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7 Tips to Choose the Right Shade Foundation

7 Tips to Choose the Right Shade Foundation

Makeup is an important thing for a girl because makeup can boost the confidence level of someone. Makeup has a lot of things, and the important thing is base makeup. And one of must have base makeup products is a foundation.

Foundation is a key to getting flawless makeup because the foundation can even your skin and can cover your blemishes. But choosing the right shade foundation to match with your skin tone is really hard. So, this time we will give you some tips to choose the right foundation to get flawless and perfect makeup.

How to Choose the Right Shade Foundation For You


1. Know Your Skin Undertone First

A lot of people don’t know their skin undertone. But if you want to choose the right shade foundation, you have to know your skin undertone first. What is a skin undertone?

Skin undertone is a hue under your skin surface that can affect all over your skin. And skin undertone has 3 categories, which is cool (pink) undertone, warm ( yellow) undertone, and neutral. And a few people have olive (green) undertone too, but people with olive undertones are rare. So how can to know skin undertone?

Here are some tips to know your skin undertone, first you have to stand under the sunlight, then see your blood vessel color at your wrist. If you see blue or purple color that means you have cool skin undertone, if you see green color that means you have warm skin undertone, and if you see blue color mix with green color that means you have neutral skin undertone.

That’s a tip for you to know your skin undertone, if you have known your skin undertone it can make you easier to choose the right shade of foundation!


2. Adjust the Shade Foundation With Your Skin Undertone

If you have known your skin undertone but are still confused to choose the shade of foundation, here are some recommended shades that will suit with your skin undertone.

For you who have a cool undertone, you can choose the shade fair, nude, rose beige, cocoa or ebony. If you have a warm undertone, you can choose the shade light beige, beige, cashmere, latte, or chestnut. If you have a neutral undertone, you can choose the shade ivory, porcelain, soft beige, or chestnut. Or if you have an olive undertone, choose the shade almond, bisque, or mocha.


3. Try the Foundation at Your Neck

People tend to try foundation at the back of their hand and for you who still doing this habit, now you should change this habit. Because your hand tone is different from your face tone. You can try the foundation on your neck or your jawline by pulling the vertical line from your jaw into your neck if you see that foundation shade look similar to your skin tone then that’s the right shade foundation for you.


4. Try Foundation in the Bright Place

If you want to buy a foundation you should try in the place that has enough light so it will look bright and clear to see your true skin tone, because if you try at the dark place your skin tone is not clear. Maybe it can look darker or brighter than your true skin tone. Furthermore, you should try it in a place that has enough light to get the right shade foundation.


5. Choose Foundation 1 Shade Lighter From Your Skin Tone

Several foundations will oxidize if you have been wearing them for 1 or 2 hours. That’s why you should choose foundation 1 shade lighter from your skin tone because when the foundation oxidizes the color will be matched with your skin tone or even darker than your skin tone. But if you don’t mind with the oxidizing or the foundation not oxidizing you can choose the shade foundation similar to your skin tone.


6. Choose the Right Type Foundation

Foundation has a lot of types, there is liquid, cream, stick, or tinted. If you don’t know what the right types of foundation that you should buy, here are an explanation to make it clear.

Liquid foundations usually have light until medium coverage, it can be used as your daily or even if you want to attend an important event. Cream or stick foundation usually has medium until full coverage, it can’t be used as a daily because it’s too heavy for skin so this type of foundation matches for parties or important events.

For daily use, I recommend you choose a tinted foundation because the texture is very liquid and feel light on the skin. But the tinted foundation has light coverage so it just can to even your skin not to cover your blemishes.


7. Adjust with Your Skin Type to Get Flawless Makeup

Besides adjusting with your skin tone, the foundation should be adjusted with your skin type too! If you wear a foundation not consider with your skin type your foundation will be cakey and ruin your makeup. Here are tips for you to choose a foundation adjusting with your skin type.

Foundation has two types of finish, there is matte finish and dewy finish. For those who have oily skin, you can choose a matte finish foundation to hold the oil on your skin. Because if you use a dewy finish foundation your makeup will be melt and your face will look like too much oil.

For you who have dry skin, you better choose a dewy finish foundation. Because it can moisture your skin so it will not make your skin look patchy. If you choose matte finish foundation your makeup will be cakey.


That’s are tips that you can do to choose the right shade foundation if you can choose the right foundation your makeup will look flawless and gorgeous. Because the key of makeup is on base makeup.

So now you know how to choose the right shade foundation to adjust with your skin tone, say no to lighter foundation or darker foundation anymore if you follow the tips above. Isn’t it easy to choose the right foundation? Go find your foundation now!


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