Home Beauty How to Overcome Split Ends Hair | 15 Hair Tips That You Can Do to Deal With Split Ends Hair

How to Overcome Split Ends Hair | 15 Hair Tips That You Can Do to Deal With Split Ends Hair

How to Overcome Split Ends Hair | 15 Hair Tips That You Can Do to Deal With Split Ends Hair

Hair is a part that is very important for a girl. Some girls think hair is like a crown that can show their beauty. Therefore, girls always try to style it by doing a curl, straightening, or even tying it to look pretty and attractive. But they don’t know it can break the hair health which can cause your hair dry or even broke.

And one of the problems that almost every girl through is split ends hair. This happens when your hair is already broken. You know just wearing shampoo and conditioner is not enough to keep your hair stay healthy. Moreover, when you use an iron or hairdryer almost every day. It’s the first cause why this problem happens.

Don’t panic girls! Because we have some tips for taking care of your split ends hair. And for you who still have healthy hair, you can also follow these tips to protect your hair. Are you guys already feeling confused about the tips for overcoming your split ends hair? Ok, without any for the do, let’s get a jump to the topic!

Hair Tips to Overcome Split Ends Hair

1. Don’t Over Shampoo

This is a thing that you usually do. Yes, do over shampoo. Using over shampoo can make your hair dry because shampoo contains many chemical ingredients that are not good for your hair. Therefore, you can’t wash your hair every day because you should keep the oil of your hair to protect it.

If you think washing your hair can make sure the cleanliness of your hair, you’re wrong. You can wash your hair 2-3 times a week. And prefer shampoo that is made from natural ingredients to prevent dry hair.

2. Avoid Super Hot Showers

Not only making your skin dry, but hot showers can make your hair dry too. Even if it’s good to relieve your stress or make your body relaxed, you can’t do it daily. A hot shower can lift the oil from your hair that causes your hair dry.

When you do it daily, it can make your hair dry and broken. What could happen when your hair is dry? It can make your hair will easy to fall, or break, and the worst is split ends hair. So you can avoid this habit from now.

3. Use Conditioner Every You Wash Your Hair

As you know, the chemical shampoo can lift the oil from your hair that causes your hair gets dry. That’s why you should balance it by using a conditioner. Conditioner has a function to give the nutrition and make your hair stay moist.

Also, wearing conditioner can make your hair easy to get style and prevent frizzy hair. The important thing is can avoid split ends hair because the key to preventing this problem is always having moist hair. So, it seems simple but can give a big effect on you.

4. Gently Detangle

Make sure you really treat your hair gently, especially when you brush it. Almost every girl does this part harshly because they have tangled hair. But brushing your hair harshly is not the solution, it can break your hair which can cause split ends of hair.

So, you can try to brush your hair softly and gently to keep the health of your hair. And also it will not give pain for you. And the important part is don’t brush your hair when it’s still wet, you have to let your hair dry first, then you can brush it.

5. Sleep With Satin Pillow

If you still use cotton or any fabric for your pillow, you should change it with satin fabric. I’m sure you’re very confused about the relation between hair and satin pillow because it doesn’t make sense. Ok, let me explain it to you guys.

When you’re sleeping, without you realizing it, you do so many moves that cause your hair does friction with the pillow. If you use ordinary sprei, it can make your hair tangled or even break. Therefore, we recommend you to wear satin fabric because it has a soft texture which can reduce friction. So, it can make your hair stay healthy and shiny.

6. Avoid Hairdryer and Iron

I know styling your hair can make you look attractive and pretty. It also can make your hair look neat which makes you look professional at work. But, these tools are not good for your hair guys. The heat of these tools can make your hair dry.

When your hair dry and broken, this is can cause split end hair. You don’t want this to happen to you right? So, you can start to reduce using these tools or even avoid it. Also, you can change it with natural tools, like using a hair roll to get the natural curl and just let your hair dry manually.

7. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

If you want to have hydrated hair and want to keep the health of your hair, you can prefer to rinse your hair with cold water than hot water. Naturally, cold water can’t lift the oil on your hair, but it can keep the moisture of your hair, so it can keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

Even rinsing your hair with cold water is good, but you still can’t wash your hair every day. It’s better when you do this every 2-3 days. Remember to always put on the conditioner after shampoo to bring back the moisture of your hair.

8. Get Regular Trims

If your hair already got the split ends, don’t worry girls, you can cut off it. It won’t make your hair short, because you just cut a little bit of the ends of your hair, to remove the split ends. You can also do this to make your hair stay healthy.

Usually, people always have dry at the end of their hair that not good for hair. Because when the ends of your hair are dry, your hair just focuses to fix and give the nutrition to the broken part. So, another part of it doesn’t get the nutrition, this is why your hair gets broken. Therefore, if you want to have healthy hair, you can try to do this thing every month or at least every 3 months.

9. Use Heat Protection

If you are in hurry or you really got the messy tangled hair that forced you to use a hairdryer or iron, it’s fine. But make sure you already use heat protection before that. Heat protection has a function to protect your hair from the hot temperature from these tools.

It’s better to protect it than heal it because healing the broken hair is very hard. Therefore, you can use heat protection to prevent dry hair and split ends. Use heat protection just on the hair shaft, avoid using it on your hair roots because can make your hair look saucer.

10. Avoid Rubbing Your Hair

This is the thing that almost every people do, yes rubbing your hair with a towel to dry it. You can’t do this because it can ruin your hair, make it frizzy, and the worst is losing the nutrition in your hair which causes your hair dry and split ends come.

You can just pat your hair with a towel to dry it. Or you can also use a hairdryer but remember to put on the vitamins and heat protection before. But it’s more good when you just let your hair dry manually without any tools.

11. Hydrate Your Hair With Hair Mask

If you already have dry hair, you can help it by using a hair mask. But it’s not only for dry hair, even if you still have healthy hair, but you can also do this thing. A hair mask has the function to keep your hair hydrated and give the nutrition for your hair.

But, you can use it daily even if it’s good for making your hair healthy. If you use over hair mask or use it every day, it can make your hair will easily get saucer. So, you can use it 1-2 times a week and rinse it with warm water.

12. Use Microfiber Towel

I’m sure many of you already know about microfiber towels. But if you still use a towel made from cotton, you can try to change it because a microfiber towel has a good absorption that can dry your hair fastly without ruining your hair.

You can just let your hair wrapped and wait for a few minutes to make your hair dry. Or you can also pat your hair to make it faster. The texture of microfiber towels is softer than ordinary towels which makes you feel comfortable when using it.

13. Use Hair Vitamin

You know after washing your hair, it can lose some nutrition of your hair that can make your hair dry. This is one of the triggers of split ends hair. Therefore, you can use hair vitamins to bring back nutrition and make your hair healthier.

Also, using hair vitamins can help you to overcome the split ends hair, because it helps to moist your dry hair. Choose hair vitamins based on your hair type or hair problem to make it works well on your hair, so you can feel the result.

14. Hair Sunscreen to Protect Your Hair

Maybe some of you think UV light just can break your skin. But have you know it can also break your hair too? one of the causes of UV light to your hair is the split ends. Many people think using hair sunscreen is not important and their just focus on protecting their skin.

Therefore, you can start to try using it for your hair too. Not only cause the split ends hair, but UV light can also make your hair dry, tangled, or even lose the nutrition. How very worst, right? So try to use hair sunscreen from now!

15. Use Argan Oil

Do you know argan oil has a lot of benefits for your hair? Therefore it’s very recommended to use for you who want to have healthy hair. It will help you to overcome your dry hair, hair fall, or even split ends hair.

You can use it when your hair is in half dry condition or still wet. Besides giving nutrition for your hair, you can use argan oil to change the heat protection. Use it 2-3 times a week or every time after you wash your hair.

That’s all about preventing or overcoming the split ends hair. Besides that, by following this tips also can make your hair healthy and shinny. Isn’t it very easy for you to follow our tips? So, I hope you can learn and enjoy this how to overcome split ends hair or 15 hair tips that you can do to deal with split ends hair.


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