worst. That’s why, you have to know about your skin type and skin problem first, then find out about the ingredients that can overcome your problem. Try to choose a serum that has natural ingredients because it has fewer side effects on the skin.

Can be concluded, face serum is like a moisturizer that can hydrate your skin. But it has a light texture with a high concentration which can penetrate deep into the skin easier, faster, and equally. So, it means face serum is gonna be the best choice to solve your skin problems.

So, after talking about what is serum. Now, we’re gonna tell you about the benefits of serum if you can choose and use it in the right way. Such as :

  • serum can brighten the skin,
  • serum would help you to fight the acne on the skin,
  • serum will remove the dark spots and hyperpigmentation,
  • serum is an anti-aging product that can reduce wrinkles,
  • serum to fix the skin barrier,
  • serum for hydrating the skin, and
  • serum can soothe the skin.

What Makes Serum Different From Another Skincare?

What makes serum different from other skincare products is that serum has highly concentrated ingredients. Therefore, the serum is usually packaged in a glass bottle to avoid the ingredients being exposed to UV light which can break the active substances.

The advantage of serum is you don’t need to use a lot of it, not like any product such as moisturizer which can save the product perfectly. If you’re asking why it is because serum has not added heavy ingredients, then use fewer lubricants and thickeners like oil. So even though serum has a pricey price, I think it is worth all of the things.

How to Use Serum in The Right Ways

To wear serum is so easy and don’t need to put a lot of product, because you just need 1-2 drops then flatten all over the face and bring it to your neck. Focus applying the product on the area that has a problem. And we suggest you use this product 1-2 times a day in the morning and the evening before going to sleep to get the maximum result.

Step by Step to Wearing Serum in The Right Way

  1. Wash your face with a facial wash like usual and rinse with water. It’s optional, you can wait until the water absorbs into your skin or you may dry it with a towel. Wait for a minute before continuing to the next step,
  2. Use a toner to make sure your skin is already cleansed because toner can lift the leftover product that is still left on the skin. Also, toner has the function to balance the skin’s pH and hydrate the skin. Then, keep quiet for 1-2 minutes or until the skin is not too wet,
  3. Next, you can continue to apply the serum immediately, because the serum can work well on moist skin over on dry skin,
  4. Apply the serum while massaging your face by doing a circular motion with your fingers to make the product absorb well into the skin. And this step will help you to make your skin tighten. Don’t forget to cleanse your hands before doing this step,
  5. Wait 2-3 minutes. If the serum left a sticky or greasy feeling it means it doesn’t work or you can wait a little bit longer until that feeling is gone,
  6. Now, lock your toner and serum with a moisturizer by warming the product on your hands first it serves the purpose to activate the ingredients inside of it. After the moisturizer feels melted, you can use it on your face by doing a massage from the inner part to the outer part of the face,
  7. Last, you can continue with the sunscreen or use any skincare products that you want to wear.

Tips on Choosing Serum Based on Your Skin Types and Problems

The serum has a good side effect if you can choose it based on your skin type. But if you pick the wrong serum, I believe, your skin will broke. So, you need to find which type of serum matches your skin to avoid this worst thing happening. Before that, I guess is important to know your skin type. Do you already know that?

If you don’t know it yet, maybe you can do research first. But if you already know, let’s continue the topic! Here is the type of serum based on your skin type and skin problems.

Dry and Sensitive Skin

As the function of serum is hydrating your skin, of course, people with dry to sensitive skin can use it! Even serum can hydrate your skin very well than a moisturizer. But if your skin tends to get sensitive, you have to be careful while choosing the product. Therefore, you need to know which kinds of ingredients that suited to your sensitive skin.

We suggest you use a serum that has niacinamide, polyglutamic acid, vitamin E, peptide, and ceramide ingredients. Or you can also use a serum that is made from natural ingredients like Centella Asiatica, or extract plant. Furthermore, before using a serum, you must wait for 15 minutes after washing your face. This step has the purpose of avoiding the serum absorb into your skin quickly which will cause skin irritation.

Aging Skin

Having wrinkles on the skin is very disturbing because it can make your face looks older. Therefore, if you already turn the 20s you must give extra effort on take care of your skin. Especially, if you are an active person that always has outdoor activity. Adding a serum to your skincare routine can be one of the solutions to overcome premature aging.

The best ingredients to solve wrinkles and dark spots due to aging are ceramides, collagen, retinol, and niacinamide. For the retinol serum, you may use it only in the evening because retinol can’t be exposed to UV light, if you let it happen your skin will get irritated. Also, always remember to wear sunscreen in the morning and retouch every 4 hours.

Oily and Acne Skin

Who said that oily and acne skin can’t wear serum? Don’t worry, guys! It won’t exceed the oil production to your skin. Otherwise, a serum will control your oil production and reduce acne. Isn’t the benefit of serum make you want to have it? But don’t be in a hurry of buying this product, you need to know that the ingredients are safe, especially for acne-prone skin.

So, the active ingredients that can solve your skin problem are vitamin C, tea tree, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide, and last is retinol. But the thing that you have to know not every skin type is suitable for vitamin C and retinol. Because both of that has higher ingredients that will cause inflammation or even irritation.

Normal to Combination Skin

If your skin is normal, I think you are lucky! Because everyone dreams about that skin. So, I think you don’t have to force yourself to wear serum. But it’s fine if you want to use it because you feel like your skin looks dull or needs more nutrition. Meanwhile, for those who have combination skin, you just have to focus on wearing the product on the forehead, nose, and chin which could help you to hold the oil.

For the serum ingredients, maybe you can adjust to the problem of your skin at that time. Like wearing niacinamide serum if you feel your skin is dull or using salicylic acid when your skin tends to get oily. But for safe ingredients, you may try Centella Asiatica, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid which are suitable for any skin type or skin problems.

The Mistakes While Using Face Serum That You Should Avoid

Besides the ingredients and how to use the serum, there are a few mistakes that could happen while using it. Because these mistakes will give an effect that possibly makes your serum doesn’t work or even give a negative side. So, here are the mistakes that you have to avoid!

Use a Lot of Products

I know serum is giving your skin a good effect, moreover, after you know how it can give a big effect on the skin. But that doesn’t mean, you wear a lot of it that will cause greasy feels or even makes your skin irritated. You only need a few drops of serum, then flatten to the whole of the face. Furthermore, pay attention to the times of wearing it. Usually, a serum can be worn twice a day and yet depends on the ingredients.

Wear it on Affected Skin

If you have skin diseases like eczema, rosacea, or any other skin diseases, you need to consult with a doctor. This action seeks to prevent your skin from getting worst. Or we recommend you avoid using serum until the disease is totally cured. Because using a skincare product carelessly can be a big risk for you. Instead of making your skin healthy, even make your skin condition worse.

Apply Moisturizer Before Serum

We don’t recommend wearing moisturizer before serum! Because the active substance inside the serum can’t be absorbed into the skin if you already use the moisturizer. So, if you’re a beginner, you better search about the order of using skincare products than use them randomly.

Don’t Use Moisturizer

The last point is don’t use moisturizer. I know, serum already gives hydration to your skin, but moisturizer is not less important than serum. Because moisturizer will also lock the previous skincare and help them to permeate and works on your skin. Therefore, moisturizer is used as the last step in skincare.

That’s the fact about serum! After knowing all about serums such as the benefits, how to use it, the types of serum, and the mistake while using it, I hope you can do extra to your skin. Because healthy skin will determine that you love yourself very much. So, do you already find your serum? Let’s go to buy it and start to fix your skin now!



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