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10 Museum Outfit Ideas to Look Vintage But Chic

10 Museum Outfit Ideas to Look Vintage But Chic

Museum has been a popular place for hangouts. In the past, people won’t go to the museum because this place seems old for young people. But now, this place becomes popular because it has vintage vibes and suits you who like photography. Besides that, museums can be fun for you who want to go date with your partner or just want to hangouts with your friends.

For you who like fashion, I’m sure you have to consider which outfit will match this place. Because you won’t wear the wrong outfit and may look weird while in the museum. Therefore, you can use a vintage outfit for this place to reflect the old vibes like the museum. If you are confused about how to style your outfit to look vintage and chic, don’t worry! At this time will tell you some outfit ideas for going to the museum.


10 Outfit Ideas for Go to The Museum


1. Look Vintage with Vest and Loose Jeans

First, our recommended outfit is a vest and loose jeans. This outfit will bring you into a 90’s style which can reflect the vintage vibes but still make you look chic and fashionable. For the inner top, you can use a t-shirt or tank top. Besides that, this outfit will be suited for you who wear a hijab. But you have to change the inner top using long sleeves shirt.

You can add some accessories to level up your fashion style, you can use necklace, bracelet, and earrings. And for the toe, you can use sneakers or velco sandals to get the casual look. For the bag, you can use a shoulder bag or waist bag if you need something simple.


2. All Black Outfit

If you want to wear a safe color or don’t know how to mix the color, this all-black outfit will be the answer. Besides it’s simple to style but this outfit will make you look fabulous and also get the vintage vibes that you want! You can use a black crop tank top as the inner top, a black oversize blazer for the outer top, and mix it using black loose pants.

For the toe, you can wear heels to make you look classy and give the girl boss vibes. Add sunglasses and some accessories to make look chicer. And for the bag, you can choose a simple bag that gives classy vibes. Therefore, you should choose a clutch, but if you have a lot of stuff that you should bring, a handbag will be a great alternative.


3. Basic Outfit Using Tank Top and Jeans

This basic outfit will be suited for you who prefer a simple outfit than a complicated outfit. And the basic outfit will be the safe outfit that you can wear and will not make you look tacky. Style your tank top with loose jeans because loose jeans will gives vintage vibes.

Mix it with sneakers or fluffy sandals to make you feel comfortable walking around the museum. Furthermore, if you feel this outfit it’s really simple, you can add some accessories. And for the bag, we recommend you choose a shoulder bag.


4. Mix Your Oversize Shirt with Loose Ripped Jeans

Want to get a boyish look? Don’t miss this outfit idea! You can mix your oversize shirt with loose ripped jeans and for the inner top, you can choose a crop tank top to balance the outfit. This outfit will be suited for you who have a thin body because will give an illusion that you have a thick body. And this outfit is not recommended for you who have a fat body because it will make your body look big.

You can add some accessories if you want to look fancy, you can use sunglasses, a hat, and a necklace. Because we want to get the boyish look, you can use sneakers for the toe to support this look. And choose a simple bag like a clutch or waist bag.


5. Look Chic but Feminine with Oversize Shirt and Vest

Who said to look chic but can’t look feminine? To look chic it’s not always using a boyish style outfit. Because you can still look feminine. You can style your oversize shirt with a vest. But you should make the oversize shirt as your dress, if you feel the shirt is too short to be a dress, you can add short pants. And the vest to give the silhouette.

To support the feminine look, you can add some hairpins and a necklace for the accessories. Furthermore, to make you give the chic look, you can use high knee boots for the toe. The last, for the bag, you can use a shoulder bag and a handbag.


6. Dress and Oversized Shirt to Get the Girly Vibes

Who said going to a museum just only uses pants? You can also use a dress for this place. Choose your bodycon dress and style it with an oversize shirt to get the chic and vintage vibes. For the toe, you can choose gladiator heels to give the vintage vibes. Furthermore, you can choose a sling bag or handbag to bring all your stuff.


7. Sweet Vintage Style with Span Skirts and Sweater

For you who like cute and sweet looks, this outfit maybe what you’re looking for. You can mix your span mini skirts with a sweater, this outfit may look simple but can make you look sweet and give the vintage vibes. And this also some outfit inspired for your outfit date because it will make you look sweet and pretty.

Mix this outfit with flat shoes or sneakers to make you feel comfortable and easy to move. And you can add a bowl to your hair to support the sweet and cute looks. For the bag, you need something simple but look girly. Therefore, you can choose a sling bag for this outfit.


8. Peasant Dress Can Make You Look Classy

Another feminine outfit idea for a museum is a peasant dress! This dress looks simple but gives vintage vibes because it has a design like the ’90s. Besides for go to the museum, you can also wear this outfit for any occasion like hangouts, parties, or another special occasions.

You can pair this dress with gladiator heels, high heels, flat shoes, or sneakers. Choose the shoes that can make you feel comfortable when you use it for a walk. Furthermore, you can add some accessories if you want to look glamorous. And the last thing is a bag, you can wear your favorite shoulder bag or handbag.


9. Look Fashionable but Vintage Using Transparent Long Sleeves

For you who like fashion maybe you will know or even have this transparent long sleeve! Besides making you look fashionable, this shirt can also make you look vintage. Style this transparent long sleeve with a tank top and loose pants. To make it more vintage, you can add a belt that has a 90’s style.

For the toe, you can choose boots or loafers to support the vintage look, and also these shoes can make you look chic and fashionable. And then, you can use a tote bag that has a vintage style or handbag to bring your stuff.


10. Cute Fashion Style with Tennis Skirt

Who likes using cute outfits? Yes, you can use this cute outfit look for going to the museum. How to achieve this look? You just have to mix your tennis skirt with a sweater. And to make it look more fashionable, you can add an inner top like a polo shirt or shirt which has a collar. Furthermore, you can add some headbands or do a ponytail for your hair.

Mix this outfit using sneakers and add socks to make it look cuter. Besides that, sneakers can make you easy to get move because these shoes can make you feel comfortable. And for the bag, you can choose a shoulder bag or sling bag to give the girly look. But if you want to look boyish, you can use a mini backpack bag to bring all your needs.


So now, you don’t have to confuse about which outfit can make you look vintage and fashionable for going to the museum. Do you get some inspiration after you read this? With the right mix and match of your clothes, I’m sure you will look fabulous and stunning! I hope you can enjoy and get some inspiration from these 10 museum outfit ideas to look vintage but chic.


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