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15 Daily Habit Ideas for Having a Good Life | Activities That You Can Do to Have a Good Life

15 Daily Habit Ideas for Having a Good Life | Activities That You Can Do to Have a Good Life

Do you know your activity can give so much effect on your life, especially your daily routine? That’s why you should do some activities that can bring your mood from your wake up until you want to go to bed. This also helps you to overcome stress and live your life chill and enjoy. I know you will be confused because you feel you already live your life perfectly.

But I’m sure you just live your life based on your like or what makes you feel comfy. This is why you still feel stressed and have a messy day. So at this time, we want to share with you some activities for your daily routine to get a good life. This is also very suited for you who is a clumsy person to help you turn your life to be much better.

You can adjust the activity with the time you have and you can adjust with your prioritize. This is just a guide for you on how to have a good and better life. Do you want to know what kind of activities are? Okay, without any for the do, let’s get move on to the topic!

15 Activities That You Can Do to Have a Good Life

1. Have 7-8 Hours of Sleep Every Day

Being an adult is hard, sometimes you should do some work or tasks that make you have a late night of sleep. But this is wrong guys! You should separate your time for your work and sleep. Having less time for sleep will disturb your productivity because it can cause you to get a fever or any diseases.

How could having less time for sleep can cause you to get diseases? It’s because only with sleep, you can release your tiredness and make your body relaxed. Therefore, you should make sure that you have 7-8 hours of sleep. Not more or less than that!

2. Wake Up Early to Get the Fresh Air

Do you know why you should wake up early every day? It’s because you should have spare time to do your me-time that can boost your mood. Not only that, when you wake up in the morning, it will prevent you to do anything in a hurry that will make you forget about something important.

It’s also good because you can get fresh air which can freshen your mind and body too. You know morning air is good for healing you from any diseases especially lung diseases because the morning air is free from pollution or dust.

3. Drink Enough Water 2 Liters per Day

This is the thing that I shouldn’t say anymore. Of course, drink enough water! As you know, drinking water has so many benefits for your body and skin. That’s why, when you have enough drink every day, you will be free from any diseases and make your skin look healthy.

Have you know how much you should drink water every day? Yes, you’re right! 2 liters per day is the answer. Even though drinking much water is good, doesn’t mean you can consume more than 2 liters, because it can cause your body weak, feel sleepy, and have headaches.

4. Make Your Bed Before Doing Your Activity

After you feel fresh and ready to get up, you can make your bed first before doing any activities. Because this is a habit that you should put in yourself. This habit is good to make yourself as a responsible person.

Besides that, seeing your room is clean and neat also can boost your mood. Moreover, after you have a hard day, believe me, seeing your room is clean can bring happiness to you and make you feel comfortable to take a rest.

5. Work Out till Your Sweat Every Morning

No matter how busy you are, you should spare your time for doing work out. Your body needs to sweat every day to detox all the toxins that stay in your body. That’s why exercise can make your body more healthy and fresh.

Not only for your body health, but doing work out is also good for your skin health, it will overcome any skin problems like acne, premature aging, or skin breakout. To do this activity, won’t take a long time because you just need around 10-15 minutes to get sweat.

6. Do Meditation in the Morning and Evening

When you feel stressed or you need to relax your mind, we recommend you to try this activity. Do you know what the right activity you can do? Yes, the answer is meditation. This is the thing that almost people love to do to get relax.

Not only in the morning, but you can also do this activity in the evening that can make you have a better sleep. Do this activity for 5-10 minutes in the quiet room every day. I’m sure even if you have a hard day, it will be better after doing this activity.

7. Always Make a Plan for Your Day

This is gonna be very useful for a clumsy person or for you who easily forget about something. Of course, you can make a plan about what you gonna do. And you can also write a note about the important thing that you should do on that day.

If you can make this activity as your habit, believe me, your day will be more organized and you won’t forget about any important things. It will also heal you from the clumsy and forgetful person and make you be a better person.

8. Write a Journal about Your Day or Your Goals

When you don’t have anybody to trust but you need to pour out your stress, why don’t you try to write a journal? This can also be your motivation someday and being more grateful for every little thing.

This activity is good for stress relief and remembering anything that already happened to you. Not only about your journal, but you can also write about all your goals to make you feel more spirit to reach them. You can do this activity in the morning before doing your activity or in the evening before going to bed.

9. Read a Book for 30 Minutes

To improve your self-value and knowledge, you can read a book for your daily routine for 30 minutes. Not only for improving your knowledge but reading a book is a kind of relaxing and calming activity that’s good for stress relief.

You can do this activity in the morning, but if you don’t have enough time in the morning, you can do it in the evening before going to bed. When you read a book before sleep, it will make you have a better sleep.

10. Make a Healthy Food to Avoid Any Diseases

Who is love to eat junk food and fast food? I know all of you will raise your hands because this kind of food is so delicious that can boost your mood. But we don’t recommend eating junk food and fast food every day. This habit will trigger any disease and one of them is cancer.

Therefore, you should change your eating habit from unhealthy food to healthy food like vegetables or fruit. Who said healthy food is not tasty? If you know how to cook, you can make delicious food from vegetables and fruit. Besides that, you can adjust the nutrition and calories based on your body’s needs.

11. Have a Cup of Coffee or Tea

You know, your day will not be complete without a cup of tea or coffee. Because this is one of the things that you can do to boost your mood before starting your activity. Especially, when you drink a coffee, it will make you fresh and more spirit.

But for you who have gastric pain, you should avoid drinking coffee in the morning because it will make your pain more worst. Maybe you can drink it after lunch or in the evening to make your body relaxed and relieve your stress.

12. Prefer a Cold Shower Than a Hot Shower

I know a hot shower can make you feel relaxed and relieve your stress, but you should avoid taking a hot shower every day. Because it can make your skin dry and make your body temperature not balanced.

Therefore, you can prefer to take a cold shower, especially in the morning. Because it will make your body fresher and also good for your skin. Besides that, taking a cold shower can improve your blood circulation so will avoid you from any diseases.

13. Do Skincare Twice a Day

Not only taking care of your body, but you should take care of your skin too. Because when you have healthy and glowing skin, you tend to be more confident which will bring a big effect on yourself, especially on your work.

If you want to get healthy and glowing skin, you need to do your skincare twice a day and always make sure your skin is clean. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen that can protect your skin from the danger of UV light.

14. Do Your Hobby in Your Free Times

If you have some free time, maybe you can use it for doing your hobby. As you know, doing your hobby can boost your mood and make you happy. That’s why you should do this activity when you feel stressed or want to distract your mind.

This activity is very recommended that can also improve your value besides reading a book. You can do this as an alternative if you don’t like reading a book. So, no time’s been wasted on something not important.

15. Light Up Aromatherapy Candles for Relaxing Your Mind

The last thing that you should do is light up an aromatherapy candle. You can do this activity when you feel stressed and need to relax. Because an aromatherapy scented has the function to make your body and mind relax.

This is also a solution for you who get insomnia, you can light up a candle for 30 minutes before going to bed. We don’t recommend lighting up candles overnight, because it will produce a poison that’s not good for your lungs.

That’s all about the activity that you can do for having a good life. You can adjust it based on the times that you have and the priority. Just make it as your guide for your daily routine. So, now there’s no a messy day anymore! I hope you can get the inspiration and enjoy the topic about 15 daily habit ideas for having a good life or activities that you can do to have a good life.


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