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How to Style Button Up Shirt for Chic Inspo Outfit Looks

How to Style Button Up Shirt for Chic Inspo Outfit Looks

Olidfashion.comA button-up shirt is a classic set mode that’s worn in basic formal attire. However, lately, much more people are styling it with fashion tricks to become chic inspo outfit looks. Some of them wear this shirt with various summer pieces or make fashionable layering styles. Besides that, this classic model is perfect for creating office-appropriate style, hanging out, and a smart casual look.

Owning a plain shirt in your wardrobe could be worthwhile for you. This is because you can style button-up shirts in multiple ways. This kind of top would take you more confident when you wear it at work. But actually, you will find a new fashion look if you mix and match it with jeans, trousers, shorts, or even layering with a dress. Even sneakers could be matched for this button-up shirt.

Are you thinking that the style of button-up shirt is not feminine enough just because it’s mostly used by men? But it’s not true. For boss women always have a way to style button-up shirts that surprisingly can look pretty and graceful. Nowadays, even teenagers begin to wear this classic top to create chic inspo outfit looks. Below, you will be able to find some ways to style button-up shirts fashionably that are inspired by a fashion influencer on Instagram. So, let’s check this out!!!

1. Biker Shorts + Button-Up Shirt

Style your Button-Up Shirt with biker shorts
Source: @shaynehydn

For the first way, try to style button-up shirts with biker shorts to make it chic inspo outfits and fashionable hang-out style. You can bring light blue button-up shirts, black biker shorts, and white sneakers with your fashion style. Perfecting your casual look for hanging out with a canvas tote bag in your hand. Besides that, give another detail such accessories items like simple fashion jewelry or sunglasses. If you want to know more about the pieces you should wear, you can see them in the picture below.

2. Button-Up Shirt + Bodysuit & Jeans

Styling your Button-Up Shirt with bodysuit and jeans
Source: @shaynehydn

If you want something a bit different to style button-up shirts, bring this look to your daily rotation. Pairing your plain classic shirt with ripped jeans and get a bodysuit (corset) over it and voila, it looks chic to have been inspo outfits. Then, complete your button-up shirt style with grey sneakers to make it look more trendy, and get a black mini handbag for chic accessories. Get ready to go to a night party in the bar with this styling look.

3. White Shirt + Trouser & Cardigan

How to style Button-Up Shirt with trouser and cardigan
Source: @shaynehydn

Have a classic white shirt in your closet? Let’s make a chic inspo outfit looks with a style button-up shirt. For this, you can prepare some girly pieces such as pink wide-leg pants (trousers), a pink cardigan, and a bit of casual footwear such as white sneakers (example pieces in the picture below). The pastel color from this outfit looks chic and really Instagramable and matches the spring outfits’ style.

4. Common Shirt + Tanktop, Cardigan & Cargo Pants

mix and match button up shirt with tank top and cargo pants
Source: @shaynehydn

Looking for something different to style button-up shirts? Why don’t you try to make fun layering style with this ensemble? You can try pairing your white basic shirt with a cropped tank top, brown cargo pants, then a bright orange cardigan over your shirt and tank top. And you know, this look may be suited to create your fall outfit style.

5. Button Up Shirt + Cropped T-Shirt & Jeans

wearing button up shirt with cropped top and jeans
Source: @shaynehydn

Discover a way to style button-up shirts differently by trying this look. Actually, this outfit style is proof that you don’t have to bring much partake to create a new fashion trend with your shirt. What you need is just wear a classic shirt with a cropped t-shirt underneath and ripped jeans. Having this simple jeans outfit style to your inspo outfit looks is never get out from the fashion trend. Even if you choose a button-up shirt for pairing tops, it would still look chic and fashionable. For the shoes, you can pick a pair of white sneakers that would make your style look cool and trendy for having fun in the cafe with your gangs.

6. Button Up Shirt + Mini Dress

matching your classic shirt with dress
Source: @shaynehydn

Throw on your open classic button-up shirt to a sexy bodycon black dress and make it for outwear. If you want something that’s chicer and a bit cool, just hold this style with some trendy accessories such as a cap and trainer shoes. This dress and sneakers style looks fun and easy to copy on for your daily looks. Then, fully your dress style for cute date outfits with a black sling bag in your hand. To have full of this style button-up shirt inspiration, look at some pieces below.

7. Button Up Shirt + Cropped T-Shirt & Flared Pants

get vintage fit with button up shirt, cropped shirt and flared pants
Source: @shaynehydn

Running errands in a hectic activity? That’s why you need to get a simple and cozy outfit that helps you easily move like this outfit style. Having a button-up shirt with cropped tops and flared jeans elevate your fashion. This style of button-up shirt also makes you have a retro style. Just an option, you can leave the buttons loose, to make it look chic and fashionable. And for the toe, bring a pair of trainer shoes to help you easily move and run. For the bag, you can make get a canvas tote bag to save your many things.

8. Button Up Shirt + Trousers

styling your classic shirt with trouser in fashinable way
Source: @shaynehydn

We know that a button-up shirt is appropriate for work outfits. If you want something that stylish and fashionable with this piece, get your oversized shirt together with white wide-leg pants style. The looks a bit simple and still usual, so make it different by bringing a pair of grey sneakers to this performance. The casual style of the shoes makes this outfit a bit cool but still professional to wear in the layback office. For another optional style, you can have a blazer over it to add a more formal ambiance. Then, you can get a black mini bag in your hand to perfect the overlook.

9. Button Up Shirt + Pastel Knitted Sweater & Wide Leg Jeans

layering your button up shirt with knit sweater
Source: @shaynehydn

Another piece that would bring a chic inspo outfit look with the button-up shirt is getting these pastel jeans. What you need to wear is just a pink knitted sweater, a white collared shirt underneath, and then pink wide-leg jeans. This style would help you look like cherry blossoms during spring and summer. Besides that, you should choose comfortable shoes like white sneakers to have fully dressed. Then, bring a canvas tote bag to complete your college outfit ideas.

10. Button Up Shirt + Overall Jumpsuit

bring your shirt in overall style
Source: @shaynehydn

While there are so many ways to style a button-up shirt, for a chic inspo outfit look there’s nothing wrong to mix and match it with white denim overall. The concept seems youthful and fresh to bring out for hanging out with your friends. You can wear your button-up shirt under a white denim jumpsuit and get a pair of white sneakers to complete it. Give a little trick like unfastening the top and then elaborate simple jewelry like a modest gold or pearl necklace.

11. Button Up Shirt + Sweatshirt & Tennis Skirt

having inspo outfit look in button ups shirt and skirt style
Source: @shaynehydn

Easily go from a formal button-up shirt style to lay back outfit by mixing it with a tennis skirt and sneakers. It really looks chic and cute to become pretty first date outfits. For this, you can get layering style on the tops by wearing a white button-up shirt with a pink sweatshirt over it. Pair this top with a white tennis skirt to have a cute style. For the toe, you can get trendy and cozy white sneakers. Then, perfect your style with a white mini bag as the accessory. Before you go on date, you can get a picture and make this your chic inspo outfit look on social media.

12. Button Up Shirt + Sweater Vest & Jeans

getting sweater vest into your button up shirt outfit style
Source: @shaynehydn

Have your back-to-school outfit by bringing style button-up shirts fashionably. For this, we recommend you match your usual button-up shirt with a colorful sweater vest over it, and denim straight pants for the bottoms. For the footwear, get the best matching for this is a black chunky loafer. Then, get a handbag that has the same color as your outfit. This outfit would also give you a smart-casual style with a fun performance. If you want to know more detail about the pieces to wear, you can take a look at the pictures below.

13. Button Up Shirt + SweatShirt & Skirt

sweatshirt and skirt to style your button up shirt
Source: @shaynehydn

The preppy fashion stands to become a timeless trend when you have to style button-up shirts. However, you can still remodify it in a chic way and make it look great for inspo outfit looks. For this, you can get a collared shirt, a baggy sweatshirt, and a black pencil mini skirt. Besides that, making it have a trendy style by picking a pair of army boots. We thought this mini skirt outfit style look incredible to wear for varsity or back-to-school style.

14. Button Up Shirt + Cropped Tank Top & Shorts

matching up your shirt with shorts
Source: @shaynehydn

If you are bored with the style of button-up shirts with pants or trousers, get a new look by using denim shorts. So, to have fully dressed in this style, you could pick up a white shirt and a purple tank top underneath. Make your open button shirt become an outwear. For the bottoms, you can get trendy denim shorts to have a chic outfit look. Then, get a pair of sneakers and a canvas tote bag that would support your casual outfit.

15. Button Up Shirt + Trench Coats & Jeans

get trench coat to styling your button up shirt fashionably
Source: @shaynehydn

How chic is this outfit combination for you? Have half tucking up your button-up shirt in ripped jeans that make simple trendy looks, and get a slightly elegant statement by adding a long trench coat to it. This women’s coat style brings your classic shirt to another level. So, to style button-up shirts for a chic inspo outfit look, you actually need this ensemble on your capsule wardrobe. Of course, you also need to choose the matching footwear for this look. For this, choosing sneakers will take things more casual street style and cozy for walking around the city. Don’t miss out on the accessory, get some simple fashion jewelry, sunglasses, and a black mini handbag to perfect your performance.

16. Button Up Shirt + Tube Top & Trousers

how to style your formal shirt in chic way with tube top and trouser
Source: @shaynehydn

How stunningly to style this button-up shirt with tube tops and trousers combination? With this, we think you can see the sexy yet chic inspo outfit looks. This is a great way to transition your summer style with something that’s usually classic and boring to become a fashionable ensemble to wear. Spice up your style with simple jewelry and your fashion bag. Getting this outfit to attend a summer party is also fashionable enough.

In this article, we know that a button-up shirt isn’t necessarily a boring piece to wear. It can be a stylish and chic inspo outfit look as long as you can be used to add some modification. You can take a basic button-up shirt and then get it into patterned outfits or use it with the mini skirt. Besides that, to make it have a bit casual style you can bring sneakers outfit looks to the style. If you need other inspiration to mix and match your basic outfits to make them stylish, read our other article about ways to wear basic t-shirts fashionably and in chic style.


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