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11 Fashion Tips and Tricks: How to Get Perfect Outfit Style for Any Occasion

11 Fashion Tips and Tricks: How to Get Perfect Outfit Style for Any Occasion

Olidfashion.com – How to style your daily lookbook? Is it look good enough? For some reason, it’s sometimes difficult to decide what to wear every day. You may have felt before when you tried everything in your closet and it’s not as expected. You keep throwing your clothes to look for the perfect ones. So in this section, we’ll share some fashion tips and tricks to help you get a perfect outfit style for any occasion.

While you search for some outfit ideas on Pinterest, you will find out plenty of stylish and fashionable outfits. However, even though it looks good in the picture, but not sure it would be good to wear on you. This is because there are some rules that are compiled in fashion tips and tricks that you have to follow. Therefore, we have prepared this article for you who look for ways to boost your fashion. Don’t take a long, let’s check this out!!!

Tips and Tricks to Get Perfect Outfit Style for Any Occasion

1. Choosing The Right Upper and Bottoms Combination

For this, there are some rules to follow. If you’re wearing a solid/plain topper better you choose the printed bottom wear or vier versa. However, when you want to have a full printed style in your outfit looks, better to wear the same motif between the upper and the bottoms.

Aside from that, other fashion tips and tricks for choosing toppers and bottoms precisely, think about space. For instance, when you get fitted cropped pants, you have better wear something that has a little bit more freedom on the top. This rule also needs to apply on the contrary. When you go with mini skirts or shorts, better to have a more closed section for the top. This is all you need just to make the balance on your outfit look.

2. Keep It Simple but Stylish Using Plain Clothes

Consider always getting plain/solid clothes in your wardrobe either for bottoms or tops. You will know it would really work when you were confused to mix and match outfits. Having plain clothing is a fashion tip and trick to m easily adjust your outfits for any occasion.

What makes plain clothes really special is you can wear them in any style and match any wardrobe. You also can save time styling outfits because you don’t have to think about patterns. We believe that plain clothes would help you with any situation from formal to casual style. Whether you use it with trousers, skirts, or jeans, it would seem flawless.

3. Bring Out The Patterns To Your Outfit Looks

Plain or solid outfits are safe styles that can be matched on any occasion. But sometimes you need to bring a more vibrant by adjusting patterns on your outfit looks. Aside from that, can also bring style to your outfit performance. For example, when you bring animal prints such as snakeskin or leopard into your fashion, it would look more classy and trendy. When you want to have a bohemian style, patterns such as tribal, ikat, kilim, folk, and others.

Bring patterns can also help to bring illusion as such when you want to look taller better you bring out vertical strip patterns into your bottoms style. And for the oversized body, better to get black and white stripe patterns on your outfits. If you want to bring the season into your daily looks, as for wearing floral patterns to create spring or summer outfit ideas.

4. Avoid Wearing Clothes that Highlight Your Body’s flaws

Another fashion tip and trick to follow is you should become realistic about your body whether your size or height. For some reason, sometimes we found out women with oversized bodies think that’s acceptable when they want to wear fitted even smaller clothes to them. Actually, it wouldn’t make you look slimmer. You just would highlight your flaw rather than hide it.

Therefore most clothes are not designed for all body types. For instance, a gown with a plunging neckline with a belt over it wouldn’t be matched for girls that have small chests. Another one, women with apple-shaped body types can’t look good in high-waist jeans or pants. Just be honest with yourself, knowing your lacks, and find ways to cover them up.

5. Decide The Color of Your Outfits Properly

Mixing and matching your outfits is not only regarded by the patterns but also needs to consider the colors. For this, we have some rules about matching colors outfits. You don’t have to go too much in color mixing. Better use 1-3 colors combination in your outfit looks.

Being monochromatic is a bit tired, and I think you need to look cheerful in any color vibrant. But think again, matching colors shouldn’t be careless. There is a basic color theory and rules you should know first. In color combination rules, you can use color blocking style or complementary style. Besides that, you also need to match your color outfits with your skin tone type. If you want to know more about this, you can read our article about the best matching clothing colors for your skin tone. For sure, use colors that will perfect your natural beauty. Make sure to pick a color combination that would bring a big statement to your outfit performance.

6. Appropriate with Your Body Types

Another fashion tip and trick that you need to know is appropriating your clothes with your body type. Each woman has a different body type. So make sure you buy and wear outfits that look fit for you.

For your information, there are some common body types for women: pear body shape type (triangle), rectangle, apple, hourglass, and inverted triangle body type. Why knowing your body type is important? This is because you should know what would look better to wear on you. To know more about this rule, best to check our article about fashion tips on how to pick the best outfits appropriate to your body type.

7. Don’t Miss Out on Use Accessories Items

Another fashion tip and trick that you must be truly concerned is about accessories items. As for additional things that help to level up your fashion looks, choosing suitable accessories is truly necessary. You need to go with something that creates the best part of your performance or stand up more your fashion style.

You can begin with something that can bring a statement and highlight a specific part of your body. For instance, you can get necklaces or scarves to adorn your neckline. A watch or bracelet for accessorizing your wrist, hats to bring a statement to your head, and a belt to define your waistline. Aside from that, always think about time and occasion. You are not supposed to wear sunglasses at night or wear a floppy straw hat at a formal event. Rather than make your look outstanding, it just would bring odd styles and unusual. If you have formal attendance, you just need to bring shining gold jewelry and a clutch that make you look both classy and elegant in your simple evening dress. Keep your accessories balanced with your outfit performance. If you want to know more about this, find out in the article about accessories items to level up your fashion style.

8. Matching Your Outfits with The Footwear

Footwear and shoes are necessary things to perfect your outfits even if they wouldn’t be spotlight anyways. So, the next fashion tip and trick is matching your outfit with the right footwear. Like clothes, shoes also have types and designs that sometimes wouldn’t be fitted to somebody. That’s why to have an outstanding appearance for any occasion, match your footwear regarding your outfits.

While you wear short and mini outfit styling, better you give balance with knee-high boots. When you want a chic sporty style, get sneakers or trainer shoes. And when you need to have a formal look, wear loafers, heels, or flat shoes. It wouldn’t be fitted when you wear sandals for formal outfit looks. But flat shoes still be matched to leisure outfit style. So, just experiment with what you wear, follow your sense, and always find trends on Pinterest.

9. Always Bring Your Efforts More

Fashion is your brand. So, make sure to always get dressed flawlessly because your outfit would bring the first impression and shows off who you are. So much better if you put your efforts to choose appropriate fashion outfits and get dressed perfectly at any opportunity.

Therefore you have to match your outfits to the proper moment and occasion. For instance, when you have to attend formal events, you should dress in suits for men and blazer style for women. In reverse, when you have to attend casual events you can freely use a more layback style either for men or women. For men, they can wear jeans, chinos, or shorts. And for women, they are free to choose mini skirts, t-shirts, or mini dresses to wear.

10. Experiment with Layering Outfits

Stand-alone outfits are easy and simple to copy. However, it’s a bit too boring sometimes. When you feel that way, rather you buy new ones it’s better to experiment with layering outfit style. It’s more fun to mix and match your outfit looks.

Layering is one of the fashion tips and tricks that can turn your summer outfits into fall/winter outfit ideas. This style never gets old and it’s still up to date all the year. Also, understanding what to match together is very important to make layered outfits more suitable for every occasion. And choosing to layer for shirts and bottoms requires some creativity and your fashion sense.

11. Buy and Dressed Only Comfortable Outfits

Fashion is just not about look and trend. No matter how pretty and fashionable your outfits are but if they aren’t comfortable you’ll find yourself wouldn’t wear them anyways!!! You just save them on your wardrobe. So, make sure to dress and buy quality clothes as comfortable as your leisure wear.

In fact, if you buy stylish but uncomfortable clothes, you just would end up wasting your money. Better you spend money on comfy and appropriate clothes for you. Dress and buy clothes that fit your level of modesty and have timeless style. This fashion tip and trick would help you, both in your styling look and your expense.

Wearing a perfect outfit style is necessary to increase your confidence. With these fashion tips and tricks above, we hope you’ll know what to do to make your wardrobe more fashionable. Regarding what you wear, it would present about yourself. So, always give a good impression with the best outfit style.


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