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Cheer Up Your Gloomy Day with Colorful Outfits

Cheer Up Your Gloomy Day with Colorful Outfits

Sometimes we’re not always in the mood or we know that day gonna be hard and gloomy because of the situations. But we can’t let that gloomy day affect our mood. Even in a hard situation, we should do it with spirit and cheerfulness to bring the best result.

And bringing back the mood is really hard. Therefore, you should do something that you like and wear the right outfit that can affect your mood. So, to make up your mood and cheer up your day, you can choose an outfit with colorful colors.

But many of you prefer to wear nude or monochrome outfits than wearing colorful colors because of afraid to look eye catchy and tacky. But if you know how to combine the outfits, this colorful outfit will make you look stunning and cute.

Are the colorful outfits the same as color block outfits? And how to mix and match colorful outfits? In this time we will tell you about colorful and color block outfits, also give you some ideas to mix and match a colorful outfit that can cheer up your day. Let’s know more about colorful outfits!


Are the Colorful Outfits the Same as Color Block Outfits?

For you who think colorful outfits are the same as color block outfits, you’re wrong! Even it looks similar because using colorful colors, both of them are different. So what’s the difference between colorful outfits and color block outfits?

Colorful outfits are using outfits with colorful colors and soft colors but not blocking the color, is like using the harmony colors and will not make you look eye-catchy. Meanwhile, color block outfits are using outfits with colorful colors and neon colors which block the color, so it does not look harmonious and looks eye-catchy.


How to Style Colorful Outfit


1. Casual Outfit by Mixing Crop T-Shirt and Short Pants

Let’s start with a casual outfit that you can wear for hangouts and street walks. For this outfit, you just have to mix a crop shirt and short pants. You don’t need many layers for the outfit because the color has done attracted people to look at you.

As in the picture above you can mix yellow with purple color because these colors look fit together. To bring all your stuff, you can choose a tote bag as your bag. And to support the casual look you can use sandals or sneakers if you want.


2. Light Blue Color Sports Outfit

You need a colorful outfit for a sport to bring up your mood. Because many people are lazy to do some exercise. With light color outfit, it will bring a spirited mood for you. You can mix a light blue jacket and pants to make up your mood. Besides that blue color can be meant as peace. And for the inner top, you can wear a tank top or just a sports bra.

Because you want to do an exercise you need comfortable and safe shoes for your toe. Therefore, you should wear sneakers. And you need a bag that is easy to bring like a waist bag, besides that it will make it easy to move. Don’t forget a cap to protect your head from the heat.


3. Looks Formal with Pink Colors

Who in here like the pink color? I’m sure almost every girl like a pink color because it looks cute and pretty. That’s why using pink as your outfit can make you look cute and pretty. But some of you are afraid of using pink color because it looks weird.

You should change that mind! Because using pink can make you look fresh and make your skin look bright. Here you can choose a mini pink skirt and mix it with a pink blazer, for the inner top you can use a t-shirt or shirt with white or black color

Mix this outfit with a pink handbag or shoulder bag and for the toe, you can use high heels to support this outfit. For those who don’t like pink colors, you can use another color that you like to get this formal outfit look.


4. Keep Warm with Colorful Cardigan

If you want to keep warm but don’t like using a jacket or sweater, you can choose a cardigan. In this outfit, you can wear a colorful knit cardigan and mix it with purple loose pants. And for the inner top, you can wear a green color tank top.

Because you’ve done using the colorful color for the cardigan, you have to adjust your pants and inner top color with one of the colors of the cardigan. If you choose another color it will make you look too much color and can make you look tacky.

For this outfit, you can mix it with sneakers to make you look chic and use a shoulder bag to support this style. you can choose a neutral color for the sneakers and bag, like using white or black color.


5. Orange Dress for a Picnic

For you who want to go to a picnic, but still confuse which outfit that will suit for this occasions. So use a mini dress is a great choice! Because it will make you look pretty and suit for a picnic. You can choose an orange color dress to make you look fresh and pretty like a flower. Mix this dress with a white color scarf as your headband to make you look prettier and you can curl your hair.

For the toe, you can choose sneakers or flat shoes to make you feel comfortable. Because if you go to a picnic you’ve done put the stuff on a picnic basket. Furthermore, you can use a sling bag to put the important stuff. To support this outfit you can choose a sling bag that is made from rattan.


6. School Outfit Look with Sage Green Colors

Now, sage green has been a popular color lately because this color will make you look stunning and soft. You can mix sage green tennis skirts with a crop sage green cardigan to make you look cute and chic. for the inner top, you can wear a collared shirt with white color.

To support this outfit you can choose sneakers for the toe and don’t forget to wear socks. For the bag, you can use a shoulder bag or tote bag. And add some headbands to make you look cuter.


7. 4 Layering Color for Hijab

Besides layering 2 or 3 colors, you can also layer 4 colors to make you look more fashionable. But you should be careful with the color you choose because if the color is not harmonic, your outfit will look tacky.

From the picture above you can mix a pink blazer, orange shirt, white skirt, and purple hijab. This color will make you look fabulous because their look fit together. Why there is white color? Because white color is a neutral color which can help the color looks harmonic.

And for the bag, you can adjust it with a purple hijab color, and use a shoulder bag to make it simple. For the toe, you can wear sneakers or if you want to look chicer you can wear boots.


So what do you think about colorful outfits? Isn’t it interesting? By using a colorful outfit, I’m sure it will cheer up your day and make you look stunning. If you can mix the right outfit and color, it will not make you look tacky and eye-catchy. I hope you like about cheer up your gloomy day with colorful outfits.


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