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Bridesmaid’s Makeup Inspired That Will Make Your Makeup Stay All Day

Bridesmaid’s Makeup Inspired That Will Make Your Makeup Stay All Day

Bridesmaid has a job to accompany a bride to the aisle. That’s why is important for bridesmaids to look pretty too. But you should be more natural than the braid because the bride is the point of the wedding.

Besides wearing a good dress, make sure your hair is neat, but wearing proper makeup is important too. Sometimes not every wedding be held at the indoor, there is a wedding that held at the outdoor like a garden. Furthermore, You should give much attention to the makeup.

You should make sure your makeup can stay all day long even you’ve done sweat. Because if you choose the wrong makeup products and wrong about the technique, your makeup will be cakey and greasy. I’m sure you won’t this happen to you. Because if it’s happened to you, you will feel not confident and insecure to get in the picture.

For you who still don’t know about makeup and want to learn. Here we will tell you how to get flawless makeup and how to make your makeup stay all day. So let’s talk about it.


How to Make Your Makeup Stay All Day and Looks Flawless


1. Prep Your Skin with Skincare

You should make sure your skin is ready for makeup. That’s why you should prep your skin by using skincare. With healthy and moist skin, it will help your makeup stick well and make your makeup flawless. So, skincare is one of the keys to getting your makeup stay all day long and will not be cakey or greasy.

For those who have oily skin, you don’t have to be afraid of using skincare before makeup. Because if you don’t use skincare and let your skin dry, your makeup doesn’t stick well and it can make your makeup cakey and greasy so it can’t stay all day. Therefore, you have to choose the right skincare for your skin type.


2. Primer to Make Your Makeup Look Flawless

The second key to making your makeup look flawless and stay all day is primer! Therefore, you should choose the right primer based on your skin problem. If you have oily skin, you should choose a primer that can hold the oil on your skin. If you have dry skin, you should choose a primer that can make your face more hydrated. But if you have big pores, you can choose a primer that can blur your pores.

If you choose the wrong primer it can make your makeup cakey and greasy so you’re makeup will not stay all day.


3. Use Color Corrector to Even Your Skin

Do you have dark spots, acne, or dark circle? Don’t be panic! You can cover it with a color corrector. Because by using a color corrector, you can even your skin tone. So, your makeup will look flawless. But many of you don’t know how to use it. Here are how to use a color corrector.

If you have a dark circle, you can use an orange or yellow corrector for the under eyes. If you feel your dark circle is not too dark you can choose the yellow corrector. But if you have a dark circle that is really hard to cover, you can use an orange corrector.

For you who have acne, you can cover it using a green corrector. And use a purple corrector to highlight your face. This step will help you a lot to make your makeup look flawless.


4. Look Flawless with Foundation

The main product of based makeup is the foundation. You can even your skin and cover your imperfections using foundation. Choose medium to full coverage foundation to get a flawless finish. And for the finished foundation, you can choose a matte finish if you had oily skin. or you can choose a dewy finish if you had dry or normal skin.

Choosing the right finished foundation, can help you to make your makeup not cakey or greasy. And we recommend you apply the foundation using wet spon, but if you want to get more coverage you can apply the foundation using a brush.


5. Use Concealer to Cover Your Imperfections

If you have a lot of dark spots or you have a dark circle, you can cover it using concealer. Apply concealer just on the spots that you need to cover and the part that you want to highlight. You can blend it immediately or wait for a second then blend it to have more coverage.


6. Set Your Makeup with Powder

To set up all your makeup, you should use powder. For this makeup, you should use a loose powder and using the baking technique to make your makeup stay and not melt. After a wait of a few minutes, you can blend it using a brush.

Here’s a tip for you, before you blend the loose powder you can wipe the brush on the powder foundation or two-way cake powder. Then apply it all over your face while blending the loose powder. It will help you to get the coverage and your makeup will look flawless.


7. Contour Your Face to Bring Back Your Face Dimensions

After using foundation and powder, your face dimensions will be lost. Therefore, you can use contour to bring the dimension of your face back. There are two types of contour, which are cream contour and powder contour. You can use cream contour before using powder and you can use powder contour after using a powder.

You can use one of them or use both of them if you want your contour to be more seen. Apply a contour on your cheekbones to give an illusion for your chubby cheeks, on your jawline to give a V shape face, on your hairline to make your face look smaller and not pale, and the last on your nose to make your nose look pointy.


8. Use a Blush On to Your Cheeks

The part that has never been forgotten is blush! Because blush can make your face look fresh. Blush has two types, like cream blush and powder blush. To apply cream blush and powder blush is the same as a contour. You can use one of them or both of them if you want.

For this kind of makeup, you should choose blush which has orange, pink, or coral color to give the natural looking blush. Apply blush on the apple of your cheeks and nose to give the cute looks.


9. Sharp but Not Harsh Brows to Give the Natural Makeup

To make your face look young, you can make natural brows by using pencil brows or brow pomade. If you want to use brow pomade you must be careful. Because if you use too much it will make your brows look harsh and thick, so your face will look old and tacky.

To make your hair brows stay in place, you can use color brows mascara or clear brows if you want. Don’t forget to blend your brows and make sure it looks natural as possible.


10. Use Brown or Nude Color Eyeshadows

Because you’re just a bridesmaid, you’re not allowed to wear too much makeup. Because it will look over than the bride’s makeup. Therefore, you should choose brown or nude color eyeshadow to keep the natural look.

You can apply light color on your eyelid, then apply the dark color on your outer corner of the eyelid to make your eyes look bigger. Last, to make your eyes awake, apply glitter eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyelid. don’t forget to apply the eyeshadow on the lower eyes.


11. Use a Black Eyeliner

To give an illusion to your small eyes, you can use eyeliner for it. For you who had small eyes, you can make a wing liner to give a long and big illusion. For you who had big eyes, you don’t need to make a wing liner. But if you like to make wing liner, you may do it. Choose liquid eyeliner and make sure it has a small tip to make you easier to draw the line.


12. Use Mascara and Natural False Lashes

To complete your eye makeup, you can apply mascara to your lashes, and don’t forget to choose natural false lashes to make your eye makeup look pretty. Even you have long and thick lashes, you still need false lashes. Because false lashes can help to complete your makeup looks.


13. Choose Nude Color Lipstick

The key of natural makeup is a nude color. Furthermore, you should choose nude color lipstick for lips. But if you feel using nude lipstick makes your face look pale, you can add pink or red color and apply it to your inner lips. So it will make the ombre lips that can keep the natural look.


14. Don’t Forget About the Highlighter

Don’t forget about the highlighter! because highlighter can make your makeup look glow and make your skin look healthy. You can apply the highlighter on the highest point of your face like cheekbone, nose, brow bone, and chin.


15. Setting Spray to Make Your Makeup Stay All Day

To finish the makeup, you can set all your makeup using a setting spray. By using setting spray your makeup will stay all day long! Besides that, it can make your makeup flawless and not cakey or greasy. Because setting spray has a lot of types, you can choose the setting spray based on your skin type and what you need. And voila! You’re ready to be a bridesmaid.


That are some ideas and tips to get flawless makeup for a bridesmaid. By following the tips above, we sure your makeup will stay all day long even you’ve done sweat or worn it for a few hours. I hope you can easily understand about bridesmaid’s makeup inspired that will make your makeup stay all day.


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