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Fashion Tips: How to Pick The Best Outfits Appropriate to Your Body Types

Fashion Tips: How to Pick The Best Outfits Appropriate to Your Body Types

Olidfashion.com – When you plan to go shopping, you need to understand what looks best on you. Not only following the latest fashion trends, but importantly you must first understand what type your body shape is. Everyone has different body types with specific structures. This is why you will see different looks on someone even if they are wearing the same clothes. So, let’s start to fill your wardrobe with the best outfits that are appropriate to your body type.

Women’s bodies have different types which are dived into five basic shapes: pear (triangle), rectangle, hourglass, inverted triangle, and apple (round) body shapes. Each body shape has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the other. However, you need to understand that body shapes it’s not a kind of your body size. So, someone who has different sizes could have the same body shape.

Knowing your body type is really useful for styling clothes and finding the best outfits appropriate for you. Basically, women wish to have hourglass shapes that perfect curves body. But, sometimes we can’t do anything with our own shape body. One of the ways is just manipulating look with fashion tricks. So, are you curious about how to play your fashion style to look fabulous? Let’s find out what you need to do and get the right fashion outfits to wear by keep reading this article.

The Best Outfits for Your Body Types

Before you choose the best outfit that suited well in you, better you have to know your body type first. For this reason, we’ll share several common types of body shapes with their characteristics below. You can find out what’s yours and its fashion tips by reading this thoroughly.

1. Pear-Shaped (Triangle) Body Type

If you think you have pear-shaped (triangle) body types, you will have characteristics such as:

  • You have narrow shoulders with a smaller bust compared to your hips
  • You tend to have a well-defined waist and smaller than your hips
  • Your lower body is wider than your upper body
  • You also have full hips and thighs, this is the widest part of your body
  • Your bottom is more rounded
  • And the pear body type has a ratio of bust: waist: hips is 3:2:4

Fashion Tips for Pear-Shaped Body Type

Fashion style that appropriate for pear (triangle) body shape

As we have talked about before, women that have pear-shaped body types have more evident in the waist and bottoms. You carry your weight in your hips and thighs with narrow shoulders and a smaller bust (compared to your hips). Regarding the characteristics, we’ll provide you with fashion tips and tricks that you can use to choose the best outfits for your wardrobe.

Styling Goals
the best outfits for pear (triangle) body shape

Having pear-shaped body types, the key to styling your outfits is by balancing your curvy hips, seat, and thighs. For this, you can draw more attention up to your shoulders and face. This would balance your silhouette. And then you can flatter your curves by emphasizing your narrow waist and slender arms. Just stay away from clothes that can be drawing attention to your hips and thighs.

Don’t Style Your Outfits with:

The pear-shaped body type needs to avoid some outfit styles like:

  • Clothing that has a crew neck, halter top, and cowl neck that don’t help balance your shape.
  • Top outfits that have darker colors than your bottoms half.
  • Some tunics, loose, and flowy tops need to keep away.
  • Curved hemlines that hit at the widest of your hips also need to avoid.
  • For the bottoms, don’t use skinny pants, leggings, or other tights and straight pants.
  • For the skirt, bias cut and bodycon (slim fit) wouldn’t be useful to balance your shape.
  • Don’t wear the bottoms that have embellishments on the pockets and hips.
  • Avoid using brighter colors in your bottom half.
  • For layering style, don’t use clothes that end at the widest part of your hips or thighs, straight, boxy, loose, and shapeless.
  • For the toe, you should keep away from extremely high heels, pointy flats, or low-cut boots.
Do Style Your Outfits with:

The pear-shaped body type should wear some fashion outfits like:

  • For the tops, wear clothes in a wide v-neck, u-neck, boatneck, or square neckline.
  • Use some clothes that have details and embellishments on the upper torso that give a point to your shoulders.
  • For the top outfit colors, use brighter, lighter, colors or get printed.
  • Use outfits that can define your waist such as fitted tops, wrap, ruffle, or button-ups.
  • For the bottoms, you can wear bootcut, flare, wide-leg pants, a-line skirts, and flat fronts.
  • For the bottom half colors, make sure to solid and darker colors than your tops.
  • Then the shoes, please bring high heels that can lengthen your figure, peep-toe shoes, and boots that cut off just under the knee.

2. Hourglass-Shaped Body Type

If you think you have an hourglass-shaped body type, your body will have characteristics such as:

  • You have rounded shoulders with a full bust.
  • You tend to have a small and well-defined narrow waist.
  • Women with hourglass bodies are the perfect shape that have proportionately balanced shoulders and hips.
  • Having exaggerated hips that were significantly wider than the shoulder and waist.
  • You tend to gain weight evenly through your body and usually have a rounded bottom.
  • You have a curvy body like an hourglass.
  • The hourglass body type has a ratio of bust: waist: hips is 4:2:4

Fashion Tips for Hourglass Shaped Body Type

Fashion style that appropriate for hourglass body shape

As you know, hourglass-shaped body types have a perfect shape that every woman wants to have. You have a full bust and well-defined narrow waist that you can highlight to improve your performance. If you want to choose the best outfits that are appropriate for this hourglass body type, get fashion tips below.

Styling Goals
the best outfits for hourglass body shape

Women with hourglass-shaped body types, need to highlight their natural curves and proportionally balance both upside and lower body at the same time. Besides that, you need to spotlight your well-defined waist with choose the best outfits for your hourglass body shape.

Don’t Style Your Outfits with:

When you think you have an hourglass shape, you have to keep away from outfits that are:

  • Every top in a higher neckline such as a turtleneck.
  • You also should save your shapeless cuts in your wardrobe because don’t really help to accentuate your body.
  • Something like empire-out tops and dresses wouldn’t be fitted on your hourglass body shape.
  • Please stay away from babydoll dresses or tops with volume-enhancing details like ruffles.
  • Also, you need to avoid tops or dresses that have overly embellished around the hips and bust.
  • For the bottoms, the baggy and shapeless style, overly short skirts, or the skirt that ends on the thickest part of your legs wouldn’t be matched for you.
  • For the shoes, get away from pointed shoes and chunky heels.
Do Style Your Outfits with:

With a feminine and curvy figure, women in hourglass shapes will just need to find the best outfits to accentuate their good shape while not appearing heavy such as:

  • Find the tops which have scoop, sweetheart, halter, and v-necklines.
  • You will look good in wrap tops that sit at the waist and bodycon dresses.
  • Use waist-defined tops and clean linen jackets or coats that are well cut and fitted.
  • Almost all the bottoms style would be suited for an hourglass shape, but when you find the right style it will show off your silhouette. So, for the bottom half, you can get pencil skirts, a-line skirts, knee-length pants, bootcut, straight-leg pants, and jeans that are fitted at the hips and backside.
  • For the shoes, you can choose knee-high boots, high heels, stilettos, peep shoes, and other rounded toes.

3. Rectangle-Shaped Body Type

You have a rectangle body shape if you have the characteristics below:

  • You tend to have an undefined waist.
  • The straight proportion between your hips and bottoms.
  • Women with rectangle bodies don’t have many curves.
  • You have a small average bust.
  • Shoulders, waists, and hips are about the same width.
  • Tend to have aligned shoulders and hips.
  • The rectangle body type has a ratio of bust: waist: hips is 3:3:3

Fashion Tips for Rectangle Shaped Body Type

Fashion style that appropriate for rectangle body shape

Rectangle-shaped body types have shoulders, waists, and hips about the same width. Because of that, it’s a bit tricky on how styling your outfits. Well, if you want to know the best outfits for this rectangle-shaped body type, you can follow the tips and tricks below.

Styling Goals

the best outfits for rectangle body shape

The goal of styling for rectangle body types is to generate roundness around the extremities, emphasize the waist area, and enhance the proportions of the bust and hips. For this, the key factor to achieving your goal is by creating an illusion of curves and defined waists to break up your rectangle body using appropriate outfits.

Don’t Style Your Outfits with:

Having a rectangle body shape would make you should keep away from styling outfits that are:

  • Avoid wearing tops and dresses that have square necklines.
  • Make sure don’t tuck your tops into trousers or skirts.
  • Keep away to wear cropped tops.
  • Don’t wear straight and drop-waist dresses or skirts.
  • If you have a rectangle body, you should wear well-structured clothes not oversized, shapeless, baggy, or boxy tops and tunics.
  • Slouchy jackets and blazers shouldn’t be matched on your outfit styles.
  • For the shoes, overly thin heels (if you are thin) wouldn’t be matched on rectangle-shaped body types.
Do Style Your Outfits with:

With relatively straight shapes and a smaller bust, you need to get outfits that can give curves illusions or feminine silhouettes such as:

  • Find the tops and dresses with off shoulders, scoop, and round open necklines, and also flowy around the bust.
  • Prioritize getting tops and dresses with collars, ruffles, bows, embellishments, or pockets around the bust and shoulders.
  • When you want to choose a blazer, get the fitted ones with shoulder pads to define your waist.
  • Lift your bust by wearing a good push-up bra.
  • Wear a hip-length jacket that gently shapes the waist.
  • For the bottoms, intends to add curves in your legs with skinny jeans, pencils, and a-line skirts with cinched waists.
  • Rectangle body shape would look great in cropped pants or trousers, and with large back pockets.
  • Getting belts as accessories over the dress to define the waist.
  • Wear bright colors in your upper and darker colors around your waist.
  • For the shoes, bring flats and heels all heights will look flattering on your rectangle body shape.

4. Inverted Triangle (Athletic) Shaped Body Types

If you think you have an inverted triangle-shaped body type, your body will have characteristics such as:

  • You have an upper body which wider than your lower body.
  • You tend to have average to big bust.
  • Women with inverted triangle bodies have traditionally slender hips.
  • Having well defined narrow waist.
  • The inverted triangle body type has a ratio of bust: waist: hips is 3:2:1

Fashion Tips for Inverted Triangle Shaped Body Type

Fashion style that appropriate for inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangle body shapes have wide shoulders, a big chest, and undefined waists. Go for the best outfit ideas that would make you look good and have a pretty silhouette. We’ll guide you with some fashion tips that would help you choose the right outfit.

Styling Goals
the best outfits for inverted triangle body shape

The styling goal that has to reach for those who have inverted triangle-shaped body types is modifying your body shape to create a rectangle by taking attention away from the strong-looking shoulders. Aside from that, because your type of body has undefined waists, you need to focus on your lower body by highlighting your waist and creating curves in your hips for a balancing silhouette.

Don’t Style Your Outfits with:

When you think you have an inverted triangle body shape, make sure to avoid outfits that are:

  • Don’t choose clothes, especially blazers or jackets that have shoulder pads or capped sleeves
  • Avoid wearing small prints, horizontal stripes, scarves, and wide necklines for your tops.
  • Keep away from outfits that have embellishments around the shoulders and chest.
  • Don’t wear clothes that have a neckline that widen the shoulders, details like ruffles, oversized collars, bust pockets, and sleeves that add width at the shoulder line.
  • For the bottoms, make sure to keep away from skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and tight trousers.
  • For the toe, better you don’t take platforms and strappy shoes.
Do Style Your Outfits with:

With undefined waists, you need to get outfits that can give the illusion of a curve on the hips and soften the shoulder area by doing:

  • Find the tops and dresses with v-necks and other open necklines to create a focal point down the center line.
  • Prioritize getting tops and dresses that are strapless or asymmetric.
  • Think to wear empire waist tops with a large belt for accessorizing.
  • Choose darker colors for the top style and lighter colors for your bottom half.
  • Look for single-breasted jackets or blazers with slim lapels that are tailored well to the waists and flare gently over the hips.
  • For the bottoms, choose a-line, full, or pleated skirts to add width to your lower body. For the pants, just pick slightly bootcut pants or jeans then add a belt to give emphasis to your hips.
  • Relaxed fit pants with embellishments and heavy pockets could be your option to fabulous your performance.
  • Getting belts as accessories over the dress to define the waist.
  • For the shoes, delicate and slim high heels, stilettos, and brightly colored heels would be matched to wear by women in inverted triangle body shapes.

5. Apple (Round) Shaped Body Types

You are an apple-shaped body type if your body has characteristics such as:

  • Women in this body type have average to big busts.
  • You tend to have broad shoulders.
  • This body type has fullness around the middle and a less defined waist.
  • You also tend to have narrow hips.
  • In this apple body shape, you normally have good legs.
  • The apple body type has a ratio of bust: waist: hips is 4:4:3

Fashion Tips for Inverted Apple-Shaped Body Type

Fashion style that appropriate for apple (round) body shape

Women with apple (round) shape body types have round shoulder lines, flatter backside, medium to large bust, fullness around the stomach also waistline, and great legs. Make sure you choose the best outfits to cover up your lack of body shape and create a pretty silhouette. So, we’ll tell you some fashion styling tips that work well in apple shape body types.

Styling Goals
the best outfits for apple (round) body shape

Styling outfit goals for women in apple body shape is more pointing or drawing attention to the great chest and your fabulous legs. Besides that, you also need to create the illusion of a waist to cover up your fullness around your stomach and waistline. Choose structured cuts to create a defined waist and hide your weight. And keep your clothing line straight to slightly fitted in fabric soft.

Don’t Style Your Outfits with:

When you think you have an apple body shape, make sure to avoid outfits that are:

  • Don’t choose clothes with excessive detailing around the bust, stomach, and hips.
  • All of the clothes that finish at your fullest point such as cardigans or jackets should you avoid.
  • Bodycon and square neckline clothing it’s not recommended for apple body shape.
  • Avoid wearing short boxy and shapeless tops.
  • Keep away from tops and dresses with waist detail emphasis like a gathered waistband or using a belt for accessories.
  • For the bottoms, don’t wear high waist pants, skinny or tapered pants, mini skirts, ruffle skirts and hemlines that can throw off your proportion and make you appear blocky.
Do Style Your Outfits with:

Seeing that you gain weight around your stomach and waistline, you need to get outfits that can give the illusion of a curve on the waist and highlight your pretty legs area by doing:

  • Find the tops and dresses with v-necks, embellished necklines, and shoulder details that skim past your midsections but nip right below your waist.
  • Opt for clothing with straight and slightly fitted lines in soft fabrics such as tunics or empire cut tops that skim over your midsections.
  • Keep details above the bust or below the hip line as your top outfit style.
  • For the bottom half, choose a-line and knee-length skirts, straight leg and bootcut pants, and flared jeans or pants.
  • For the accessory items, better to bring a necklace or earrings, and for the bags opt for handbags rather than shoulder bags.
  • Then, for the last, you should bring wedges as your matching shoes.

How To Ensure Your Body Types

In order to know and ensure your body type, you need to take measurements in several ways below:

  1. Using fabric tape measurements. For this, you need to size with a fabric tape measurement 4 basic points along your body that’s including the shoulders, bust (widest part), waist, and hips (widest portion).
  2. You have to wear form-fitting clothes. This way would totally show off your body curves properly. By wearing the cloth, take a look in the mirror and make research on what your body looks like.
  3. Take a full-body photo using black outfits. You can wear slim body fit black clothes then take a photo in the mirror full of body. Use the photo to review it carefully. What widest part of your body? How’s your waist defined? Where do you tend to gain weight easily? And how far apart are your tops and bottoms in sizing?

Choosing the best outfits for your daily rotation is a bit complex. Besides you need to understand the fashion trends, you also should have to know what would work well for you. Especially what is appropriate for your body type. Sometimes, you often see the same outfit produce different looks for each woman who wears it. Therefore, considering your body type is important to help find out the best outfit style for you. So, we wish from the article above can inspire you to fulfill your wardrobe with the right piece of outfits. If you want other fashion tips to help you choose the best outfits, please read our article about the best matching clothing colors for your skin tone. Good luck girls!!!


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