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How to Have a Better Period | 16 Things That You Can Do to Relieve Your Cramps While on the Period

How to Have a Better Period | 16 Things That You Can Do to Relieve Your Cramps While on the Period

This is almost every girl’s problem that happens every month. Without asking you, I’m sure all of you know what it is. Yes, period! You know the period is the hardest time that you should face. There’s no period without cramps, and this is the first reason that can ruin your mood. Not only that, when we’re on the period, we tend to limit our movement because afraid it will leak.

But you don’t have to worry anymore girls! Because there are a lot of things that you can do to overcome this problem. You don’t have to go to the doctor just to relieve your cramps, because you still can do it by yourself at home and save your money. I know you feel confused now about what you can do to overcome this situation.

Don’t have to be confused, guys. We will answer your question by sharing with you the thing that you can do to have a better period or to relieve your cramps. Believe me, it will very helpful for you and can boost your mood while on the period. Are you feeling excited and want to know about these tips? Okay, without any for the do, let’s move on to the topic!

16 Things That You Can do to Have a Better Period

1. Non-Toxic Period Products

First that you have considered is about the health of your reproduction. Therefore you can choose non-toxic period products like a menstrual cup. I believe many of you already know about this one product. A menstrual cup is made from silicone which can accommodate the period blood that you have to put in on your miss V.

Maybe it sounds terrifying, but the fact it’s not. A menstrual cup is designed for you who have so much movement because it won’t leak to your outfits. But remember to change it every 8 hours to make sure it’s safe for your reproduction. So still want to use a pad that can limit your move?

2. Allow the Time to Rest

When you feel the cramp is so disturbing your activity, maybe it’s because your body is too tired. So, you need to take a rest for a while. Let your body relax and calm which can help to relieve your cramps.

Maybe you can take a nap for around 20-30 minutes. Not only for relieving your cramps, but it also helps to boost your mood. No matter how busy you’re, you should spare your time to take a rest even just sit on a comfy sofa.

3. Drink a Lot of Water

You know drink can bring a lot of benefits to your body especially to make your body healthy. Therefore, you need to drink a lot of water while you on your period to keep your body hydrated. This is can be also as the thing that can relieve your cramps and make your body relax.

You should drink mineral water at least 2 liters a day, not less or more. Because drinking less water can make you dehydrated, meanwhile drink too much water can make your body weak, get headaches, and feel sleepy.

4. Epsom Salt Bath

You know that taking a bath with Epsom salt can relieve your cramps. Besides that, it also has the function to relieve any pain in your body and also can relieve your stress. I believe you will ask why should Epsom salt.

Let me explain to you, that Epsom salt contains high magnesium which good to relieve your stiff muscles, calming the inflammation, and reducing pain. To make this Epsom salt bath is easy, you just have to prepare warm water and pour the Epsom salt into the bathtub. Furthermore, you can bathe for around 20 minutes to feel the result.

5. Wear Comfy Underwear

Move on to the thing that you wear which is underwear. Usually, when you’re on your period, you will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, when you use a pad, I believe it will very disturbing. So, you can choose comfy underwear and choose the stretch fabric that will not limit your moves.

6. Movie and Chill

One of the best things to relieve your cramps is distracting your mind. So, do you know the best activity you can do for distracting your mind? Yes, you’re right, girls! Watch a movie! You don’t have to go to the cinema because doing this activity will be very comfy at home.

And watching a movie at home can make you feel free to get a chill, you can do it on the bed and have your favorite snack. Believe me, it will be the best therapy to relieve your cramps. What are you waiting for girls? Go try this thing!

7. Avoid Alcoholic Drink

For you who love to consume alcoholic drinks, you should avoid them when you’re on period. And it’s much better if you can stop consuming it anymore. Because alcoholic drinks can increase estrogen and testosterone levels in your body which can extend your cramps.

Besides that, consuming too much alcohol is not good for your body’s health too. If you don’t have a limit to consuming alcohol it can break your liver, get a stroke, heart attack, and many other diseases. So, if you love yourself and your body, you better try to stop it from now.

8. Have a Cup of Ginger Tea in the Morning

Next, you can consume a cup of ginger tea in the morning to make your body relax. Not only that, ginger tea contains antioxidants which are good for helping you to launch your period cycle and relieve cramps.

And the plus side of this drink is it very easy to make. You just have to prepare a hot tea and put on the ginger that has been crushed. Wait for a few minutes and if you want to make it tastier, you can add a spoon of honey or lemon.

9. Do a Light Exercise

You know there’s a lot of benefit by doing exercise. And one of them is can help you to relieve your cramps. I know what you’re thinking, how could we do an exercise when we’re in cramps? Let me explain to you.

When you do an exercise, your body can relieve the endorphins which can reduce your cramps and it can also boost your mood. We recommend you to do a light exercise, like a take light workout, have a walk, or cycle.

10. Use a Hot Patch

If you have some free time, you can use a hot patch to relieve your cramps. This could be a natural way to relieve cramps if you don’t want to drink medicine. It’s because a hot patch can also help you to calm your uterine muscles and make your body relax.

If you don’t have a hot patch, you can change it with a glass bottle. But remember to put the warm water instead of hot water, because hot water can break the bottle. And you can leave the hot patch or bottle for around 15 minutes.

11. Eat Period Safe Food

You know there’s some food is avoid to consume while you on period and there’s also a food that very recommended that will help to expedite your period. I know still a lack of people know this thing, that’s why I’m here to tell you!

The food that you should avoid is a food that contains caffeine, alcohol, junk food, and fast food that can give a bad effect on your period. Therefore, we recommend you to consume high nutrition and healthy food like fresh meat, fruit, fish, and vegetables.

12. Write a Journal

The problems during a period are not only cramps but also mood swings. So, when you feel in a bad mood, you can bring back your mood by writing a journal. It can be about your day or what you feel during the period to help you get the prediction. Very simple but I believe it will succeed to bring back your happy mood.

13. Meditation to Make Your Body Relax

The next tip that you can do is do meditation because it will help you to calm your body and mind. Especially when you’re on period, I’m sure all of your muscles feel stiff and need to be relaxed. And this activity will be a great idea to do when you’re in a bad mood.

You can do this in the morning or in the afternoon in the outdoor room to feel the sensation and the fresh air. Don’t worry it will take too much of your busy time because you just need only 5-10 minutes to do this activity.

14. Eat a Dark Chocolate

Who loves eating chocolate? Yes, almost every girl will raise their hands because this food is so tasty. Especially when you’re on your period, you tend to want to eat sweet food, so eating dark chocolate will be great for you.

Dark chocolate contains potassium and magnesium which can help you to relieve your cramps. It’s because both of these substances can stop the muscles to save water and relieve the stiff muscles. Besides that dark chocolate can also bring back your mood, therefore this is the first food that you can eat when you have a bad mood.

15. Wear a Comfy Outfit

Not only need comfy underwear, but you should need a comfy outfit to make your body relax and not disturb your moves. And usually, there’s a girl who gets a fever when they’re on period. Therefore, you can choose warm and comfy that can make you have a better rest.

16. Take a Painkiller if Necessary

This is the last tip that we can share with you. If you feel the cramps are very disturbed your activity or it can behold anymore, you can take a painkiller as the last choice. Remember you can consume it if you feel it’s very necessary.

You know there’s a bad side effect of consuming this medicine and if consume it too much or don’t follow the doctor’s prescription, you can overdose. So, make sure you consume rare of this medicine and only if you need it.

That’s all about the tip that we can share with you. Now you can start to have a better period, no more feel cramps or bad mood! Remember to adjust this idea based on your condition and situation. So you can have your normal activity even if you are on your period. I hope you can follow and get some inspiration from how to have a better period or 16 things that you can do to relieve your cramps while on the period.


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