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Hooded Eyes Makeup Ideas | Easy Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes Makeup Ideas | Easy Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Makeup is the thing that can make you look pretty. But there’s makeup that can make you look worst? The answer is there is! If you don’t know about your face, you will tend to apply makeup whatever you want. This can the first thing why your makeup gets worst! Therefore, you should know about every shape and inch of your face then you can consider the right makeup.

Especially for you who have hooded eyes, isn’t you feel wearing makeup can make you look tacky or too much? This is why you try to avoid using makeup? Girls, you just don’t know the technique! If you know how to treat your hooded eyes, your makeup will look amazing and make your eyes unique. Don’t regret everything that has been given by God, you just have to feel confident and treat it well.

So, at this time, we will teach you how to do makeup for hooded eyes. This makeup will make you look amazing and unique with your eyes. I believe, after learning about this, you will love your face more and feel confident. Do you feel excited? Me either! Okay, without any for the do, let’s we start the tutorial!

Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial

1. Avoid Using Glasses and Try Contact Lenses

If you have hooded eyes, we don’t recommend you wear glasses if you have a visual impairment. Because it can make your eyes look smaller. You can try to change it with contact lenses that have a compact size and are very comfy to use. But remember, you should be careful if you have sensitive eyes because it can make your eyes irritated.

Contact lenses have a lot of sizes and colors, so if you are still a beginner, we will tell you how to choose the right lenses. Your small eyes will look prettier if you can use lenses that have a diameter of around 14-14,5 mm. Furthermore, for the color, you can prefer that looks natural like brown or dark grey.

2. Use Skincare Before Put On Makeup

Preparing your skin is very important, especially if you want to use makeup. Makeup has a lot of chemicals that will ruin your skin. If you’re not using skincare, your skin will easy to get acne, breakout, or even wrinkles. Besides that, wearing skincare can help you to prevent cracky or greasy makeup.

I know people will have oily skin will be afraid of using skincare before makeup because it will make the makeup feel greasy. But, you’re wrong! If this problem happens it means you choose the wrong skincare. So, do you want to choose the right skincare for you? We will teach you now!

For people with oily skin, you can prefer the product that has a light and gel texture that is easy to absorb into your skin. Using fewer products also helps you to prevent greasy makeup. Meanwhile, if you have dry skin, you should choose a product that has a thick and cream texture which is good for giving hydration to your skin so you will be free from cracky makeup.

3. Get Flawless Makeup by Using Primer

Do you want to know the key to having flawless makeup? Yes, you’re right! The key is primer. By using primer you will help to fix your skin problem. That’s why for a makeup expert, this step is very important to do. And to get the maximal result, you need to use a product based on your skin.

For people with dry skin, you can choose a product that has a gel or cream texture. Make sure the product can give hydration to your skin, so your makeup will not get cracked. Furthermore, if you get oily skin, you can use a primer that has a silicone texture to hold the oil on your skin and blur the big pores. Therefore, you just have to put the product in an area that’s easy to get oil like the T-zone area.

4. Even Your Skin Tone with Foundation

Don’t feel sad if you have imperfection skin, because there’s a product called foundation that can make your skin look flawless. For daily use, you can prefer a foundation that has light coverage. But if you want to go to special occasions, you can choose a foundation that has medium to full coverage.

Choosing the right foundation is also important for determining your makeup finish. Use a matte finish foundation if you have oily skin to prevent greasy makeup. And you can wear a dewy finish foundation if you have dry skin.

5. Concealer to Hide The Blemishes on Your Skin

If the foundation is not enough to cover the blemishes on your skin, you can use a concealer for the solution. Because concealer has a higher coverage over the foundation, that’s why it’s very effective to cover your blemishes.

We recommend you use liquid concealer because you can adjust the coverage and has a small potency to make your makeup cracky. But if you need extra coverage and want to attend a special event, maybe you can use a cream concealer.

6. Loose Powder for Setting The Base Makeup

After you feel your complexion is enough and looks flawless, you can immediately set it with a loose powder. Why do we suggest you wear loose powder? Because it’s the only type of powder that looks natural on any skin. Especially if you have oily skin, loose powder gonna be a lifesaver product for you.

Use a baking technique to lock the oil on your skin and make your makeup long-lasting. To do this technique you just need to take a lot of powder and put it on the area that easy to gets oily and the place where you put the concealer. Meanwhile, for people with dry skin, you just need to use less powder and use a powder brush to apply the product.

7. Give an Illusions to Your Face Using Contour

Using a complexion product will make your face looks pale because of losing its dimensions. So, you can overcome this problem by using contour. But, if you can’t choose the right product and don’t know the technique, it will make your makeup looks tacky or your skin looks dull. Therefore, we will give you a tip.

First, you can choose shade contour 1-2 below your skin tone to give a natural effect contour. Furthermore, use a contour with a large contour brush and apply it under your cheekbone, jawline, nose, and hairline. Make sure you blend the product very well until it merges with your skin.

8. Blush to Get Blushy Cheeks

Makeup will not complete if you don’t use blush, am I right? Because the touch of blush can make your makeup look fresh and sweet. Because we want to make this makeup looks natural, we suggest you choose a blush that has a nude or peach color.

After choosing the right color for your blush, you can start to apply it to the apple of your cheeks. You can also add a little bit to your nose to give an innocent look. And remember to use fewer products to prevent a clown face.

9. Natural Eyebrows Shape

Hooded eyes will match with natural makeup. Therefore, for the eyebrows, we chose a natural eyebrows shape. Besides it’s very easy to get, it also makes you look younger than your actual age. Isn’t it have a lot of benefits? Because eyebrows are the part of makeup that’s very hard to do, we will give you an easy tutorial.

First, you can brush up your eyebrows with a spoolie brush. Then, continue to draw the eyebrows following your natural brows shape. This is optional, you can use a mascara brow to set your hair brows. Furthermore, wear concealer to make it sharper and neat.

10. Choose Neutral Color Eyeshadow

Now we move on to eye makeup! The first thing that you have to do is apply eyeshadow. And for this type of eyes, I think a neutral color like brown or nude can be a great choice to balance the eyes. And we can be more focused on the technique of applying the eyeshadow.

Start with a light color eyeshadow and apply it all over your eyes. Then, using a darker color, put it on the crease area. To make your eyes bigger and deeper, you can apply a dark brown or any dark color to the outer corner. Furthermore, make your eyes alive by using a shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corner. You can do the same thing to your lower eyes.

11. Eyeliner Hacks for Hooded Eyes!

Isn’t the main problem of having hooded eyes applying eyeliner? I know how it feels girls! Because when you force yourself to apply eyeliner, it just ruins your eye makeup and the product will get into the crease area. But, there’s a trick to applying eyeliner for hooded eyes, do you want to know about it?

Okay, you can start with preparing black or brown liquid eyeliner. Make sure it has a small tip end so it will be easy to draw the line. Furthermore, you can use the eyeliner only on the outer corner and draw the wing eyeliner that you want. Then, voila! Your eyeliner is done!

12. Prefer Mascara Over False Lashes

For hooded eyes people, you should prefer mascara over false lashes. Because lashes only make your makeup look too much and your eyes look smaller. Therefore, we don’t recommend you use it unless you can choose lashes that have a very natural shape.

Curl your lashes first to make your eyes open with an eyelash curler. Remember to do this step carefully because it can hurt your eyes. Then, apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Furthermore, if you have natural shape lashes, you can put it on and make sure it’s comfy enough to wear.

13. Make a Fake Glowing Skin Wearing Highlighter

Who doesn’t want to have glowing skin? I believe every girl would do anything to get this skin. And one of the things that you can do is wear a highlighter. Besides that, it can also give a dimension to your face. Therefore, you need to adjust the color of your skin tone for getting natural looks.

Use a champagne color highlighter if you have light skin. Then, for dark skin, a gold color highlighter can be the right choice. And last, use a rose gold color highlighter if you have pink undertone skin. Furthermore, you can start to use a product on the highest point of your face like the cheekbone, browbone, nose, and chin.

14. Use Nude Color Lipstick

Turn into the girl’s favorite part! Do you know what it is? Of course, you’re right! Lipstick is the answer! Because we want to keep the natural look, so for the lipstick, you should use a natural color like nude color. But if you feel it looks pail, you can also do ombre lips.

Start by concealing the dark line on your lips. Then, you can continue to apply nude lipstick all over your lips. You can stop in this step, but if you want to make your lips more colorful, you can apply red or any darker color lipstick on the inner lips. Make sure you blend everything well until looks like the gradation.

15. Lock Your Whole Makeup with Setting Spray

Now, the last step of this makeup! It’s time for you to lock your whole makeup by using a setting spray. You don’t want your effort to be useless right? And I’m sure you want your makeup to stay all day without cracking or greasy. Furthermore, using a setting spray can also help your makeup looks not powdery.

You can use a setting spray based on your skin type to get the result. Matte finish setting sprays for oily skin, that can hold the oil on your skin and prevent greasy makeup. Then, dewy finish setting sprays for those who have dry skin to hydrate your skin.

Your makeup is done! What do you think? Do you love it? Now you can be more confident with your hooded eyes because this makeup will make you look amazing in a while. So, say goodbye to the tacky makeup! I hope you can follow this tutorial easily and like the topic of hooded eye makeup ideas or easy makeup tips for hooded eyes.


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