Home Fashion 15 Ideas to Style Your Short Hair in Easy Ways | Hairstyles inspired for Short Hair

15 Ideas to Style Your Short Hair in Easy Ways | Hairstyles inspired for Short Hair

15 Ideas to Style Your Short Hair in Easy Ways | Hairstyles inspired for Short Hair

Many girls don’t like to cut their hair short because they were afraid it will look weird. Also, some girls feel ugly if having short hair. Guys, you should throw that mind away, because hair can’t show your pretty, it just completes your looks. Who said a girl with short hair looks ugly or not attractive?

Otherwise, girls who have short hair tend to look cute and attractive. Besides that, short hair can make you look younger and fresh. Therefore, a girl who has already turned into old age always loves to cut their hair short. Furthermore, if you think with short hair you can’t style it, you’re wrong!

You still can style your short hair, even it can make you look cuter. Are you feeling confused about how to style your short hair? Don’t worry girls, because now we want to share with you some hairstyles idea for your short hair. Are you guys ready and want to know what kind of hairstyle we want to share? Ok, let’s jump to the topic!


15 Hairstyles Inspired for Short Hair


1. Blow Hair Look

The first idea is very easy to get because you don’t have to put so much effort into getting this kind of hairstyle. You just have to blow your hair to get the volume. You can use a hairdryer and heat your hair while brushing it with a blow comb.

But many girls don’t have this skill. It’s ok, you can also do this by using straight iron. You can straighten your hair per part and use a hair roll to get the volume. Make sure you roll your hair inside to get the perfect volume of hair. Furthermore, wait for a few minutes and done. Isn’t it easy?


2. Wavy Hair Idea

The next idea is still an easy hairstyle that you can get. You just need wavy iron to get this wavy hair. Make sure before you use the iron, you already put some hair oil or heat protection to protect your hair from the heat that can damage your hair.

If you don’t have a wavy iron, you can change it by using a curling iron and make your hair into a wave by curling it inside and outside until getting the wave that you want. Tidy up your hair with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers.


3. Natural Curl Hair

Still fighting with the iron, now we have a natural curl idea. First, prepare your curling iron and use hair oil or heat protection on your hair. Wait for the iron until it is ready to use for 5-10 minutes. Make sure you choose a safe temperature for your hair.

And you can start curling your hair per part. Furthermore, if you have already finish curl all of your hair, brush it only with your fingers to get the natural curl look. You can use this kind of hairstyle to attend a special occasion or for your daily hair look.


4. Add a Hairpins to Your Bangs

For this hairstyle, you only need cute hairpins. First, you can let your hair straight or make it curl. Then you can tidy up with a wide-tooth comb. If you already get the hairstyle that you want, you can add hairpins to your bangs. Besides holding your bangs fall, it can give cute vibes for you. You can wear this kind of hair if you want to hangouts with your friends or go to a party.


5. Half Ponytail Idea

This kind of style that you can use for parties, hangouts, or just chilling at home. If you just want to hangouts you can tidy up your hair with a comb and separate your hair into two sections. Furthermore, make a ponytail on the upper part of your hair and tied it with a hair tie. And finish!

If you want to wear this hairstyle for a party or attend a special occasion, you can straighten or curl your hair first with an iron to make your hair look neat. And choose a hair tie that can give the touch of glamour.


6. Messy Low Bun Hair

Want to have the casual look? you can try this hairstyle to complete it. With the messy low bun hair idea, it can give you chill and relaxed vibes that will match your outfits. Besides that, it’s very easy to get, because you only need a hair tie.

Just let your hair be messy, you don’t have to tidy it up with a comb. Then take all of your hair and make a ponytail, then you can make a bun by twisting your hair and tying it. Pull your hair slowly to support the messy look.


7. Use Scarf as a Headband

If you like the cottagecore vibes, maybe this kind of hairstyle not feel strange to you. Yes, you can wear your scarf as the headband. First, fold your scarf into a triangle, but if your scarf already has a triangle shape you don’t have to fold it anymore. Then, put it on your head and tied it until it’s tight to make sure it’s not easy to lose. This hairstyle idea is very suitable to use for going to the garden, photoshoots, or hangouts with your friends.


8. Half-Space Bun

Continue with a hairstyle idea that can give cute vibes for you. Of course, a half-space bun is an answer! Maybe when you look at this hairstyle, you will it very hard to make because it seems very complicated. But, if you already know how to make this hair, you will know it’s very easy, even it only takes 10-15 minutes to get.

Prepare two hair ties and a few bobby pins. Furthermore, separate your hair into two sections, take the first sections and separate again between the upper and lower part. Take the upper part and twist it until making a bun, then tied it using a hair tie. Do the same things to the second part and tidy up the fall-out hair using bobby pins.


9. Low Space Bun

Next, another bun hairstyle idea is a low-space bun. It’s very suitable for you who want to go to school or hangouts with your friends. Because it will look cute and make you look younger. Also, you don’t have to put so much effort into it.

First, tidy up your hair and prepare two hair ties. Then take the first section, twist it until it makes a bun and if you feel enough, you can tie it. Furthermore, do the same thing to another section and done. Very simple, right?


10. Dutch Braids Hairstyle

For you who love braids hairstyle, you can try this one. I know you will think about how to do a braid on short hair, and this kind of hairstyle will be the answer. First, separate your hair into two sections and make sure it is neat to make you easily do the braid. Then start to braid from the upper part of your hair. After it finishes, you can tie it using a hair tie and do it the same way to the second section.


11. Use a Headband

If you feel tired to tie your hair, don’t worry girls we have an idea that will not be hard and not makes you tired. And you can also use this hairstyle if you want to go to a party or on special occasions.

You can let your hair loose and tidy it up with a comb. After it looks neat enough, then move to the important part of this idea which is a headband. You can adjust your headband style based on the occasions that you want to attend. And put the headband on your head. If you want to go to a party or special occasion, you can straighten or curl your hair first.


12. Ponytail Hair

Just want to chill out with your friends or hangouts at the café?  You don’t have to put some effort into your hair because all you need is just doing a ponytail to your hair. You can tidy up your hair and start to make a ponytail, then tie it with a hair tie. If you want to make it look sweet, you can also add a scarf as the hair tie.


13. Waterfall Braid Idea

Another braids hair idea that you can wear if you want to attend a party or any special occasion which is waterfall braids. You can start to braid your hair from the side part and connect it to the other part and lock it using a bobby pin. Furthermore, you can pull your hair slowly to give an effect messy but still gorgeous.


14. Twisted Hairstyle

Next still with a hairstyle that you can wear for attending special occasions which is twisted hair. And this is also used for braids or bridesmaids because it looks pretty and matches together with the dress. This kind of hairstyle seems hard and complicated but this is easy and just needs bobby pins.

First, you can curl your hair and pull the curl with your fingers to give a natural curl. Furthermore, you can start to take a small part of your hair and twist it, then you can use a bobby pin to secure the hair. Do the same way to another part of your hair until it looks like a big bun.


15. French Twist Hairstyle

You can make this hairstyle turn into a casual or formal look. So you can call this hair idea a universal hairstyle. First, you can take all of your hair and twist it, after that you can secure your hair with a hair clip or bobby pins. If you want to go to casual occasions, you can use a hair clip. But if you want to go to formal occasions, you can use bobby pins and add some hair accessories to make it look prettier.


That’s all about hairstyle idea from us. What do you think girls? Isn’t it make you look pretty and cute? You can choose a hairstyle based on the occasions that you want to attend. I hope you can follow it easily and get inspiration from these 15 ideas to style your short hair in easy ways.


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