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18 Activities to Take Care of Your Mental Health [Mental Health Priority]

18 Activities to Take Care of Your Mental Health [Mental Health Priority]

Lack of people knowing about their selves. When they feel sick, they only think everything is good because they feel tired. But do you know, your disease is not always because you feel tired? Your stress can be one of the triggers why you get sick. It’s because you never care about your mental health and let yourself under the pressure.

Therefore, you should know what you need and get to know more about mental health. With healthy mental, you will live your life with enjoyment and happiness. I know there’s always pressure in everything, but with healthy mental, I believe you will pass everything in easy ways and calming mind.

So, at this time, we want to share with you activities that can heal your mind. This activity will make you relax and calm down when you feel stressed about your day. And the plus side is, if you can apply this activity as your daily habit, you will always be happy no matter how hard your problem. Do you feel excited about this topic? Okay, without any for the do, let’s move on to the topic!

18 Activities to Take Care of Your Mental Health

1. Always be Kind to Yourself

The first thing that you can do is simple and easy, but sometimes you don’t realize how important it is. Yes, be kind to yourself! Without realizing it, you always push yourself to do anything that you can not do or something very hard to do. Push yourself like this, you can get stressed and your mood will get down.

Therefore, you have to know about your limitation and take some rest if you feel tired. I know pushing yourself can be a positive thing that can improve your skill and knowledge, but if you always do it, you will get stressed. So, know your limit and be kind to yourself.

2. Eat Less Sugar

As you know, eating sweet food can make you feel happy. Moreover, when you feel down, you really need to consume it to boost your mood. But have you known eating too much sweet food will bring a negative side to your mental? Okay, I will explain it to you if you are still confused.

Consuming too much sugar can cause your brain imbalance. That can trigger depression and in the long term, it will cause mental disorders for some people. Isn’t it sound terrifying? Not only cause mental disorders but consuming too much sugar is not good for your body’s health because it can cause obesity and diabetes.

3. Journal About Your Feeling

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For you who have a trust issue or are an introverted person, I know you can feel free to tell about your feeling to anyone. But you need to explain your feeling that can make you feel much better, especially when you feel sad.

Therefore, you can share your feeling by writing a journal. Even if you are an extrovert person, I think you still need it when no one wants to listen to your story. You can do this activity before going to sleep to make you have a better sleep.

4. Go Outside and Get Some Sunshine

Feeling stress? So don’t let yourself dissolve in that situation. You need something to make your mind clear and better. Do you know the best and simple activity for this problem? Of course, going outside is the solution.

When you go outside and feel the sunshine, you will feel much better and distract your mind from the stress. Furthermore, this activity can be one of the things that you can do to stress relief and feel more relaxed

5. Drink Enough Water

This thing that I shouldn’t say anymore because you know how important drinking water is. If you can drink enough water daily, I believe you will get a healthy body, skin, and mind. It is because 60-70% of your body is water.

That is why when you don’t drink enough water, you can get dehydrated which can make you feel weak, get headaches, or even faint. So, make sure you drink 2 liters of water every day, not less or not more than that.

6. Establish a Bedtime

Being an adult is not easy, I know it, guys! But that doesn’t mean you should always have a sleepless time or sleep late at night. Even if you have so much work or chasing the deadlines. That’s why you should manage your time as the solution to this problem. Why do we need to establish our sleep?

The answer is when you have a sleepless time, I am sure you will feel sleepy all day long or even get into a bad mood. It will give a bad effect on your day, even your activity that can make you feel stressed. I know it will be difficult the first time to establish your bedtime. But you can do a little thing first.

You can start by waking up in the early morning which makes you have a lot of time to do your activity and work. Then, try to sleep early too to prevent waking up late and making your day messy. Don’t forget to persuade that you have 7-8 hours of sleep to rest your body.

7. Talk to a Therapist

If you feel writing a journal is not enough, or when you feel so stressed, it’s okay if you want to go to a therapist. With a therapist, you can tell everything that you feel and what’s your problems. Going to a therapist doesn’t mean you have mental disorders.

Furthermore, sharing with a therapist is much better than sharing with your friends. It’s because not all of your friends know how to handle your stress and feeling. Therefore, you can go to a therapist when you feel stressed and stuck.

8. Do Light Exercise Every Morning

The next activity that you should do is doing a light exercise every morning. As you know, exercise has a lot of benefits for your body and skin, especially your mind. It will make your body more relaxed and calm which can give a calming your mind too.

No matter how busy you are, you should spare your time at least 10-15 minutes doing this activity. You don’t have to do heavy exercise, because it will make you feel tired before doing your activity. So, we only recommend light exercise until you sweat.

9. Make a Gratitude List

One of the most effective activities that you can do to relieve stress is always feeling gratitude. You can write a gratitude list in your notebook to make you feel better and calm. Also, you can read it back when your life is hard and stuck.

You don’t have to write a lot of points, because you only need 3 points per day. We suggest you do this activity in the morning when you wake up to give a spirit to you and make your day feel better. Furthermore, this thing is one of the recommendations from the therapist too when you feel stress or mental illness.

10. Meditate for 10-15 Minutes Every Day

Another recommended activity is to meditate. Some people already do this activity to relax and calm their minds. So, you can start to follow doing meditation feel or not feel stressed to make your mood always happy.

You can do meditation in the morning after you wake up. Do this activity outside for 10-15 minutes just to relax your body. Believe me, when you feel relaxed and calm, you will be free from any diseases and also you will get healthy skin.

11. Listen to a Calming Music

For you who have an artistic soul, you can listen to calming music as the solution to heal your mind. Not only for art soul, but all people should try it. With slow and calming music like piano instruments or nature sounds, you can distract your mind from the problems. You can also do this activity to overcome your insomnia, so you can sleep early or even have a better sleep.

12. Read Your Favorite Book

Do you know the power of a book? Okay, maybe you think reading a book is a kind of dull activity. But in fact is very fun to do, even you can distract your mind from your problem. Therefore, reading a book is the activity that we recommended to heal your mental.

You can read any kind of genre but you can also read a book that contains motivational quotes to bring a spirit. Do this activity for 30 minutes in your free time or you can do it at night for having a better sleep.

13. Light Up Aromatherapy Candles

When you feel stressed, you can try to light up an aromatherapy candle. It is most people’s favorite thing to do because the scent of aromatherapy can relax your mind. And also, it can help you to overcome insomnia too.

But remember to not light up a candle for a long time, because it will cause lung diseases or even fainting. How could this happen? Okay, let me explain it to you. It’s because a candle that you wear contains toxins, so when you light up for a long time, the air in your room will merge with toxins that can interfere with breathing.

14. Do Skincare Twice a Day

Do you know wearing skincare is one of the things that can keep your mental health? I’m sure some of you already know about it. Because doing skincare can be called a self-love activity, when you do this activity you will feel yourself is worth it.

Furthermore, when you rub the skincare into your face, it will make your face muscles relax which can give a good effect on your mind. So, if you can do this every day, you will get healthy skin and also keep your mental health.

15. Watch a Comedy Movie

Who doesn’t like watching a movie? I think there are no people who don’t like this activity. Not only to make you feel happy but watching a movie has another benefit which can distract your mind from any problems.

Therefore, when you feel stressed and stuck, you can spare your time for at least 1 hour to do this activity. Believe me, your mood will back in a while, especially when you watch a comedy movie! But it’s ok if you want to watch your favorite genre.

16. Eat Healthy Food

The food that you eat also give an effect on your body, skin, and mind. Because it’s one of the things connected with your nerve or cells in your body. Imagine if you eat junk food daily that has not enough nutrition? Isn’t it will make your condition get worst?

I know junk food has a tasty taste, but the side effect is not tasty. Am I right? Therefore, you should change your eating habits to healthy food. You can also adjust the nutrition and mineral that your body needs. And you will get a healthy body that can affect your mood.

17. Away From Your Phone for a Few Hours

Nowadays, no one can live without a phone. It is because a phone is simple media that can entertain you and you can bring it wherever you go. Moreover, many people use it as communication access. So, it becomes an addicting thing that makes people forget about everything, especially the people around them.

A lack of people knowing about this tool can bring negativity to them. It can trigger mental disorders if you use it for a long time, and it is also not good for your body’s health that can cause brain cancer.

18. Do Your Hobby

Last but not least, the point that we want to share with you is to do your hobby. Because when you do this activity, it will bring a happy mood that can distract your mind. That’s why this activity can be one of the things to keep your mental health.

You can do anything you like such as painting, singing, dance, and many more. Besides that, this activity can improve your skill that can add value. You don’t need a lot of time to do this activity, because you only need 15-20 minutes to do it.

That’s it about how to take care of your mental health. So guys, not only your body and skin that need to taking care of but your mental needs too. With healthy mental, I believe you can live your life with happiness even if you through hard situations. I hope you can get some inspiration and enjoy these 18 activities to take care of your mental health.


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